"Wolf's Bane"
14 peter
Season 1
Episode 9
Air Date July 25, 2011
Directed By Tim Andrew
Written By Jonathon Roessler
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Wolf's Bane is the ninth episode of Teen Wolf.


Jackson puts Scott in danger; Allison starts to question her family's strange behavior.

Full RecapEdit

The episode begins with Adrian Harris being confronted by the Alpha. When Derek Hale appears to question the professor and capture the Alpha, the cops show up. The Argents, as well as the cops are after him. Scott, who is driving Derek's car, pulls up in time for them to get away. He mentions a note he took from Harris with a strange symbol on it. Scott says he recognizes the symbol from Allison's necklace.

We cut to Jackson getting his neck examined by a doctor. During the examination, Jackson hallucinates Derek pulling Wolfsbane out of the scratch on his neck. He wakes up, startled, and the doctor tells Jackson that he has Aconitum (Wolfsbane) poisoning, which allows him to piece together that Scott is a werewolf. After the examination, he confronts Scott. Without saying it directly, Jackson implies that he knows that Scott is a werewolf.

Stiles says he might have a plan but it involves Scott getting Allison's necklace. To try to reconnect with her he sends pictures of them together but it makes her upset and they both leave in the middle of class. In the hallway she again tells him not to talk to her, but clarifies now explaining that she needs more time before she is comfortable being just friends.

However, unlike before, Jackson follows up his threats by trying to get into Scott's mind. During lunch time, he talks to Scott from far away, knowing that Scott can hear what he's saying. He says he will make Scott's life miserable and ruin any chance he has left with Allison by taking her away for himself. Jackson carries forth his plan as we see him flirting with Allison during swimming practice. He also invites her to the lacrosse game.

We shift to Stiles' room. He has invited over Danny to investigate a mysterious text to Allison that wasn't sent by Scott. Danny at first refuses but Stiles uses Derek to seduce him into complying. We then shift to Stiles following the trace of the text to Scott's mother's computer at work.

Allison, who wanders into the Hale house, is followed by her Aunt Kate. She tells her aunt that she wants to be stronger. Kate tells her that if she's patient, she'll show her how to do that. At the lacrosse game, Jackson and Scott discuss their situation. This time, Jackson isn't as smug as before. Scott tells him that only an Alpha can change him. He also tells him that there are others, and also hunters who will kill them. Jackson realizes that the Argents are the hunters because their name translates to "silver" in French. He realizes they will kill them if they find out what they are.

There he learns the Alpha is Derek's uncle, Peter Hale.

As Uncle Peter is about to kill Stiles, Derek comes to save him. Derek is dominated by the older and stronger werewolf and ends with Uncle Peter offering Derek a compromise seeing as they are family.

We shift back to the lacrosse game. Scott overhears the Argents talking about the scar on Jackson's neck. Kate asks Chris if the werewolf curse could be transferred via a scratch. He tells her it could if the wound is deep enough.

The episode ends with Scott standing on the lacrosse field newly surprised that Jackson may expose him as a werewolf.


  • The Cooper Temple Clause - "Homo Sapiens"
  • Make The Girl Dance - "Wall Of Death (Cyberpunkers Remix)"
  • White Sea - "Overdrawn"
  • Imaad Wasif - "Redeemer"
  • Phantogram - "You Are The Ocean"
  • William Fitzsimmons - "I Don`t Feel It Anymore (Song of the Sparrow)"
  • Lucy Schwartz - "I Want the Sky"
  • Frightened Rabbit - "The Loneliness and the Scream"
  • Harrys Gym - "Next Time"
  • White Lies - "Bigger Than Us"
  • Those Dancing Days - "Help Me Close My Eyes"
  • Connor Youngblood - "Monsters"


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