Winston-Frankie-Lola Love Triangle
General Information
Intimacy Level Boyfriend and Girlfriend (Winston and Frankie)
Close Friends, Teammates (Frankie and Lola)
Kissed (Lola and Winston)
Love Triangle Started Watch Out Now
The love triangle between Winston Chu, Frankie Hollingsworth, and Lola Pacini began in the fourteenth season of Degrassi. Winston is the center of the triangle.

Love Triangle HistoryEdit

Season 14Edit

In Watch Out Now, Winston kisses Lola after a fight with Frankie and convinces Lola not to tell her, even though she wants to tell Frankie. Later, Lola hides her face when she walks past Frankie and Winston.

In Ready or Not, Winston tries to not let Lola in the musical to avoid kissing her and still keeps the secret from Frankie.


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