Where are you? Are you home?Are you safe? Somewhere you think is safe? Somewhere without windows for anyone to creep through, underground perhaps? You think no one can get to you? You think no one can touch you in your hide-y hole? But I can.” — William Tockman to Felicity Smoak

William Tockman, also known as the Clock King, is a bank robber and former employee of Kord Industries. He suffered from MacGregor's Syndrome, a terminal illness, but instead of using the money he stole to ameliorate his own condition, spent it to help his sister who had cystic fibrosis.



Season 2Edit

William hired two criminals to steal the Skeleton Key from Kord Enterprises, with William giving them instructions via communications. However, the criminals compromised the mission by killing a guard, forcing William to find them another route out. After the two delivered the key, William murdered the one who killed the guard, for disobeying him. Later William hired two other criminals to steal as much money as possible from a bank, but was challenged by The Arrow and The Canary, and caused a diversion that would ram a train into an oncoming bus. Despite Felicity Smoak's efforts to stop him, the Arrow was forced to physically stop the collision himself, while the Canary attacked William and got his DNA on her bow-staff. Later the Arrow and the Canary found the trailer William was operating from and, although they didn't find him, they heard him on his communications system. William used their own comms and his computer to cripple the Arrowcave's systems.

After learning Oliver Queen had moved money into his bank account, William attempted to rob him, unleashing the gas flow which would destroy the building, forcing John Diggle to stop it, the Arrow to stop the criminals, leaving only the Canary to go after him. William attempted to kill the Canary, but Felicity took the bullet and she reversed his own scheme and blew up his phone, knocking him out. He was presumably arrested.[1]


William is not only precise, calculating, seeming in his head, variant factors to fractions of a second, he has an entirely ruthless disregard for human life, making a point of killing an underling who failed to follow his orders with a clock part to emphasize the essential nature of timing in any venture. He has a psychopath's detachment from the suffering of others with the sole exception of his sister.


  • Tockman lives at 52 Nelson Way, North District, East Starling, 9122.
  • Tockman is said to be 5'11" on his driver's license.
  • After Deadshot, Firefly, Dollmaker, and KGBeast, The Clock King is the fifth member of Batman's rogues gallery to be included in the show. This version of the Clock King originated in World's Finest #111 as a Green Arrow villain in the 1960s, however, and Solomon Grundy was originally a Green Lantern villain. Like a number of adversaries featured in the series, in the comics he has had both serious and 'lighter' incarnations, with Arrow, as it has done in almost all cases, highlighting the former.
  • MacGregor's Syndrome is the same disease that the Batman villain Mr. Freeze's wife, Nora Freeze, has in the 1997 film, Batman and Robin, and as such originated in the film itself.



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  1. "Time of Death"

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