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Victorious (stylized as VICTORiOUS) is an American sitcom created by Dan Schneider for Nickelodeon.



Season 1:Edit

Season 2:Edit

Season 3:Edit

Season 4: 2012-2013 Edit

# Image Title Aired

Wanko's Warehouse

September 22, 2012

Tori, Jade, Cat, Beck, Robbie, Andre, and Trina pull an all nighter at Wanko's Warehouse, when they hear there is a sale there.

2 120px

The Hambone King

September 29th, 2012

Robbie posts a video online spotlighting his rhythmic talent of hamboning, and then he must face off against a challenger who claims to be better than him.

3 120px

Opposite Date

October 13, 2012

Tori and Beck go on an unusual date, where they do things typically not done on dates.

Absent:Daniella Monet as Trina Vega

4 120px

Three Girls and a Moose

October 20th, 2012
Tori, Cat and Jade find Beck's Canadian pal appealing, so they all compete for his attention.

Cell Block

November 24th, 2012

Sikowitz challenges his students to go one week without using phones, laptops or portable electronic devices.

Absent:Daniella Monet as Trina Vega


Tori Fixes Beck and Jade

December 1, 2012

Tori and Andre try to find Jadeadate. Tori attempts to get Beck and Jade together for the second time. Meanwhile, Robbie attempts to dislodge a butterfly from Cat's ear.


One Thousand Berry Balls

December 8, 2012

Andre and Tori gets so busy with work that they might not perform at the Cow Wow; Robbie wants to ask Cat to the dance but asks someone else instead.

Abesent: Daniella Monet as Trina Vega


Robbie Sells Rex

December 15, 2012
A spoiled child sets his sights into owning Rex; a masked individual is throwing flour at school.
9 120px

The Bad Roommate

January 5, 2013

André gets fed up with living with his crazy grandma, so he moves in with Tori. However, the two don't get along so well as roommates.

10 120px

Brain Squeezers

January 12, 2013

When Tori is selected to be the team captain for a new game show, she must choose three of her friends to compete with her. The game turns out to be violently crazy.


The Slap Fight

January 19, 2013

Tori and the gang are caught up in a competition to see who can get the most followers on The Slap.


Star Spangled Tori

January 26, 2013

Tori worries she'll forget the lyrics when she's invited to sing the national anthem at a televised basketball game.



February 2, 2013

Sikowitz challenges the students to say yes to everything.

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