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Two and a Half Men is an American television sitcom that began broadcast on CBS on September 22, 2003.












Ep.10: The Salmon Under My Sweater

Ep.11: Last Chance to See Those Tattoos

Ep.12: A Lungful of Alan









Ep.21: A Sypathetic Crotch to Cry On



Ep.24: Does This Smell Funny to You?

Image Title Airdate # Summary Title quotation from
S11E1 Nangnangnangnang September 26, 2013 11.1 When a mysterious woman arrives at Walden's beach house, she reveals to Alan that she is Charlie's daughter, Jenny, and that she's homosexual. Walden begins having feelings for her. Evelyn & Walden
150px I Think I Banged Lucille Ball October 3, 2013 11.2 When Walden feels cramped in his own house, Jenny moves in with Evelyn and her boyfriend, Marty. Meanwhile, Alan becomes Lyndsey's "other man". Marty
150px This Unblessed Biscuit October 10, 2013 11.3 Walden and Alan think it may be time for Berta to retire after she injures her back at work.  Alan
150px Clank, Clank, Drunken Skank October 17, 2013 11.4 Walden starts partying with Jenny and her hot friends. Meanwhile, Alan and Lyndsey’s illicit affair is jeopardized. Stephanie
150px Alan Harper, Pleasing Women Since 2003 October 24, 2013 11.5 Alan befriends Lyndsey's boyfriend in an effort to find out what he has that Alan doesn't. Meanwhile, Walden helps Jenny be more proactive in pursuing her acting career. Alan
150px Justice in Star-Spangled Hot Pants November 7, 2013 11.6 When Alan learns Walden knows Lynda Carter, he asks him to set him up on a date with her. Against his better judgment, Walden agrees to invite her to the house for dinner. Alan
150px Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie November 14, 2013 11.7 Walden and Alan find themselves on dates with two ideal women until Lyndsey's jealousy throws a wrench in their evening. Walden
Next Episode Mr. Walden, He Die. I Clean Room. November 21, 2013 11.8 Walden is forced to accept Rose's help when the liaison between Alan and Lyndsey puts him in danger. 

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! style="width:100px;background-color:rgb(225,225,0);"|Image ! style="width:140px;background-color:rgb(225,225,0);"|Title ! style="width:100px;background-color:rgb(225,225,0);"|Airdate ! style="width:60px;background-color:rgb(225,225,0);"|# ! style="width:2000px;background-color:rgb(225,225,0);"|Summary ! style="width:80px;background-color:rgb(225,225,0);"|Title quotation from |-style="background-color: #F5F5F5;" |12.1 |The Ol' Mexican Spinach |October 30, 2014 |12.1 |Following a health scare on Halloween, Walden decides to re-prioritize his life with Alan's help. | style="text-align:center;"|TBA |-style="background-color: #FFFFFF;" |12.2 |A Chic Bar in Ibiza |November 6, 2014 |12.2 |When Walden asks Alan to sign a pre-nup, Alan gets offended and has second thoughts about getting married. | style="text-align:center;"|TBA |-style="background-color: #FFFFFF;" |Next Episode |Glamping in a Yurt |November 13, 2014 |12.3 |TBA | style="text-align:center;"|TBA |-style="background-color: #FFFFFF;" |Next Episode |Thirty-Eight, Sixty-Two, Thirty-Eight |November 20, 2014 |12.4 |TBA | style="text-align:center;"|TBA |}


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