Thea Queen's loft
Thea Queen's loft
Location Starling City; United States
Use(s) Residence

Thea Queen's loft is the loft that Thea Queen lives in. It is located in Starling City.


When Thea returned from Corto Maltese she bought the loft with Malcolm's money. Oliver disagreed that she used his money and was unaware that Thea and Malcolm were close. After a discussion he agreed with her as she told him she could do good with his money. The two decided to live together in the loft like they used to in the Queen Mansion. While Oliver, as The Arrow, suspected Malcolm Merlyn for killing Sara he broke through the window as Thea was decorating the Christmas tree, to interrogate her for Malcolm's location. She feigned being scared and then threw glass in his face. Due to Oliver's unwillingness to harm Thea, she was able to escape by jumping from the broken window. 

Known residentsEdit



Season 3Edit

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