Season 1, Episode 14
Nikita 14
Episode 14
Air date February 10, 2011
Written by Carlos Coto
Directed by David Solomon
US Viewers 1.89
Coup de Grace


In Berlin, a CIA agent is looking for someone when he was shot dead by a shadowy figure. Ryan (Noah Bean), shunned to monitoring Cold War stations, intercepts information about a dangerous new weapon coming into the U.S. With his superiors unwilling to listen, Ryan secretly contacts Nikita and asks her to help him prevent its delivery. Nikita learns that the man bringing the weapon into the country is Emil Voss (Matthew Marsden), a man Division forced her to have a relationship with while working undercover. She reluctantly resumes her alter ego, Josephine, to prevent the weapon from being delivered. However, it turns out that Voss is being pursued by Gogul, as he planned on defecting to the U.S. and hand over the dirty bomb he created, cleverly disguised as a suitcase. Nikita helps him escape and arranges for a CIA escort to take him into protective custody.

Once Voss is safely across the Canadian-US border, Ryan calls Nikita to confirm the success. He then sends her footage of the Berlin shooting, which he believes to have been done by Gogul. However, Nikita recognizes the killer as Roan and realizes that this was all a Division set up. Stealing a motorcycle, Nikita catches up to the CIA team, only find all of them and Voss dead and the bomb gone. A cellphone rings, which she assumes to be from Ryan, but actually from Percy. He smugly gloats how he used her and Ryan to get that bomb. And he also ensured that all the deaths are to be blamed on Gogul. However, Nikita finds the bomb he placed on the CIA truck and disarms it. She then promises Percy that when she kills him, she won't call to gloat. Though Percy is unfazed by her seemingly futile threat, Michael tells him that bringing her back to her Josephine persona, he set off a nerve.

Ryan gets to the airport where the Division team attempts to transport the bomb and tries to delay them. Soon enough, Gogul arrives and guns down the Division team. Nikita attempts to make a break for it with the bomb, only to be intercepted by Ari Tasarov. As he takes the suitcase from her, he reminds Nikita that his offer to recruit her still stands. But as he drives away, Ari discovers that she switched the bomb with a regular suitcase filled with clothes. The real bomb is being driven to the CIA by Ryan. Presenting it to his superiors, he is promoted to clandestine operations, giving him more access.

At Division, news of Ryan's promotion doesn't sit well with Percy and Michael. But the former can take comfort in the fact that Nikita can be beaten.

Meanwhile, Ryan is telling Nikita about his promotion. But the latter warns him that even up top in the CIA, he can't trust anyone with their secret war. They soon end up kissing.

Meanwhile, Michael interferes with Alex's relationship with Nathan. Nathan and Alex get a little too close resulting in them kissing.


Memorable QuotesEdit


Featured MusicEdit

  • Breaking my own heart - Duffy
  • Here to stay - Lenka


  • In this episode it's shown that Nikita used the codename 'Josephine', this is a homage to the original film, as well as the wig she wears is near identical to the original Nikita's hair style.



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