The Morning Aftermath
Season Two, Episode One
Air date September 23rd 2014
Written by Carter Covington
Directed by Claire Scanlon
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"The Morning Aftermath" is the first episode of Season Two. It premiered on September 23rd, 2014.

It was confirmed here.


Karma deals with the fallout from Amy's confession; Amy feels guilty about her tryst with Liam; Lauren and Shane devise a plan to protect Lauren's secret. (Source)





Behind the Scenes (Images from Twitter and Instagram)Edit

  • Rita BTS with Gef AvilesGo to Gef Aviles' Twitter
  • Katie & Gregg BTSGo to Katie's Instagram
  • Hello from set (and no I'm not wearing lipstick)Go to Gregg's Instagram pt 2
  • Rita & Gregg|Happy to be back.Go to Gregg's Instagram
  • Main Cast, 2x01Go to Day 2, Carter's Twitter
  • Carter's Twitter, Filming 2x01Go to Carter's Twitter, Filming 2x01
  • Katie & Rita on SetGo to


Faking It | Official Trailer (Season 2) | MTV


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