Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 Alpha Pact Lydia and her Mom

The Martin Family Lydia Martin's Family

The Martin Family is a family of characters featured in MTV's Teen Wolf.

Lydia Martin is a Banshee. Her mother, Mrs. Martin, and her father, Mr. Martin are divorced.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 Alpha Pact Susan Walters as Mrs Martin

Mrs. Martin Lydia's Mom

Mrs. Martin is only seen a handful of times.

In Season 1 she and her husband bicker during Parent/Teacher conferences at Beacon Hills High School. She claims her husband "warped" Lydia by forcing her to choose with which of her parents she wanted to live. (Read More...)

After the attack during the school dance, Mrs. Martin is seen briefly at Lydia's hospital bedside. (Read More...)

In Season 2, as Lydia struggles with Peter Hale's mind games, her mother forces her to see school psychologist Ms. Morrell. (Read More...)

In Season 3, Mrs. Martin is supportive after Lydia is attacked and nearly strangled to death by Jennifer Blake. She offers her daughter advice on make up to cover the ligature marks, comparing the marks on her daughter's neck to the hickeys she received in her own youth. Read More...

Mrs. Martin is played by actor Susan Walters (the real life wife of Linden Ashby.)

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 1 Omega Jeff Rose as Mr Martin

Mr. Martin Lydia's Dad

Mr. Martin, Lydia's father, makes only a couple of appearances on the show.

In Season 1 he seems ready for the worst as he and Lydia's mother meet with Lydia's teachers. He's expecting bad "grades, concentration issues, bad behavior." We don't see his reaction to learning that Lydia is the smartest and most popular girl in school. Read More...

In Season 2, as Lydia recovers from the attack during the school dance, her father stays with her at the hospital. Read More...

Mr. Martin is played by Atlanta-based actor Jeff Rose.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 Anchors Holland Roden as Lydia Martin

Lydia Martin Student/Banshee

Lydia Martin, is the smartest and most popular student at Beacon Hills High School.

She can subconsciously sense when someone is murdered. She's recently learned she is a Banshee.

Holland Roden portrays Lydia. Main Article: Lydia Martin

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