The Howling: Reborn
The howling reborn cover
Film information

Directed by

Joe Nimziki

Produced by

Kevin Kasha
Joel Kastelberg
Ernst Etchie Stroh

Written by

Gary Brandner (novel),
Joe Nimziki
James Robert Johnston

Release Date(s)

October 18, 2011



The Howling: Reborn is a 2011 werewolf-themed horror film written by Joe Nimziki and released direct to video on 18 October 2011.


Kathryn is attacked by a werewolf. After many years her son Will is living with his father and is a student in a highly secured school. His best friend Sachin is making a horror project film and is planning to broadcast it by hacking into news channels illegally. Will has a crush on Eliana, but her current boyfriend scares him off. Later Eliana invites him for a night party where then, suddenly, a creature attacks. Somehow Will escapes. He later asks Sachin about his ideas on werewolves. He tests himself by causing a wound which heals itself nearly instantaneously, proving that he is a werewolf. Afterwards, it is revealed that Kathryn is still alive and she kills his father and comes for him in school to remind him who he is. Confronted by the truth that his mother is a werewolf, he saves Eliana from being attacked by other members of the wolf pack. But the school bells ring and its security system gets activated, cutting them off from the outside world.

Will remembers Sachin's advice that werewolves can only be killed by silver bullets or fire and both of them equip themselves with handmade flame throwers. In the security room they discover Sachin being killed by one of the werewolves, so they go in the basement, only to find that Kathryn is raising an army of werewolves.

They escape. In the process Will kills a werewolf by stabbing it with a silver trophy. Afterwards Eliana forces Will to turn her into a werewolf, which he is reluctant to do. He somehow manages to stop himself from doing so when he accidentally scratches her back with his claws.

When making an escape Eliana is taken by Kathryn to force Will to become a werewolf. They both battle each other, but Kathryn is too powerful to be killed by silver bullets. It's then that he realizes she is the alpha. Just when she is about to kill him another werewolf attacks her by ripping her heart out. Will realizes that the werewolf is none other than Eliana, who is transformed because of her wounds. They burn the school down so that the other newborn werewolves can't escape.

In the post credit scenes it's shown that the video created by Will showing his transformation and warning the world about werewolves existence is circulated all over the world, and humans prepare to battle against the newborn force.



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