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Season 1: 2009-2010 Edit

Screenshot Title Original airdate Production code # Total Count
ClevelandPilot1 "Pilot" September 27, 2009 1APS01 1 1
Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. say goodbye to their friends and Quahog to relocate to Cleveland’s hometown in Stoolbend, VA. Cleveland reconnects with an old flame and finds love and a new family.
Cleveland DaDoggone 0050F "Da Doggone Daddy-Daughter Dinner Dance" October 4, 2009 1APS02 2 2
Cleveland tries to make inroads with his new stepdaughter Roberta by asking her to accompany him to the school’s father/daughter dance. The evening seems to be going smoothly until Cleveland has a mishap with the family pet and kills his chances of being accepted by his new kids.
Cleveland TheOneAboutFriends 0151F "The One About Friends" October 11, 2009 1APS04 3 3
Cleveland, afraid that Cleveland Jr. has no friends, invites his neighbor's son Ernie to the house; when Ernie becomes too attached to the family, Cleveland has trouble getting him to go back home.
Birth of a Salesman "Birth of a Salesman" October 18, 2009 1APS03 4 4
Cleveland needs a new job, Tim hooks him up at Waterman Cable. However, when Cleveland becomes the top salesman, Tim is green with envy and wishes for bad things to happen to Cleveland. But when Cleveland comes up on some bad luck and misfortune, Tim has a change of heart.
ClevelandCherryBomb1 "Cleveland Jr. Cherry Bomb" November 8, 2009 1APS08 5 5
Cleveland has "the talk" with Roberta, which scares Cleveland Jr. into taking a vow of chastity. Meanwhile, Rallo becomes a church greeter.
ClevLadiesNight2 "Ladies' Night" November 15, 2009 1APS07 6 6
Cleveland is upset when he finds out that Donna is still attending a single mothers' support group.
ClevelandBrownThanksgiving1 "A Brown Thanksgiving" November 22, 2009 1APS09 7 7
In a Thanksgiving episode Cleveland celebrates his first Thanksgiving with his new family and discovers a surprising secret about Donna's Auntie Momma.
ClevelandFromBedToWorse3 "From Bed to Worse" November 29, 2009 1APS05 8 8
A disgruntled Rallo does whatever it takes to keep Cleveland and Donna apart.
Cleveland ItsAWonderfulLie3 "A Cleveland Brown Christmas" December 13, 2009 1APS11 9 9
Cleveland tells Rallo the truth about his father and has to find him to save Rallo's Christmas spirit.
Field-of-streams-1 "Field of Streams" January 3, 2010 1APS06 10 10
After a nostalgic flashback to the glory days as his high school’s baseball all-star, Cleveland visits his alma mater to find out there’s no longer a team. Principal Wally gives Cleveland one week to raise money to re-build the stadium before the season begins. Cleveland then steps in as head coach and dusts off his retired jersey in an attempt to convince Cleveland Jr. to play ball instead of joining the math club.
Cleveland LoveRollercoaster 0059F "Love Rollercoaster" January 10, 2010 1APS10 11 11
When Roberta’s new teacher, Ms. Eck (guest voice Jane Lynch), encourages Roberta to alter her appearance, Cleveland Jr. befriends the disguised Roberta and falls in love with her.
Cleveland OurGang 0065F "Our Gang" January 31, 2010 1APS12 12 12
Coach Cleveland comes to the rescue of frustrated parents by taking a group of delinquent teens under his wing. With the help of Cleveland Jr., he creates a new club dubbed “The Crazy Eights,” and hopes that it will keep the kids on the straight and narrow. However, he is soon mixed up in bad business, and only the “Crazy Eights” can help him out
150px "Buried Pleasure" February 14, 2010 1APS13 13 13
Holt admits to Cleveland that he wishes he had a special someone in his life. Determined to help his lonely friend, Cleveland introduces Holt to Jane (guest voice Fergie), a cat-loving redhead who ends up being more than a handful. Meanwhile, Cleveland Jr. and Rallo anticipate the “birth” of Rallo’s pet fish
150px "The Curious Case of Jr. Working at the Stool" February 21, 2010 1APS14 14 14
Cleveland Jr. lands an interview with the editor of the local newspaper, but with his new found

responsibility while working at The Stool, he starts making changes to the guys' hangout causing a father son feud. Meanwhile, Roberta and Rallo have a surprise for Lacey, Roberta's wealthy rival.

150px "Once Upon a Tyne in New York" March 21, 2010 1APS16 15 15
Cleveland and Donna road trip to the Big Apple for an overdue honeymoon, and to Donna's dismay, Cleveland allows the Stoolbend gang to tag along to help Coach McFall rekindle a long lost romance. Although, when Tim finds himself in a compromising situation and Lester's language gets him into trouble, Cleveland is forced to choose between his wife and his friends.
150px "The Brown Knight" March 28, 2010 1APS17 16 16
Cleveland and Donna are robbed at an ATM and Cleveland is the hero of the hour until Dan Rather and Tila Tequila discover the truth about Cleveland. Meanwhile, Rallo is shocked when he discovers Roberta's dirty little secret.
150px "Gone with the Wind" April 11, 2010 1APS18 17 17
Quagmire from Quahog brings news of Loretta's death, meanwhile Donna puts Cleveland on a high-fiber diet.
150px "Brotherly Love" May 2, 2010 1APS20 18 18
Rallo gives Cleveland Jr. tips on how to woo the girl of his dreams; Cleveland challenges her boyfriend to a rap battle.
150px "Brown History Month" May 9, 2010 1APS21 19 19
Cleveland and Cleveland Jr. teach Donna and the kids their tradition of celebrating Black History Month. However, when Rallo learns about his heritage at school, he provokes Cleveland into a battle royale with neighbor, Lester.
150px "Cleveland's Angels" May 16, 2010 1APS19 20 20
After Cleveland gambles away Roberta's college fund, Kendra discovers that Cleveland was actually cheated out of his money and recruits Donna and Arianna for a "Cleveland's Angels" mission.
150px "You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown" May 23, 2010 1APS22 21 21
Much to his dismay, Cleveland finds out that Cleveland Jr. will inherit all of his ex-wife's belongings and that his parents, Cookie and Freight Train, plan to remarry. To add insult to injury, Freight Train dumps Cleveland as his best man in favor of Donna's ex-husband, Robert. In the end, though, Cleveland steps in to save the day in the season finale, which also features a special musical number by Earth, Wind & Fire.

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