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Produced by

Avi Arad
Laura Ziskin
Matt Tolmach

Music by

James Horner


John Schwartzman


Marvel Entertainment

Distributed by

Columbia Pictures

Release Date(s)

July 3, 2012




$230 million

Gross Revenue


The Amazing Spider-Man is a 2012 American superhero film directed by Marc Webb, based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man. It is a reboot of the Spider-Man film franchise, portraying the character's origin story and his development into a superhero while a high school student. The film stars Andrew Garfield in the title role, with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors.


A young Peter Parker discovers his father Richard's study has been burgled. Gathering up hidden documents, Peter's parents take him to the home of his Aunt May and Uncle Ben, then mysteriously depart.

Years later, a teenaged Peter attends Midtown Science High School, where he is bullied by Flash Thompson and has caught the eye of Gwen Stacy. At home, Peter finds his father's papers and learns he worked with fellow scientist Dr. Curt Connors at Oscorp. Sneaking into Oscorp, Peter enters a lab where a "biocable" is under development from genetically modified spiders, one of which bites him. On the subway ride home, he discovers that he has developed spider-like abilities.

After studying Richard's papers, Peter visits the one-armed Connors, reveals he is Richard Parker's son and gives Connors his father's "decay rate algorithm", the missing piece in Connors' experiments on regenerating limbs. Connors is being pressed by his superior, Dr. Ratha, to devise a cure for the dying (but unseen) head of Oscorp, Norman Osborn. In school, Peter gets into trouble after a basketball challenge with Flash in which Peter accidentally shatters the backboard glass. His uncle changes work shifts to meet with the principal and asks Peter to replace him walking home with Aunt May that night. Peter gets distracted and helps Connors regenerate the limb of a laboratory mouse. Peter's failure causes an argument with his uncle and he storms out. At a nearby grocery store, the manager denies him a drink for being two cents short, and when a thief suddenly raids the store, Peter indifferently observes. While searching for Peter, Uncle Ben attempts to stop the thief and is killed. The thief escapes as Peter finds Ben on the sidewalk.

Afterward, Peter uses his new abilities to hunt criminals matching the killer's description. After a fall lands him inside an abandoned gym, a luchador-wrestling poster inspires him to create a mask to hide his identity. He adds a spandex suit and builds mechanical devices to attach to his wrists to shoot a biocable "web". Peter accepts a dinner invitation from Gwen, where he meets and has a tense conversation with her father, police captain George Stacy, over Spider-Man's motives. After dinner, Peter reveals his identity to Gwen and they kiss.

After seeing success with the mouse using lizard DNA, Ratha demands Connors begin human trials immediately if Osborn is to survive. Connors refuses to rush the drug-testing procedure and put innocent people at risk. Ratha fires Connors and decides to test Connors' serum at a Veterans Administration hospital under the guise of a flu shot. In an act of desperation, Connors tries the formula on himself. After passing out, he awakens to find his missing arm has regenerated. Learning Ratha is on his way to the VA hospital, Connors, whose skin is turning green and scaly, goes to intercept him. By the time he gets to the Williamsburg Bridge Connors has become a violent hybrid of lizard and man, tossing cars, including Ratha's, over the side of the bridge. Peter, now calling himself Spider-Man, snatches each falling car with his web-lines.

Spider-Man suspects Connors is Lizard and unsuccessfully confronts the creature in the sewers. Lizard learns Spider-Man's real identity via the name on an abandoned camera and follows Peter to school where they fight. In response, the police start a manhunt for both Spider-Man and Lizard. The police corner Spider-Man and Captain Stacy discovers that he is really Peter. Lizard plans to make all humans lizard-like by releasing a chemical cloud from Oscorp's tower, to eliminate the weaknesses he believes plague humanity. Spider-Man eventually disperses an antidote cloud instead, restoring Connors and earlier victims to normal, but not before Lizard mortally wounds Captain Stacy. Before his death, Captain Stacy makes Peter promise to keep Gwen safe by staying away from her. Peter initially does so, but later at school suggests to Gwen he may see her after all.

In a post-credits scene, Connors, in a prison cell, speaks with a man in the shadows who asks if Peter knows the truth about his father. Connors replies, "No", and demands Peter be left alone before the man disappears.


An unpopular adolescent struggling to find his place in life ever since his parents disappeared when he was a child. Garfield described Parker as someone he can relate to and stated that the character had been an important influence on him since he was little. Garfield drew from his life experiences as inspiration for the role, revealing, "I was thinking of my history and thinking of the kid at school who I wasn't as strong as, who behaved badly to a lot of people – including myself – and who I constantly tried to stand up to but never had the physical prowess to". Discussing his predecessor, Garfield said he respects Tobey Maguire as an actor and that when he first saw Maguire play Spider-Man he "was blown away by his interpretation." Garfield said in interviews, including one in which he was interviewed by Maguire, that when he watched the film Spider-Man when he was younger, he would jokingly recite Maguire's lines in the mirror with a friend who joked that he would never be Spider-Man.[1][2] On accepting the role Garfield explained, "I see it as a massive challenge in many ways.... To make it authentic. To make the character live and breathe in a new way. The audience already has a relationship with many different incarnations of the character. I do, as well. I'm probably going to be the guy in the movie theater shouting abuse at myself. But I have to let that go. No turning back. And I wouldn't want to."[3] After taking the role, Garfield studied the movements of athletes and spiders and tried to incorporate them, saying Parker is "a boy/spider in terms of how he moves, and not just in the suit."[4][5] He did yoga and Pilates for the role in order to be as flexible as possible.[6] When first wearing his costume Garfield admitted to shedding tears and trying to imagine "a better actor in the suit",[7] which he described as "uncomfortable" and admitted to wearing nothing beneath it since it is skintight.[8] When filming Garfield explained that he had four months of training and described his physical roles on stunts as terribly challenging and exhausting.[9]
A high school classmate and love interest of Parker's,[10] a smart, charismatic and rebellious girl who is the chief Intern at Oscorp.[11][12] For the role, Stone dyed her hair blonde, her natural color, even though she is better recognized as a redhead.[13][14] She felt that she had a responsibility to educate herself on Spider-Man, admitting she "hadn't read the comic book growing up, and my experience was with the Sam Raimi movies. . . . I always assumed that Mary Jane was his first love",[15] and having only been familiar with Bryce Dallas Howard's portrayal in Spider-Man 3.[16][17][18] Stone said, "There's a part of me that really wants to please people [who] love Spider-Man or Gwen Stacy and want her to be done justice. I hope they'll give me license to interpret her my way."[14]
One of Oscorp's leading scientific minds who attempts to engineer a revolutionary regeneration serum to help regrow limbs and human tissue. Something goes wrong and he is transformed into the monster known as Lizard.[11][12] In a September 2011 interview, Ifans said his character spends the majority of the film as a human. While playing the 9-foot tall reptile, Ifans was required to wear a CGI suit. Initially, a large stunt-double was used as a stand-in for the role, but Ifans insisted on portraying the transformed character. Commenting on the technology used to bring his character to life, Ifans continued, "I had a green suit on, and then this cardboard head, and these small claws... Each and every time you see the Lizard, the technology is so advanced now that when the Lizard's eyes move, they're my eyes. If I frown or show any emotion, they're my emotions. That's how spectacularly advanced technology is."[21] Ifans said that he voiced the man-beast as well explaining, "I'm sure the voice will be toyed with in the eventual edits, but when I was shooting the CGI moments, when I wasn't actually human, when I was Lizard, I looked like a crash-test dummy in a green leotard thing. There were many moments when I had to speak to Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as the Lizard."[22]

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Gwen's father and a New York City Police Department captain who hunts both Spider-Man out of distrust and Lizard for his rampage.[23] Leary explained that he did not know much about Spider-Man in the comics and as "more of a Batman guy. Not the '60s [TV version] but the really dark Batman. But my wife was a Spider-Man nut, which was why I went to Tobey Maguire ones."[24] He added that long before he was cast as George Stacy his friend Jeff Garlin, a Spider-Man fan, "said to me, 'The first time I met you, I thought you were George Stacy!' This was like 30 years ago. I was like, 'What?!'"[24] Director Webb said of his casting, "[W]e all trust Denis Leary. He's got this attitude, but you love him. In this movie, he puts pressure on Peter Parker. He's on Spider-Man's case, but you understand him. I've said this before, but good drama comes from competing ideas of what's good."[25]
Peter's uncle.[26] Sheen admitted he was unfamiliar with Spider-Man other than Maguire's portrayal, and knew little of the character Ben Parker except for knowing Cliff Robertson had played the part.[27] Sheen described his character as a surrogate father, saying, "I'm dealing with this adolescent who is having problems with changes, with hormones changing and his getting out of hand. I have to give him the marching orders and so forth."[28] Webb said, "You think of Martin Sheen as President Bartlet [of TV's The West Wing]. He has that sense of benevolent authority, but there's something else that's important, in terms of the dynamic that I wanted to explore, vis-à-vis Peter's relationship with his absent parents." Webb felt that unlike the scientifically-inclined Peter, Uncle Ben represented the blue collar working man, a gap that could create a dynamic between the characters.[25]
Ben Parker's wife and Peter's aunt.[29][30] Field said the main reason she felt she had to be in the film was because of producer Laura Ziskin (they worked together on the 1985 film Murphy's Romance) because she had an instinct that this was to be Ziskin's last film. After Ziskin's death Field expressed her gratitude of being a part of both her first and last film.[31] Director Webb felt that "when you cast someone like Sally, they come with a certain level of awareness and real genuine affection, which for Aunt May is an incredibly important thing to have." Webb said that while "we all love Aunt May", he wanted to create a tension between May and Peter. "He's got bruises on his face, and what happens in that moment? That can create some tension, but you want there to be love there. That's what someone like Sally Field gives you."[25]
An Oscorp researcher, Connors' immediate superior.[33] Khan said he was offered what he described as this "pivotal role" after appearing in the TV drama series In Treatment.[34][35] Webb described himself as a fan of the actor when watching the series along with the films The Namesake and The Warrior.[33] Khan said he was uninterested in the project at first but that his sons were excited about it and insisted he take the role.[36]
A high school nemesis who picks on Parker.[37] Of playing the role, Zylka said, "You just try to focus. As an artist or as an actor, you just try to focus and stay in that world and block it all out."[38]

Campbell Scott and Embeth Davidtz portray Peter's parents, Richard and Mary Parker.[39][40] C. Thomas Howell plays a character named Ray whose son is saved by Spider-Man in the Williamsburg Bridge scene.[41] Hannah Marks portrays Missy Kallenback, an unpopular girl who has a crush on Peter.[42] Kelsey Chow has a small role: she identified her character in an interview as high-school classmate Sally Avril,[43] but who is unnamed onscreen and credited solely as "Hot girl". Unlike the previous films, J. Jonah Jameson does not appear.[44] Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee has a cameo appearance, as he did in the previous films. At the 2011 Dallas Comic Con, Lee detailed that he plays a librarian listening to music on his headphones while stamping books, oblivious to the ongoing battle.[45] Michael Massee plays the mysterious man in the shadows who talks with Connors in his prison cell in a teaser scene during the end credits.[46] As to the man's identity, director Marc Webb said, "It's intentionally mysterious. And I invite speculation."Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag. Webb described Horner's first musical cue as "spectacular". Webb said, "I wanted to to create a score that felt massive and huge but also intimate and small."[47] The film also features music by Coldplay.[48] In May 2012, Sony Classical revealed details about the soundtrack.[49]

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The soundtrack album of the film was released the same day as the film, under the Sony Classical banner.


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