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Solo (2013 film)
Film information

Music by

Todor Kobakov


Stephen Chung


Lumanity Productions

Distributed by

Shock Till You Drop (USA), Indiecan (Canada)

Release Date(s)

August 29, 2013



Solo is a 2013 Canadian mystery thriller film directed by Isaac Cravit and is the first film released under Shock Till You Drop's US film distribution branch.


Gillian (Annie Clark) is a teenager who reluctantly takes a job as a camp counselor at a summer camp. Before she can take the job, Gillian is informed that she must prove her survival skills at a nearby island on the camp's property which is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a former camper. She's reassured that it's safe, but is put on edge when she comes across Ray (Daniel Kash), a local man who claims that Gillian had sent out a distress call. Her uneasiness grows until later that night, when her seemingly easy two day initiation rite turns sinister.


  • Annie Clark as Gillian
  • Daniel Kash as Ray
  • Richard Clarkin as Fred
  • Steven Love as Marty
  • Alyssa Capriotti as Lacey
  • Sarah Emes as Janie
  • Sonia Laplante as Therapist
  • Megann McCandless as Gillian's Sister


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