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November 27, 2009



Skyrunners is an American-Canadian television film that premiered on Disney XD on November 27, 2009. It is the first and so far the only original film that premiered on network.


Teenage brothers Nick and Tyler come across a UFO that crashed near their town. Soon after evading the government, mainly agent Armstrong, and keeping the UFO in seclusion, Tyler goes through dramatic physical changes and gains superhuman abilities due to his dramatic trip into space via the UFO. The situation becomes even more difficult to cover up considering Tyler is being constantly blown off by Nick, due to Nick's efforts at chasing Julie Gunn. After having literally no one to turn to, Tyler decides to tell agent Armstrong about the UFO. After agent Armstrong explains to Tyler what is happening to him, he shoots the ship, thereby critically damaging it. Agent Armstrong reveals himself to be a fish-like alien in disguise and captures Tyler.

Nick, feeling guilty for constantly doubting and ignoring Tyler, comes to the UFO hideout to try to apologize. Upon finding that Tyler is missing, he begins an attempt to repair the UFO. After trying all night, he is successful, and the UFO takes him to the underground fortress in which the aliens are residing and realizes that it's actually an impact crater from the aliens' crash-landing on Earth. Nick locates Tyler and frees him from his holding cell. The brothers uncover that aliens are planning to take over Earth by polluting the atmosphere. Tyler then uses an alien explosive to destroy the aliens and escape in the UFO. However, they do not succeed in destroying all of them and are chased by a surviving alien in a more powerful version of their UFO.

After defeating the remaining aliens and destroying the alien fighter, the UFO crashes at Nick's high school graduation. Nick then uses fixing the UFO as his science project and is allowed to graduate. Nick wins Julie over and they kiss, Tyler gets a date with Katie Wallace, and they get to keep the UFO. Assuming that all of the aliens were destroyed, the boys go on with their lives. However, at the end of the movie while taking the UFO for a joy-ride (with its new stereo system that Nick installed which is notably blasting the theme song of the movie Low Day by CAPRA) it shows four agent Armstrongs watching them revealing at least four of the aliens survive and are plotting another attack on the human race, thus leaving the possibility of a sequel.



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