"See Dad Run Home"
See Dad Run Home 2jpg
Season 1
Episode 1
Air Date October 6, 2012
Directed By Andrew D. Weyman
Written By Tina Albanese & Patrick Labyorteaux
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"See Dad Lose Janie"

See Dad Run Home is the pilot episode of See Dad Run. It first aired on October 6, 2012.


David Hobbs has spent the last decade playing a beloved father on one of TV's biggest sitcoms. When his series ends, he transitions into a stay-at-home dad watching over his children, Emily, Janie, and Joe. Meanwhile, his wife, Amy, returns to her television career. Now, David must accustom to tending to his kids' every need. His children worry since he is never around and does not know a single thing about being a parent. David soon realizes how challenging it is to be an actual father.



  • The episode will be credited as a preview/pilot.
  • If you look closely, at the beginning of the episode where David is acting, you can see a Big Time Rush: Elevate poster behind David's TV daughter.


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