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"Second Chance at First Line"
Directors: Russell Mulcahy — Writer: Jeff Davis — Aired: June 6, 2011 — Icon-Image    Icon-Video      

Second Chance at First Line is the second episode of Teen Wolf it originally aired on Monday June 6, 2011.

Synopsis Edit

Scott tries to adjust to his werewolf powers and contemplates whether to play in the big lacrosse game coming up.

Full Recap Edit

After the preceding events he worries a lot about Allison’s father being a hunter and is distracted during practice with the lacrosse team. Because he does badly that day, he gets angry and senses the werewolf inside him. Stiles gets him off the field before disaster strikes.

In locker room, Scott transforms into the wolf and almost kills Stiles. Back at his house, Derek confronts Scott about turning into a werewolf. He tells him like Stiles that he is better off sitting out the big lacrosse game coming up.

Scott's coach talks to him about what happened on field. Scott says he won't play in the upcoming but then changes his mind.

He and Allison talk. He doesn't like her and Derek having relations especially if Derek is a murderer. Scott confronts Derek then tells Stiles that he smells a dead body on his property.

In the night, Stiles and Scott go back to Derek's property. They dig up the body but then learn it's actually the body of a dead werewolf. Stiles spots some wolfsbane growing alongside the grave. When he tries to pull it up he finds it is attached to a long rope laid out around the grave in a spiral pattern. When he finishes removing the rope the pattern glows and the body in the grave reverts into a human girl. Derek gets arrested for murder. Scott and Stiles drive off, but Scott is sickened by the wolfsbane rope that Stiles has stuffed into his backpack. He throws the backpack into the woods but returns to the Jeep to find Scott gone. Scott is at Allison’s house, where he watches her from her rooftop, Scott turns into a werewolf but then falls off and gets hit by her dad who is driving a truck. He changes back into a human before Mr. Argent can see him as a werewolf.

Scott plays in the lacrosse game and uses his powers to win the game. He, however, runs off the field as he feels another transformation coming on. Allison chases him to boys locker room. By the time she finds him, Scott has managed his wolf outburst and is fine.

The two kiss. Stiles then talks to Scott about the game and about the dead body they found. The dead body is actually Derek's sister, and since police found evidence of that an animal killed her, Derek has been released from jail.

Quotes Edit

  • I mean, I can not play the game tomorrow night.” — Scott to the Coach.
    You can’t wait to play the game tomorrow night!” — Coach in return.
  • Mr. McCall, you are not even close to solving your problem.” — Math teacher to Scott.

Video Edit

Teen Wolf Episode 2 Preview00:35

Teen Wolf Episode 2 Preview

Soundtrack Edit

  • Graffiti6 - "Annie You Save Me"

Scene: Scott in a daze in locker room, talks to Stiles/on field

  • Shout Out Out Out Out - "Chicken Soup for the F**k You"

Scene: Lacrosse practice

  • LexiconDon - "Sleep 2 Dream"

Scene: Scott talks to Mom

  • John Gold - "Honeymade"

Scene: iChat with Stiles

  • Man is Doomed - "Disco Angel"

Scene: Scott gets texts from Mom

  • The Ruse - "Apache"

Scene: Scott on his bike

  • Hanni El Khatib - "You Rascal You"

Scene: Scott and Stiles talk in Scott's bedroom

  • One For The Team - "Best Supporting Actor"

Scene: Stiles and Scott in jeep

  • We Are Wolves - "Little Birds"

Scene: Stiles calls his dad in jeep

  • Ohbijou - "Wildfires"

Scene: Scott watches Allison through window

  • The Cinematic Orchestra - "Familiar Ground"

Scene: Scott gets hit by Allison's dad

  • Overseer - "Horndog"

Scene: Players take the field for lacrosse game

  • Deadmau5 - "Right This Second"

Scene: Lacrosse game

  • The Antlers - "Tongue Tied (Bonus Track)"

Scene: Lacrosse game

  • My Chemical Romance - "Na Na Na"

Scene: Scott gets wolfy during lacrosse game

  • Wavves - "Take on the World"

Scene: Scott wins game

  • Graffiti6 - "Calm the Storm"

Scene: Allison kisses Scott


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Episode Guide Edit

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