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Run to You
Season 2, Episode 13
Air date January 31, 2014
Written by Amy B. Harris
Directed by Andrew McCarthy
Episode Guide
"This Is the Time"

Run to You is the Season Two finale and the 26th episode overall of The Carrie Diaries. It aired on January 31, 2014.


Carrie, Walt, Mouse, Maggie, West, and Donna graduate from high school and explore their future paths. After failing to mention her boss Andy Warhol in an interview for the New York Times, Larissa is fired from Interview along with all of her employees, including Carrie. This worsens her situation with her dad. Meanwhile, Mouse and West must share the honor of being class valedictorians, as well as the prize. Maggie finds a napkin with a name and number on it in Pete's jacket's pocket and suspects he might be cheating on her, becoming slightly paranoid. Despite the loss of her job, Larissa and Harlan are determined to organize an enormous wedding, at which Sebastian's California plans come in between him and Carrie.




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