"Regrets Only"
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Season 2
Episode 7
Air Date February 19th, 2013
Directed By Robert J. Metoyer
Written By Stacy Rukeyser & Michael Notarile
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"Catch Her in the Lie"


"Bride and Go Seek"

"Regrets Only" is the 7th episode of Season Two of The Lying Game


The Lying Game 2x07 Promo "Regrets Only" (HD)00:31

The Lying Game 2x07 Promo "Regrets Only" (HD)

Emma struggles to make sense of newfound revelations and shifts in her relationships with Ethan and Thayer.After hearing Emma’s suspicions about Rebecca, Sutton’s faith in her mother begins to falter and she decides to take matters into her own hands. Rebecca is thrilled when Kristin and Ted’s marriage continues to unravel, putting her one step closer to achieving her goal. Meanwhile, Alec realizes that Jordan could be a strong ally in his private war with his wife.


Jordan tells Mads that Rebecca had made him take Laurel to the dance and he also agrees to go play golf with Alec, which irks Rebecca. Sutton begins second-guessing Rebecca. Emma talks to Alec about her revelations. He confirms that Ted is her biological father, but doubts that he is a killer. He also tells her to not tell Kristin a thing and that Ted is unaware of her existence. Alec and Kristin also make out, with Rebecca witnessing from afar. Derek's mother tells Theresa that someone has been leaving flowers routinely on Derek's grave. Theresa asks Dan to accompany her on a stakeout at the cemetery to hopefully catch a guilty murderer. Ethan tells Emma that he's tired of being pushed away. This conversation leaves Emma in tears as she starts regretting sleeping with Thayer. Alec confronts Jordan about his allegiance with Rebecca. Rebecca tells Ted that Kristin kissed Alec, as she's still trying to drive him away from his wife. Sutton accuses Rebecca of having to do with Derek's death. Rebecca tells her that Alec was the one that split her and Emma up, which was why Rebecca had a hand in framing Alec, but insists that she didn't kill Derek. Ted confronts Alec about the kiss and Alec reminds him of the huge favor that he did for him seventeen years ago - Rebecca told Alec about her pregnancy and told him to hide it from Ted, but Alec told Ted anyway so that he could adopt his biological daughter, Sutton. An emotional Ted wants to come clean. Kristin and Emma (as Sutton) have a heart-to-heart and Kristin tells her to stop worrying about what others think, as Emma is conflicted between stability and risk. Kristin gives Ted the divorce papers. Thayer and Ethan get into a physical fight over Emma. Mads confronts Jordan again and he says that Rebecca has been blackmailing him, but can't disclose what she had made him do. After hearing Ethan's speech about holding onto love, Laurel lets him know that Emma isn't over him quite yet. Ted kisses Rebecca and wants to reunite, although she is reluctant because she wants them to get back together for the right reasons. Ethan confesses his feelings for Emma and tells her that he knows that she feels the same although she's in denial. Dan makes Theresa promise that she'll put the case on hold until after their wedding, but she becomes obsessed with finding the killer. She heads back to the cemetery alone that night and shockingly runs into a familiar face. Meanwhile, Sutton had called her with information on Alec and Rebecca.


Main CastEdit

Recurring CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Craig Nigh as Officer Harry
  • Matthew Vandever as TBA


  • Ted, Alec, Ethan, and Thayer will all have confrontations with Ted and Alec - Alec kissing Kristin, with Ethan and Thayer - Thayer sleeping with Emma.
  • Ethan confesses that he still has feelings for Emma to her.
  • According to Alec, Ted doesn't know about Emma's existence.

Web clipsEdit

The Lying Game 2x07 Sneak Peek "Regrets Only"01:13

The Lying Game 2x07 Sneak Peek "Regrets Only"

The Lying Game 2x07 Sneak Peek 2 "Regrets Only"00:57

The Lying Game 2x07 Sneak Peek 2 "Regrets Only"

The Lying Game 2x07 Sneak Peek 3 "Regrets Only"01:07

The Lying Game 2x07 Sneak Peek 3 "Regrets Only"



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