Peter Hale, as the The Alpha Werewolf, was the primary antagonist during the first season of Teen Wolf.

His return from the dead was a major highlight of Season 2.


Peter Hale was born a werewolf and was with his extended family when the Hale House was attacked by arsonists.

He was the only known survivor of the fire and was left comatose and badly scarred in a long term care facility in Beacon Hills.

His werewolf nature allowed him to heal completely, albeit slowly, over the intervening years. He then tricked his niece, Laura Hale, into returning to town and killed her so that he could become an Alpha werewolf and seek revenge on those who he blamed for the fire that killed his family.

His single minded efforts to kill the guilty led to his death at the hands of his nephew, Derek Hale

Very intelligent and calculating, Peter had a backup plan. Just before his death he somehow infected Lydia Martin with a portion of his spirit through which he was able to give her instructions on how to fully revive his corpse.

Season 1 Edit

For most of season one, Peter is only seen in his full Alpha form.

He bit Scott McCall in the woods near the Hale House. (read more...)

Peter killed a bus driver at the school. Scott was present but remembers the killing as a dream and believes he is to blame. (read more...)

In Alpha form, Peter chased Kate Argent's car on her first night in town. The attack ultimately led to Derek getting shot with a wolfsbane-laced bullet. Derek and Scott visit Peter in the nursing home (his first official appearance within the narrative of the show). He appears to be badly burned and catatonic. (read more...)

Peter killed a video store clerk and had opportunity to kill Jackson Whittemore but drew back when he sensed wolfsbane in some scratches on the back of Jackson's neck. An image of his Alpha form leaving the store was picked up by Lydia's smart phone and a nearby surveillance camera. (read more...)

The Alpha approached Scott outside the Argent's home and used a claw to draw a spiral pattern in the condensation on the car window. Derek explains that it is a symbol of revenge. He then attacks and appears to kill Derek at the school. (read more...)

With Scott and Stiles trapped inside the school, Peter has his accomplice send a text to trick Allison Argent into joining them. Lydia and Jackson are with her. The Alpha chases them through the school, kills a janitor and then seems to exert some mental control over Scott, forcing him to transform and sending him off to kill his friends. (read more...)

Peter chases down and kills two men in the woods. He is later seen transforming from Alpha to human form but his face is obscured. (read more...)

The Alpha confronts Adrian Harris but is interrupted by Derek. Peter is exposed as the Alpha. He tries to kill Stiles Stilinski but Derek intervenes. He and Derek fight but end up in an uneasy alliance. (read more...)

Peter and Derek try to convince Scott to join them in their revenge on the people who killed their family. He sinks his claws into Scott's neck and shares mental images of the fire at Hale House. Scott refuses. Peter takes Melissa McCall out on a date. He tells Scott that he will bite her if he doesn't join the pack. (read more...)

Peter attempts to take Scott from Dr. Deaton but is stopped by a balustrade made of Mountain Ash. He throws a chair at the wall just to the side of the Vet in frustration. At Macy's, Peter approaches Allison telling her that red is not her color and instead picking out a silver dress that goes better with her fair skin. He then becomes all stalkery and Allison beats a hasty retreat. On the lacrosse field during the formal dance, he attacks and bites Lydia. When Stiles arrives he threatens to kill her unless Stiles helps him find Derek. (read more...)

Peter forces Stiles to help him track down Derek. He's killed his nurse and stuffed her in the trunk of a car. He offers to bite Stiles but is refused. In his final fight, Peter easily bests the hunters and Scott. He manages to kill Kate Argent claiming she was the mastermind behind the fire that killed his family. Stiles and Jackson show up and set him on fire with chemical bombs. Peter collapses badly injured. He reverts back to human form and his nephew slashes his throat killing him.

Season 2 Edit

Peter Hale is seen several times by Lydia Martin as an hallucination.

The first time is in the shower during her stay in the hospital. A badly burned arm shoots out of the drain and grabs her. (read more...)

Lydia sees him in school he stands barefoot in the bathroom and standing in the hallway in front of a trophy case that features a picture of Peter as a young man. She later sees him buried under an ice rink while on a date with Stiles. (read more...)

He continues to appear, mainly in school. In economics class, Lydia sees him at the front of the class writing out an equation in a spiral pattern. (read more...)

We learn that Lydia's stalker is actually Young Peter Hale and also a hallucination when he transforms into the bloody and burned adult version and says Lydia is the key to his plan because she is immune to a werewolf bite. He is then shown to be dead and buried under Hale House. (read more...)

Peter Hale appears to Lydia as a hallucination once again explaining his plan and directing her to lace the punch at her party with wolfsbane, dig up the floorboards over his grave and drag Derek back to Hale House. There Lydia places a semi-conscious Derek in contact with Peter's corpse then directs moonlight with mirrors and brings him back to life. (read more...)

According to Dr. Deaton, Peter is weak and remains in the shadows while he gathers his strength. While he witnesses with events at the Sheriff's Department and sees Gerard kill Matt, he doesn't interfere. (read more...)

Peter meets Derek at Hale House after Erica and Boyd abandon the pack. He tries to explain how he can help Derek against Gerard but the new Alpha is having none of it. They fight. Peter has a more difficult time healing since his resurrection left him weakened. He explains that there may be a way to save Jackson and end Gerard's threat. (read more...)

Derek and Peter try to recruit Scott and Isaac to help them save Jackson and stop Gerard. Once they learn that Jackson was dead but is now cocooned in venom, they figure out that he is transforming into a bigger and badder Kanima. Peter says he wants to save Jackson, but then decides there isn't enough time and conspires with Derek to kill him instead and stop Gerard in the process. After watching the other wolves and the Argents fighting with the Kanima, he leaps in to sink his claws into Jackson's back while he is in human form. Peter reveals to Isaac that the reason Derek has been trying to build his pack so fast is because he knew an Alpha Pack was coming to Beacon Hills. After seeing the Alpha Pack Symbol painted on the Hale House door, he says they're already here. (read more...)

Season 3 Edit

Derek brings in Peter to help retrieve Isaac's lost memories. While he does get some impressions, he is unable to glean where The Alpha Pack is holding Boyd. Peter works out that the whole exercise of finding Boyd is a trap once he realizes the bank vault is lined with Hecatolite and tries to warn Derek to get away. (read more...)

While Derek is searching for Boyd and Cora, Peter shows up and explains that everything is happening according to Deucalion's plan. Peter says Deucalion wants Derek to kill Boyd and Cora as a step toward pushing Derek to join the Alpha Pack. Peter seems indifferent to Boyd and Cora saying Derek could kill them and simply make more werewolves. (read more...)

Peter cautions Derek and the rest of the pack against attacking Deucalion. Peter and Cora search for Derek after his body disappears from the abandoned mall. They witness Kali's reaction to Ennis' death at the Animal Clinic. (read more...)

Peter tells Stiles and Cora his version of the story of how Derek's eyes became blue, lying about the part he played in manipulating the events that led to Young Derek taking an innocent life.(read more...)

Peter, his nephew, Scott and Stiles attempt to get Cora out of the evacuated hospital while members of The Alpha Pack attempt to capture Jennifer Blake - the only person who can heal Cora. Peter injects himself with Epinephrine to help Scott go up against the merged Alpha Twins. (read more..)

Peter advises Derek on a method of saving Cora. He says Derek will lose the spark of power that makes him an Alpha or possibly die. He seems pleased when Derek chooses to go forward with the plan. (read more...)

He advises Derek and Cora to leave town in advance of Kali's attack. Later, at the Nemeton, he kills Jennifer. (read more...)

A few weeks later, he is trapped along with Derek in an unknown location being tortured by an unknown individual. (read more...)

The individuals who torture him and Derek cut off his ring finger while interrogating him. Peter and Derek are later rescued by Braeden (read more...)

Derek sews Peter's severed finger back on. Peter, at Derek's request, stabs Talia's claws underneath his own. He then stabs the claws into Derek's neck to allow him to "ask a question" of his mother. (read more...)

Peter uses Lydia to recover the memory Talia Hale took from him. He is apparently Malia Tate's father. (read more...)

He helps Scott use his Alpha skills to save Stiles from the Nogitsune's influence, and in return, Lydia tells him Malia is his child. (read more...)

Season 4Edit

Scott and Malia go to him for answers as to why Derek is suddenly a teenager. Later he is present in his family's vault when a mysterious figure steals 117 million's worth of bearer bonds. (read more...)

Gallery Edit

Quotes Edit

  • First of all, I'm not a "total psycho " and, by the way, you're the one who slashed my throat wide open but we're all works in progress. Right?” — Peter to Derek in Battlefield
  • Do you know why she was looking for you? I know why. Turn around Adrian. Turn around and I'll show you. Turn around!” — Peter to Adrian in Wolf's Bane.
  • Look at me! Look at what you've done!” — Peter to Adrian in Wolf's Bane.
  • You've already..decided...I can smell it all over you!” — Peter to Derek before he died in Code Breaker.
  • I’m out of commission for a few weeks and suddenly there’s lizard people, geriatric psychopaths and you’re cooking up werewolves out of every self-esteem deprived adolescent in town.” — Peter to Derek in Battlefield
  • Boys, FYI, coming back from the dead has left my abilities somewhat impaired but, the hearing still works.” — Peter to Derek and Isaac in Chaos Rising
  • Alright, boys, let's rumble.” — Peter to Ethan and Aiden in The Overlooked.
  • That's not nice. She's my nurse.” — Peter to Derek in Wolf's Bane.
  • Not as young as we could've been but not as old as you might think.” — Peter to Stiles in Visionary.
  • What about the power to fight back?” — Peter after Derek says he doesn't care about power anymore in Alpha Pact.

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