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Paul Genzlinger


Portrayed by

Justin Long

Appearance Thanksgiving
Nickname(s) Paul, Violin
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown

Winston Bishop


Jessica Day (Ex-Girlfriend)

Jenn (Fiancee)

Occupation Elementary School Teacher

Paul is a coworker of Jess. After his grandmother died, Jess offered for him to spend Thanksgiving with her and her roomates. He is at first unliked by the roommates, most of all Nick. However, after showing them what an amazing person he was, they all accepted him.


Almost being a male version of Jess, Paul usually breaks out in spontaneous singing. He enjoys Air Bud 2, loves dogs, and has a fondness for whistling. He is very kind towards others and likes to cheer people up.


  • Paul works at the same elementary school with Jess, as a teacher.
  • Paul used to spend every Thanksgiving with his grandmother.
  • His grandmother died about a month before Thanksgiving while he was running the Halloween play.
  • He can play the violin.
  • He and his grandmother would watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade together.
  • He likes Air Bud 2, loves dogs, and like to whistle.


  • (To Jess:) "My belly's wanting something, a pie made out of pumpkin, in every gobble gobble way-ay-ay."
  • (To Winston:) "It's like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Bet you're the bear who's bed is just right. Hmm."
  • (To Jess:) "When I was on that elevator ride from hell, the coroners told me to stop crying like a girl. I told them that was sexist."

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