Detective Patty Spivot is a police detective of the Central City Police Department, former beat cop and a member of Joe West's anti-meta-human task force.


Patty graduated from Hudson University with a triple major in biology, chemistry and physics. Years later, after Mark Mardon shot Patty's father in the face in cold blood for a few hundred dollars, she sought just revenge on the Mardon brothers.[1]

Working as part of the anti-meta-human task forceEdit

Discovering that Detective Joe West has an anti-meta-human task force, Captain Singh suggested she inquire about a position on it. However, he refused her a position. Patty later showed up at the site of an arson at the waterfront, where she introduced herself to Barry Allen, as well as gave him evidence she'd found. Despite her help, Joe still refused her being on the task force. She again tried to help him, by stopping Eddie Slick, who he'd been chasing after. They took him to the precinct, where Patty and Barry talked, the latter promising to put in a good word for the former. They were forced to let Slick go, however, and she attempted to interrogate Joe, before they were interrupted by Slick, who had returned and used his meta-human powers to take Patty. He took her to an abandoned Woodrue warehouse, where he tied her to a chair and placed a concussive bomb under her seat. When the two Flashes came to get her, Barry was able to pull her from the seat, but not without getting caught in the shockwave. Once she'd come to, she called for The Flash, with both running towards her. She returned to work not long after being saved and approached Joe once more. She finally confessed the story of her father's murder, explaining that she saw murderers getting powers as unfair, and thus wanted to join the task force. He promptly had her promoted to police detective, before allowing her to join.[1]


The FlashEdit

Season 2Edit


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