(To John Constantine)"Name it and claim it."

Papa Midnite is a voodoo priest and an enemy of John Constantine. Midnite also reluctantly works for Manny.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Voodoo: Papa Midnite is very skilled in the art of voodoo.
    • Necromancy: Through his use of voodoo, Papa Midnite was able to allow the spirits of the dead to enter his body so they could communicate with their loved ones. He is also able to communicate with his dead sister through her skull that he keeps. 


  • Occult knowledge: Papa Midnite has extensive knowledge of the supernatural.
  • Firearms: Papa Midnite has shown skill with his shotgun, claiming it never misses it's target.


  • Ace of Winchester: Midnite's favorite and primary firearm and claims it never misses it's target, though it's unknown how he came across the Ace.



Season 1Edit

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