TVD704 Nora Mary Louise
Nora and Mary Louise
General Information

Nora-Louise Mary-Nora

Intimacy Levels

Lovers; Have been together for decades

First Met

Before 1903

Started Dating

Before 1903
Before Season 7 (officially)


Girlfriends, Lovers

I'm sure you're beautiful, my love.

The relationship between fellow Heretic members, Nora and Mary Louise, have made there feelings for each other clear from the beginning.

Throughout The Vampire DiariesEdit


Season SevenEdit

They have been seen to be torturing together and get off on it there madly in love


Season SevenEdit

Nora to Mary Louise: I feel sillyMary Louise to Nora: I'm sure you're beautiful my love.

Nora to Mary Louise: Nobody wears this anymore!

Mary Louise to Nora: You wore that dress to Queen Victoria's funeral! It's stunning!

- Never Let Me Go




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