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Nogitsune 野狐 Teen Wolf Myth

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article only concerns the Nogitsune character seen in Season 3 of Teen Wolf. It is not designed to be comprehensive coverage of the Japanese myth or the real world concept of the Nogitsune.

The Nogitsune comes out of the Nemeton in Beacon Hills due to the events of Season 3(a). The Darach's actions and the surrogate sacrifice performed by Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, and Allison Argent frees the spirit from the stump where it had been buried since 1943.

Using the doorway that the sacrifice left open in Stiles' mind, the Nogitsune possesses him.

History Edit

The Nogitsune was first summoned by Noshiko Yukimura in 1943 in an attempt to gain her revenge on the soldiers at the Oak Creek Internment Camp during WWII.

Instead of inhabiting her, as she had prayed, it inhabited the bandage wrapped dead body of her lover, Corporal Rhys.

He proceeds to kill everyone at the prison camp and Eichen House, the hospital where Rhys died.

He is finally killed by Noshiko and a female werewolf in the tunnels beneath the camp.

Upon his "death" a fly flew out of his mouth and was captured by Noshiko. she later placed it in a jar and buried it beneath the Nemeton.

Riddles Edit

The Nogitsune is overly fond of riddles. Riddling at Stiles throughout his attempts to possess his body.

This seems to stem from the fact that one of the first soldiers he killed in 1943 was also fond of riddles and had been spouting a steady stream of them just before the Nogitsune killed him.

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