"Music Faced"
Episode Guide

"Team Rebounded"


"Honeymoon Interrupted"


In a crossover episode with One Tree Hill, Lux meets Haley at a music concert and the two learn that they share similiar pasts. Lux learns that Jones is dating Tasha, and when she catches the two of them kissing, she gets jealous. Baze takes Emma to the concert. Cate and Ryan try to have a child, but secretly Cate's been taking pills to keep this from happening out of fear from being a bad mother, like her mother. Ryan finds out and the two fight, then Cate ends up having a blow out with her mother after she loses Lux while in her care. Cate comforts Lux after she has an argument with Tasha about Jones.


  • It's learned that Laverne was 18 when she had Cate, thus, making her twenty when she had Abby. It's also revealed that she did not want Cate.


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