Mr. Honest
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date April 12, 2011 (CAN)
October 4, 2011 {USA)
Written by Ken Cuperus
Directed by Adam Weissman
Episode guide
"Mr. DNA"
"Mr. Ballerina"
"Mr. Honest" is the seventh episode of Mr. Young overall, as well as the seventh episode of the first season.


A botched volcano experiment in Adam's lab creates a gas that makes everyone tell the truth. When Mr. Tater finds out, he places Adam, Echo, Derby, Slab, and Ivy under quarantine. Derby makes Slab cry and then tries to apologize, but he keeps saying the wrong things. Adam tries to prevent any form of communication between him and Echo because he's afraid that if he talks to her, he will tell her how he feels about her. Ivy tries to get out of the school to get to the mall, but Dang keeps stopping her.


Memorable QuotesEdit




Mr. Young - S01E07 - Mr22:42

Mr. Young - S01E07 - Mr. Honest

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