The Flash uses his super speed

Barry Allen, a notable meta-human, uses his super speed as the superhero known as The Flash.

A meta-human is an individual who acquired superhuman abilities through a certain means. Most obtained their powers after surviving an explosion caused by a malfunction of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator on December 11, 2013. They were exposed to particles and dark matter that altered their genetic structure, or even atomic structure, giving them a variety of abilities. These abilities seem to often relate to what energy or matter they were directly in contact with at the time of exposure.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

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Having been enhanced by the particle accelerator's explosion, meta-humans' distinguishing feature is their superhuman powers. This may range from time distortion to elemental manipulation. Additionally, a meta-human's powers are seemingly influenced by something else they directly encountered while being exposed to the particle accelerator, such as being struck by lightning that contained dark matter (giving electricity-powered super speed), or being submerged in liquid metal while the particle storm hit (giving the power to transform in to solid metal).

Due to their altered physiology certain meta-human powers affect meta-humans differently than normal humans. Barry remained infected by Bivolo when the effects only lasted 5 minutes in a normal person.

The emotional state of a meta-human also has an influence on their powers; reacting and strengthening when the meta-human is in a state of emotional stress.

Known meta-humansEdit



  • The term "meta-human" essentially refers to a powered human, hence the suffix. However, ironically, Grodd is one such meta-human that is not in fact human that still displays meta-human abilities.