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Markos is an ancient powerful warlock who is the current leader of The Travellers. He makes his first appearance in the seventeenth episode of the fifth season and serves as the main antagonist from then onwards, taking Katherine Pierce's spot as the current main antagonist of the season.


Season 5Edit

In While You Were Sleeping, while Markos does not physically appear he is briefly mentioned. His agenda is briefly stated, relating with Stefan and Elena's status as doppelgangers.

In Rescue Me, the Travellers who ingest Stefan and Elena's doppelganger blood spontaneiously combust while chanting a resurrection spell for Markos. These deceased Travellers then concurrently pass through Bonnie, who then collapses unconscious on the floor of the Whitmore library. Markos then rises from her, reborn, and walks away.

Markos will be formally introduced in Resident Evil.


Markos is described as a dark but charismatic leader from a faraway land. He is a stoic and intimidating force of nature. He is a leader type who has a "take no prisoners" kind of attitude, without much of a sense of humor about it.

Physical AppearanceEdit


  • Markos is a variant of Marco (Latin), Marcus (Latin) and Mark (Latin). The meaning is "dedicated to Mars".
  • Markos (Μαρκος) is the ancient Greek version of the name Marcus (latin), it is also a Greek Biblical name.
  • Markos is the Spanish/Portuguese version of the name Marcus.



  • Markos will apparently have plans for Stefan and Elena as they are both doppelgängers.
  • Markos is going to be the main villain of Season 5. He’s this really stoic, intimidating force of nature and definitely the leader type. What he wants is in direct conflict with what our characters what and what would make our characters happy. And so he has a “take no prisoners” sort of attitude without much of a sense of humor about it. Everyone will have their work cut out for them when he makes his debut.[1]
  • The synopsis for Rescue Me confirms that Markos is the leader of The Travellers, also confirming he is a witch. This makes him the primary antagonist of the fifth season as a whole, not just the final arc.
  • According to the Paleyfest promo, he is the reason Stefan and Elena are being drawn together. Elena describes him as "a dead old guy with a secret evil plan".
  • He's been leading The Travellers from the Other Side.



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