Mari Jiwe McCabe,[1] nicknamed Vixen by Cisco Ramon,[2] is an amateur fashion designer and the possessor of the Anansi Totem. She is the foster daughter of Chuck and Patty.


Early lifeEdit

After a local warlord attacked Zambesi Village, Mari's mother took Mari to safety, along with the Anansi totem.[3]

When she was only a baby, Mari was abandoned by her parents. She was eventually put in to a foster home. At 10 years old, her foster mother, Patty, gave her a necklace from her parents.[4]

Return to DetroitEdit

Mari left Detroit in search for her parents, but, finding nothing, returned to the city. Looking for work in fashion design, Mari went for a job interview, but the man claimed that her work lacked identity. Instead, he offered her a job in return for giving him "a job". In turn, she stabbed him in the hand with a pen. Due to this, she was thrown in jail. Hearing of this, her foster father Chuck posted her bail, before she collected her things and they went for a bite to eat. After that, they caught up while walking along a street. However, they were quickly jumped by some thugs, the ringleader of whom wanted her necklace.[5]

Out of nowhere, Mari touched her necklace, harnessing great strength. She was able to knock all of them out, before heading back to Chuck's house for coffee. Later that day, she went to inquire with a university professor, Dr Macalester, who told her what she already knew about her necklace. Before she could leave, he further explained the belief system behind the Anansi Totem, that one could harness the life force of animals and use their power. Following this, she left.[4]

Mari told Chuck that she believed that her necklace was magical. When Chuck told Mari the concept was crazy, Mari tapped into her totem and lifted the table with one hand. Later, Mari walked up on Chuck's house, though Chuck still refused to believe. As Mari was about to jump from Chuck's roof, she stopped at the last minute. Back in Chuck's house, Mari told Chuck of her belief that her necklace could be the key to learning who she was. Mari then had a visit from The Arrow and The Flash. Unsure what to do, Mari tapped into her necklace and ran off, with the two in pursuit.[2]

Mari managed to evade The Arrow and The Flash. However, after The Arrow shot a net trick arrow at her, she fell off of a building, plummeting towards the ground, however, she managed to tap into her totem to gain the ability to fly. Mari flew off, telling the two she refused to go back to jail. Mari was told that they just needed to talk and Mari flew toward the two. The two vigilantes spoke of her as a meta-human, though she claimed she wasn't in Central City at the time of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion. Oliver had Felicity check if she was lying and the latter told the former that Mari used a credit card at a Big Belly Burger in Detroit that night. Mari told the two that if they came to her step-father's house again, she would show them what it would be like to be disemboweled by a lion.[6]

Mari went back to Dr. Macalester and asked to learn more about the totem. When Macalester asked her why she thought he could help, Mari tapped into the totem to camouflage, proving the totem is indeed magical. Macalester apologized as Kuasa arrived with two men, threatening Mari to handover the totem.[6] Mari tried to hand the totem over, however, she was unable to due to the necklace being bound to her. Having no choice, Kuasa told her men to kill her and Mari tried to escape, though she was shot at.[3]

Mari was brought to her home village where she learned Kuasa is her older sister. She learned about what happened while she was a baby. When Kuasa said it was still her obligation to protect the village, Mari told her there was nothing to protect. Mari was told by Kuasa the totem came to life because it sensed her, thought ended up being bound to the former. Mari tried to get away but was quickly stopped by Kuasa's guards. Mari was bit by Anansi in the form of a spider, though the totem activated and gave Mari the power of a rhino. Mari managed to knock Kuasa's guards away and ran off, before passing out. Kuasa then caught up to Mari and took the necklace.[3]

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Anansi Totem: All of Mari's powers come from her necklace, which allow her to harness the life force of animals, in essence harnessing their abilities.

  • Superhuman speed: By tapping into mystical powers in her necklace, Mari becomes incredibly fast, so much so that even The Flash had a hard time catching her.[5]
  • Superhuman strength: By tapping into mystical powers in her necklace, Mari becomes incredibly strong, being able to tip over whole water towers and crumble one of the Arrow's arrows in her hand.[5][4]
  • Superhuman agility: By tapping into mystical powers in her necklace, Mari became incredibly agile, able to leap great distances, and preform incredible acrobatic feats.
  • Camouflage: By tapping into mystical powers in her necklace, Mari can become invisible, being able to blend herself in with her surroundings.[5]
  • Wall climbing: By tapping into mystical powers in her necklace, Mari can gain the wall crawling abilities of a spider, defying gravity.
  • Flight: By tapping into mystical powers in her necklace, Mari gains the ability to fly.[6]




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