Lux Cassidy
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Season 2
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16 18(finale)
Family members
Cate Cassidy (mother)
Abby Cassidy (aunt)
Grant Cassidy (maternal grandfather)
Laverne Cassidy (maternal grandmother)
Nate Bazile (father)
Mr. Bazile (paternal grandfather)
Ellen Bazile (paternal grandmother)
Jones (boyfriend)
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Lux Cassidy is the daughter of Cate Cassidy and Nate 'Baze' Bazile. She was given up for adoption and found her birth parents whilst applying for emancipation. Though she orignially didn't want to be put back into their care she has adapted and in the end thrilled.

Before the ShowEdit

Lux was born in January 1994 (which might be a discrepency considering the date of Cate's Winter Formal where Lux was conceived in Baze's van). After she was born, Cate put her up for adoption, unaware of the fact she had a heart condition (atrial septal defect, a hole in the heart). This means that she had to go through a lot of expensive surgeries in her childhood, making her seemingly unadoptable because "the hospital bed isn't really a great selling point." Because of this she was bounced around foster homes her whole life, and many times the family was just looking for a paycheck from the foster care system. One of her only comforts was a talk show on the radio hosted by Cate Cassidy; she took comfort in listening even though she had no idea of her relationship with Cate.

When Lux was 12 she put into the care of Valerie, whose husband, Trey mistreated and intimidated Lux into at first kissing her, then wanting more from Lux by means of threatening her if she didn't comply then he would take Lux away from Valerie. Lux did not say anything to Valerie since she wanted to be with her, until one day Lux had enough and hit Try with a lampshade. He then pushed Lux down the stairs when she tried to run away, which caused Lux to have a stroke (due to her previous heart condition). Lux developed learning difficulites from this, along with insecuries and fears from her ordeal which she kept secret until Tasha's trial against the man for assault. Lux told Valerie the truth, only to find that Valerie didn't believe her and she was shipped back to Sunnyvale.

It is shown in a flashback that Lux still believed Cate would come back for her and when she was told it seemed unlikely, as 15 years had gone, she and Tasha formed a plan to get emancipated and live with their boyfriend's Gavin and Bug.

Season 1Edit

At the beginning of the series premiere it is just before her 16th birthday, and she is trying to get her emancipation paperwork together so she can get out of the foster placement system. She hunts down her birth father (Baze) to get release forms signed, and she is shocked when he tells her that her birth mother is Cate Cassidy, the host of the radio show she loves so much. When the two show up at Lux's court hearing, and when the judge explains to Lux that no one would rent a jobless 16 year old an apartment, both birth parents jump up offering to co-sign for her. The judge then explains further that the release signatures were not notarized, therefore making them invalid, and instead (much to the surprise of the recently reunited trio) decides to grant Baze and Cate joint custody.

After being released into Cate's care Lux spend 3 days sleeping on the sofa and though is thrilled to be back with her birth parents she gains doubts after her friends, Tasha and Gavin, and boyfriend, Bug, state it won't be long until she is chucked out again. However these fears are pushed aside when her parents meet her friends and allow to be with them.

{C In the season finale, Lux reassures Cate that Ryan will not quit on her like Baze has only to discover just when Cate marries Ryan that Baze

Season 2Edit

{C In "Stand Taken" the truth about Lux's past comes out. Lux thanks Valerie for not doing anything as it lead to her finding her real mom.


Two years after the season finale, Lux has graduated from Westmonte with Tasha, having done exceeding well, despite her set backs, and going off to college. She is currently dating Jones, and has now finally started calling Baze and Cate "Mom and Dad". She is still close to Ryan, though they are no longer related.

Family RelationshipsEdit

  • Cate: At first, Lux has a difficult relationship with Cate, blaming her for her hard past. But as the series progresses she starts to turn to her more so as a mother, especially when she is hurt by certain situations.
  • Baze: Lux tends to favor Baze over Cate, mostly because she blames her mom more for growing up in foster care. She tends to form a very close relationship with Baze, seeing him as more of a friend than a father, and the two are able to talk about many things. Baze is shown to be quite protective of her.
  • Jack: When it comes down Baze's father, Lux is shown to have a low opinion of him upon meeting him for the first time. She implies this when she tells him that Baze is twice the dad he is upon their first meeting. However, this tends to change as the series progresses. While referring to Baze and Cate by their names, she calls him "gramps", which can be an indication of respect for who he is. Jack himself softens up around Lux, and seems to be as protective of her as his son, shown in Stand Taken when he attacks her former foster dad before Baze after hearing he raped his granddaughter.
  • Laverne: Lux does not seem to interact with Cate's mom as much. Unlike Baze's dad, she calls Laverne by her first name when referring to her.

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