"Lie With Me"
Lie With Me 4
Season 1
Episode 2
Air Date January 21, 2013
Directed By Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Written By Amy B. Harris
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""Read Before Use""

"Lie With Me" is the second episode of season one and the second episode of The Carrie Diaries overall.


LYING AND CONSEQUENCES — New couple Carrie (AnnaSophia Robb) and Sebastian (Austin Butler) can’t seem to catch a break. Between being grounded and rival Donna’s (Chloe Bridges) sneaky attempts to break them apart, Carrie worries Sebastian will lose interest in her. Desperate for some alone time with him, Carrie must lie to her father (Matt Letscher) and bail on plans with her sister Dorrit (Stefania Owen). Maggie’s (Katie Findlay) obsession with having sex drives a wedge between her and Walt (Brenden Dooling.) Meanwhile, Larissa (Freema Agyman) wants to do a photo shoot with Carrie’s purse for Interview magazine, forcing Carrie to scramble to make it work.


They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. That looking into someone's eyes is to know the truth.


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Last.fm_play.png "She Turns to Flowers" – The Salvation Army
Last.fm_play.png "Our House" – Madness
Last.fm_play.png "Love Boat Theme" – Jack Jones
Last.fm_play.png "Girls On Film" – Duran Duran
Last.fm_play.png "Dancing With Myself" – Billy Idol
Last.fm_play.png "Blister In the Sun" – Violent Femmes
Last.fm_play.png "And She Was" – Talking Heads


Larissa: Sometimes you have to fake it to make it. After all what's fake becomes true.

Carrie: Maybe Larissa was right, even the impossible can become possible.

Walt: Maybe it is that simple, believing in it.

Dorrit: I am going to kill you.

Carrie: So you wanna meet or not?
Sebastian: Of course.
Carrie: Don't be late.

Carrie: They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. That looking into someone's eyes is to know the truth.

Maggie: We've been together for two years, why won't you have sex with me?

The Mouse: I just saw Sebastian and Donna, together.

Carrie: You're telling me I can't date? Because that's gonna be a problem.

Larissa: I don't just thrive in chaos, I love it.

Maggie: Hello this is like high school, time moves like dog years in reverse.

Carrie: I get it, you wanna escape.
Sebastian: But not when I'm with you.

Sebastian: Somehow trouble always seems to find me.

Larissa: In 2 weeks time, 2 emaciated models will be fighting over your bag like their life depends on it.




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