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iCarly is an American teen sitcom that ran on Nickelodeon from September 8, 2007 until November 23, 2012.



Season 1:Edit

Season 2:Edit

Season 3:Edit

Season 4:Edit

Season 5: 2012Edit

Series # Season # Title Original air date Prod. code
85 1 "iApril Fools" March 24th, 2012 503
Carly and Spencer face eviction on April Fools' day and remember their past experiences with a crazy twist.

Viewers: 3.408 million viewers.

86 2 "iGo One Direction" April 7th, 2012 501
One Direction has accepted an invitation to perform on iCarly. Band member Harry becomes sick and Carly dotes over him. Realizing Harry is playing sick for the attention, they hatch a plan to get him back in the group by telling him Gibby has become their newest band member. Meanwhile, Spencer becomes a personal trainer and gives a bratty girl a makeover.Guest Star: One Direction as themselves.

Viewers: 3.94 million viewers.

87 3 "iOpen a Restaurant" April 21st, 2012 502
Sam and Gibby open a secret restaurant in the school's basement. Spencer builds a security robot which develops a glitch.

Viewers: 2.828 million viewers.

88 4 "iHalfoween" April 28th, 2012 505
The iCarly gang celebrate "Halfoween" because they think Halloween is so great that it should come twice a year, but Nevel pulls a prank on Carly and her friends.

Viewers: 2.932 million viewers.

89 5 "iPear Store" May 12th, 2012 504
Sam becomes Freddie's coworker and ruins his enjoyment of the job. Elsewhere, Carly struggles to score a date with a clueless guy, and Spencer does volunteer work at a fire station.

Viewers: 2.75 million viewers.

90 6 "iBattle Chip" June 9th, 2012 506
Spencer encounters Chuck's little brother and discovers he's a bigger terror than Chuck. Elsewhere, Freddie repairs Gibby's phaser, making the toy more dangerous than he intended.

Viewers: 2.362 million viewers.

91 7 "iShock America" October 6th 2012 510-511
iCarly dedicates a show to Jimmy Fallon and get invited on his show in return.

Guest stars: Jimmy Fallon as himself, Tina Fey as herself, Rachel Dratch as herself, Higgins as himself, Questlove as himself, The Roots as themselves.

Viewers: 3.612 million viewers.

92 8 "iGet Banned" October 13, 2012 507
Freddie and Gibby join a band but soon discover the perks and drawbacks after they try to impress two girls. When Carly bans T-Bo from the loft, she gets banned from the Groovy Smoothie.

Viewers: 3.627 million viewers.

93 9 "iFind Spencer Friends" October 20, 2012 512
Carly and the gang try to find Spencer friends his own age, and along the way, they cross paths with a high-energy iCarly uberfan portrayed by Emma Stone. Also, Gibby starts working at a restaurant boys wash room after earning money from helping a man.

Viewers: 3.338 million viewers.

94 10 "iRescue Carly" October 27, 2012 509
Sam warns everyone to stay away from her friend; Spencer finds a pair of night vision goggles.

Viewers: 3.330 million viewers.

95 11 "iLost My Head in Vegas" November 3, 2012 508
Sam learns that her mother is held in a Las Vegas Jail, so Carly and the gang embark on a road trip to Sin City, where they pawn some of their prized possessions for bail money at a shop run by the three guys.

Viewers: 3.527 million viewers.

96 12 "iBust a Thief" November 10, 2012 513
The gang tries to track down a thief when Sam's laptop is stolen; Spencer can only visit his favorite arcade if he is accompanied by a child, so he babysits Guppy.

Viewers: 3.374 million viewers.

97 13 "iGoodbye" November 23, 2012 514-515
Carly wants her dad to escort her in an important dance. Sam helps Spencer fix a motorcycle; Freddie gets a new phone.

Note: This was the final episode of iCarly.

Viewers: 6.43 million viewers.

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