"Great Power"
Season 1
Episode 101
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"Great Responsibility"

Great Power is the 1st episode of the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man. It aired on April 1, 2012.


J. Jonah Jameson talks about the negatives of Spider-Man on a tv-screen as Spider-man gets irritated about him, he shoots his web at the screen and slings away. As Spider-Man slings through the city talking about himself and need to get a cake for uncle's one year memorial. Spider-Man then saves a car that is going to crash into a building capturing it with his web. Spider-Man inspects the car with money and The Trapster comes out of the car, Trapster gets his paste gun and shoots at Spider-Man, he dodges the shot and punches him. Trapster then throws two paste bombs, Spider-Man kicks them away, but one gets too close to him and jumps away. As the bomb explodes glue comes out of it and glues Spider-Man on a building. Spider-Man struggles to get free from it, Trapster aims at him but Spider-Man shoots a web on the opening as the Trapster shoots, the gun explodes and gets himself glued.

Spider-Man wonders why his spider sense isn't working while the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier flies above him and Nick Fury appears behind Spider-man. Fury points to the collateral damage that Spider-Man caused with the fight against the Trapster. Fury tells him that Captain America could have done a better job and that he shouldn't be clumsy like Iron Man first started but eventually learned. Fury proposes to Spider-Man that he can teach him that. Spider-Man isn't interested and tries to leave as Fury reveals his indentity. Spider-Man tells his backstory that he had normal life, but changed when he got bitten by a radio-active spider and got new powers and the night when his uncle Ben died and decided to be mopre resposible with Fury telling Ben's quote "With great power, comes with great responsiblity". Fury offers him to make him the ultimate Spider-Man, the latter wondering how ultimate is it. As example when the Trapster is running away, Fury takes out his gun and shoots above him as the bullet hits a pole and falls down on Trapster's head and tells him that ultimate. Fury gives him a new web shooter, Spider-Man chides about it, but still keeps it. Fury tells him that under his training that he can become like Captain America and Iron Man. Spider-Man rejects the offer and leaves the scene.

Octavius monitors Spider-Man and Norman Osborn is watching it, he tells him that Spider-Man's abilities would make up for a great army soldier to sell and that he doesn't like that Fury wants to train him. Octavius then is going to contact their "allies".

At school Mary Jane approaches Peter and tells about their relationship as friends. Jane shows the report from JJJ which makes Peter annoyed. Mary Jane tells Peter that she wants to work as a journalist for him. Harry approaches them and peter remembers his first meeting with him and his father. Flash appears and puts Peter in a locker. Stan opens the locker and lets him out, as he tells his story Peter runs away. At At the cafetaria Peter's spider sense tingles and rescues Harry and Mary Jane from wall that is being torn apart. Klaw, Wizard and Thundra appears and threats that they will destroy the school if Spider-Man doesn't appear as they know he attends Midtown High by the help of the Trapster. Peter distracts the villains and notice a tracer under his armpit that the Trapster placed hours before. He changes into Spider-Man and Wizard informs Octavius that they found him. Spider-Man gets into a hard fight against the three, while in the battle Harry gets injured by the Klaw. As he gets thrown out from the cafeteria Flash approaches Spider-Man and he tells him that he should hide in the locker and needs to wait for his signal. They come in the hallway while Spider-man hides in the ventilation shaft and as they hear the police they run away. Peter runs back to the cafeteria where Harry's hurt on the floor, Peter feels responsible about this and Norman takes Harry to the hospital, Peter walks through the hallway where the Flash is still waiting for Spider-Man.

JJ informs the people about the vigilante Spider-man, as Peter comes to home he greets his aunt. Aunt May is glad that he was okay, but Peter is worrying about Harry, he thinks back when he visited Harry in the hospital. Norman asks Peter if Spider-Man goes to the same school, which Peter made a joke about and awkwardly denies it. Aunt May reminds Peter of the cake, but he forgot and saddens about his uncle's death.

Peter then thinks through to become more responsible and decides that he wants to go work for S.H.I.E.L.D. Spider-Man gets out and tries to reach the Helicarrier, he replaces his web shooter with the new one he received earlier and reaches the aircraft, he gets ambushed by automatic guns that appears as he tries to dodge them, Fury then shuts them off. Spider-Man takes his mask and off and tells that he is ready for duty. Fury warns him that it's going to be tough, which lets Peter break the fourth wall and says to be continued.

Cast and CrewEdit


Voice Actor Role(s)
Drake Bell Spider-Man
Misty Lee Aunt May
Tom Kenny Doctor Octopus
Matt Lanter Harry Osborn
Flash Thompson
Stan Lee Stan
Chi McBride Nick Fury
J.K. Simmons J. Jonah Jameson
Tara Strong Mary Jane Watson
Steven Weber

Norman Osborn

Non-speaking role(s)
Captain America
Iron Man


Marvel referencesEdit

  • When Peter Parker talks to the mirror imagining Spider-Man, Spider-Man tells hims to choose between amazing or ultimate. Which is a reference to the comics of "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Ultimate Spider-Man".
  • While discussing with Peter Parker that he should stand up for himself, Stan the Janitor recalled the time where he had an argument with Irving Forbush when he accused Stan of treating him like a doormat. In the comics, Irving Forbush was an imaginary low-grade colleague of Stan Lee who was often the butt of Lee's jokes.
  • During a cutaway involving Iron Man, Tony Stark's failed attempt at testing out the prototype Iron Man armor is a shot-for-shot retake of the scene from the 2008 Iron Man film.
  • Elements are taken from the Ultimate Spider-Man comics, such as Peter Parker's physical appearance, Norman Osborn's plan for replicating Spider-Man's DNA for his own evil needs, a younger Aunt May that is strong and independent despite her age, and Peter and Mary Jane having a childhood friendship.
  • The pose Spider-Man makes when he strikes Trapster is right out of a panel in Ultimate Spider-Man #122 where Spider-Man delivers a finishing blow to Herman Schultz.


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