Grace-Maya Friendship
General Information
Nickname Graya, Mace
Intimacy Level Friends
Friendship Started Better Man (1318)
Friendship Status Friends
The friendship between Grace and Maya Matlin formed, during their sophomore year of high school, in Season 13 of Degrassi.

Friendship HistoryEdit


The two originally met through Miles Hollingsworth III when he paid Grace to help Maya find out who created the hate page that was made for her. During their time together in the Remedial Room, they became friends after Maya stood up to Grace and her friends about their attitude to being put in there and that they deserved better treatment than being viewed as criminals. 

Season 13Edit

In Barely Breathing, Miles takes Maya to Grace and pays her for the information about who made the hate page for Maya, which turned out to be Zoe Rivas.

In The World I Know, when Maya stares at her in shock after she nearly stabbed a boy in the crotch, Grace demands to her, "What are you looking at, blondie?" Maya then nervously takes her seat. When Maya asks to interview herself, Grace calls her "Princess" and walks off. In Zig and Maya's presentation, Grace laughs at Zig's impersonation of Maya.

In Better Man, Grace tells Maya to pretend like she doesn't care, and tells her that she thought that Maya wanted out of the room because she thinks she's better than them. Maya says she does not, and to prove her point, joins the game of Smackball. Maya asks Grace to help her make friends, even offering her to pay her, but Grace refuses to help her. Grace eventually emails Maya a list of things to do if she wants to fit in, and Maya has Tristan give her a makeover. Grace compliments Maya on her new look, which causes Maya to smile. Maya insults the teacher during class, and Grace asks her to hang out later, though Maya would have to blow off class.

Maya skips class to hang with her, Zig, and Tiny on the picnic bench in front of the school. When she approaches them, Zig asks what she is doing there, and Grace says that she invited her. They make her hold onto a gun, and Grace yells at her to hide it when Maya holds it in plain sight. They have her shoot at a fish tank in a classroom, but when Maya pulls the trigger, the gun turns out to be a toy. Maya is shocked that she wanted to fit in with them at all, and leaves, saying that they all deserve better. They are all silent as she walks out. 

Later, Grace is impressed that Maya stood up to them, so she invites her to hang out with them. When Maya brings up how Zig still doesn't like her, Grace tells that she doesn't what Zig as a friend, warning her against befriending him again. When Maya casually asks if being friends means she gets to have her money back, Grace retorts, "No refunds". 


  • Grace's first line was spoken to Maya.
  • Grace helped Maya to find the identity of Maya's hate page, who happened to be Zoe Rivas.
  • Grace seems to be on good terms with Maya's boyfriend Miles.
  • When Maya brought up Zig, Grace warned her against becoming close to him, saying she doesn't want the new Zig to be her friend. 


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