Gillian Loeb is the former commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department.


Gordon investigates a conspiracy involving the Commissioner which also resulted in the release of Detective Arnold Flass from prison after Gordon arrested him in [1]. As Gordon and DA Harvey Dent find something to expose his corupptness they find that he is robbing money from a chinese dealer they are later chased by them until Harvey Bullock rescues them. Later on Bullock and Gordon find out he works for Carmine Falcone and that his daughter Miriam killed her mother and he helped her cover it up and kept her locked in an attic. Gordon later uses this as leverage as he confronts Loeb in his office who offers to resign but Gordon tells him to stay and in order to keep Miriam safe he will give Gordon the President of Police Union to him instead of Flass, Flass will be put on trial, and he gets Harvey Bullock's incriminating files, who was blackmailed to release Flass, instead of everyone's as Loeb considers himself a dead man.[2]

Setting Gordon upEdit

As revenge against Gordon he assigns him the Ogre case in which he kills all of the loved ones of the cops that are on to him. Once he finds out his betrayal he confronts him infront of everybody he vows that once he put the Ogre behind bars he will come after him.[3]

During the shooting war between the crime families Loeb switches his loyalty to Maroni. When he finds Gordon defending Falcone, Loeb orders him to leave but Gordon vows to put the commissioner behind bars or kill him. Loeb leaves his men to kill the detective though they fail.[4]


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


  • The character was created by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli and first appeared in Batman #404 (February 1987).


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