"Food Fight" is the seventh episode in Season 2 of I Didn't Do It. It will air on April 8th.[1]


Lindy is excited about her new gig as the school's food critic until she dines at a family restaurant and the food is terrible. Meanwhile, Jasmine gets a babysitting job and winds up competing with her nine-year-old charge.[1]


Main castEdit


Guest castEdit

  • Zoe Pessin as Aubrey
  • Skyler Seymour as Barrett
  • Tanner Stine as Hogan
  • Paul Rogan as Mr. Jenkins




  • A parody of Garrett and Logan, Barrett and Hogan, will be in the episode.
  • This episode will air on a Wednesday, instead of Sunday.
  • This episode is part of Disney's "April Fuel" weekend.
  • This episode will air at a special time, 7:00.
  • This the first episode in Season 2 that Betty LeBow does not appear in, although she is briefly mentioned by Garrett in the beginning of the episode for ordering too many bananas.
  • Erin is used as part of the subplot of Garrett and Logan, showing that she will, indeed, be a recurring character in the series, whether she appears or is only mentioned.
  • 1.1 million viewers watched the show. This is the lowest episode of Season 2 and all of Disney Channel.



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