"Final Curtain"
Season 2
Episode 13
Episode Guide

"Opening Night"



Final Curtain is the 26th episode of The Spectacular Spiderman.


When Spider-Man defeats another Goblin squad, he wonders where the Green Goblin could really be. When Peter reaches home, Gwen calls him, telling him that she needs Peter's help. Peter arrives at Gwen's home and finds Harry. Harry has told them the whole story: why he has been missing the past few days, and that he isn't the Goblin. Peter Parker as Spider-Man reaches the Oscorp tower, and fights the Green Goblin, who he once thought was Norman Osborn. When Peter breaks up with Liz Allan, he returns to Oscorp to get the address of Donald Menkin. The Goblin shows up, but when Spider-Man unmasks him, he turns out to be Norman Osborn. Chameleon has been working with him all along. After the battle, Norman is thought to be dead until he shows up somewhere in an airport.


The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2 Episode 13-Final Curtain HQ22:11

The Spectacular Spider-Man Season 2 Episode 13-Final Curtain HQ

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