Letting me go would be a major error for this company.” — Felicity to Walter Steele Felicity Smoak is an employee of Queen Consolidated.


Felicity works in the IT Department of the company. She has proven herself to be a valuable asset, helping Walter trace the 2.6 million withdrawal made by Moira to a dummy account and helping Oliver retrieve information off Floyd Lawton's computer.

Walter asks her to look into Moria's "blank" book he found. Felicity borrows special lenses from Applied Scienes of the company and discovers what the book features inside, The List. She also later discovers that Douglas Miller might be next, in which Walter later questioned him about it. Felicity helps Oliver track down the copycat's arrow. After Oliver's attack, Felicity calls Walter to ask how Oliver is doing.

Unable to crack Ted Gaynor's drive, Oliver gives it to Felicity, saying that it's a scavenger hunt with a case of high-class wine at the end, and asks her to crack it for him in exchange for a bottle. Felicity cracks the drive, and finds information on it about the truck robberies. She forwards this information to Oliver, who says that he will hand it over to the police, but instead keeps it for his vigilante persona to handle. She then shows Oliver "The List".

After finding a wounded Oliver in the back seat of her car, she promises to take him to his father's old factory, where she examines his base and decides to help him, at least until they find Walter. She helps Oliver and Diggle capture "The Dodger" but she is almost killed by the Dodger when he puts a bomb around her neck.


  • In the Firestorm comics, Felicity Smoak is a manager of a computer software firm and serves as a supporting character for the superhero Firestorm.
  • In "Year's End" it is revealed that Felicity is Jewish when Oliver attempts to wish her a Merry Christmas.

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