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  • Shake, Suga, Shake by Codi Jordan - Played when Holly J puts the flower in Fiona's hair.
  • Running by The Jefferson - Played when Eli comes out of his house with his bag and starts Morty with a screw-driver.
  • Ignite by Ali Pierre - Played during the Spring Fling when Holly J tried to hook Fiona up with Dyvia.
  • Stupid Boy by Lisha Cash - Played when Fiona confronts Holly J about ditching her at the dance.
  • A Little Bit (reloaded) by Alexz Johnson - Played when Clare talks to Alli at the dance about how she feels bad about ditching Eli. It is also played when Jenna's water breaks.
  • Head Over Heels by Digital Daggers - Played when Eli is waiting for Clare at their special bench and realizes that Clare stood him up and when Clare and Eli have their fight over the phone
  • Big Love by Palovr - Played when Holly J and Fiona make-up at the dance.
  • Don't Be Deceived" by Philip LaRue - Played when Clare is in the hospital with Eli and realizes that Eli is manipulating her and breaks up with him. It is also played when K.C. meets up with Jenna in the hospital. It can finally be heard when Clare and Alli are talking outside of Degrassi and go back into the dance.