When I beat someone, I know that I can survive.” — Drew in Mr. Brightside (2)

Drew Torres
Full Name Andrew Torres
Nickname(s) Drew (by everyone)
Grasshopper (by Julian)
Squeaky Clean Boyfriend (by Vince)
Squeaky Clean James Bond (by Vince)
Trivia Superstar (by Adam)
Hero Boy (by Max)
Thor (by Fiona)
D.T. (by Max)
Drop-Out Drew (by Dallas)
Roomy (by Fiona)
Mr.President (by Bianca)
Pres (By Clare)
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 1995
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Family Omar Torres (Father)
Adam Torres (Step-Brother)
Audra Torres (Step-Mother)
Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Grandma
Dr. Dawkins (God father)
Tony (Uncle)
Relationships Bianca DeSousa (Fiancé)
Katie Matlin (Ex-Girlfriend)
Alli Bhandari (Ex-Girlfriend)
Fiona Coyne (Former Attraction)
Job Student
School(s) Degrassi Community School
Affiliation(s) Degrassi Basketball Team
Degrassi Football Team
Degrassi Student Council
First Episode What a Girl Wants (1) (1001)
Portrayed By Luke Bilyk

Andrew "Drew" Torres is a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi Community School, having transferred there at the start of the 2011-2012 school year and dropping out of the 2012-2013 school year. Drew isn't the smartest when it comes to academics. He does, however, make up for it by being very talented in areas such as basketball, football, and drumming. He comes off as the sterotypical, popular, prettyboy athlete. He's suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and memory loss and light-headness. He is also skilled in MMA Fighting. He recently dropped out of Degrassi due to failing his classes, but has returned.

Drew recently won the election for student body president, making him the school president for the 2013-2014 school year. He is the older step-brother of Adam Torres. Drew is best friends with Mike DallasDave Turner and K.C. Guthrie. He is good friends with Mo Mashkour, Jake Martin, Owen Milligan, Imogen Moreno, Fiona Coyne and Clare Edwards. He use to have an intense conflict with Vince Bell. He is currently engaged to Bianca DeSousa. Drew is portrayed by Luke Bilyk.

Character HistoryEdit

Season 10Edit


Drew in Season 10

In What a Girl Wants (1), Drew is first seen at the new and improved Dot, where he meets Peter and Sav, telling them that he just transferred to the school down the street, otherwise known as Degrassi. He also pays for Sav's coffee, telling him he will see him at school.

In Breakaway (1), Drew confronts Sav about Anya's supposed pregnancy, apologizing when Sav reacts with shock, stating that some dorks were going on about it in the computer lab and he thought everyone knew.

In 99 Problems (1), Drew comes up with the idea of a BBQ in the parking lot tomorrow, and for everyone to bring a date along with them, and everyone likes the idea. Then when they are about to leave Drew comes up to Riley and says, "I knew there was something between you two (another member of the team; Zane) and if you want me to keep your secret a secret you better step aside for QB1." Riley gets angry and goes to Owen to plot revenge.

In 99 Problems (2) Drew arrives at Degrassi for a morning football practice, and Riley and Owen sneak up
behind him pin him to a flagpole, strip him of his clothes, wrap him to the pole with tinfoil, and duct tape his mouth shut for everyone to see. Mr. Armstrong later gets him down. There is a football team meeting called in the gym and Drew's mother Audra is there. She threatens that if no one owns up to the hazing, that she'll go to the school board. Drew says that the criminals had masks on and that he couldn't see him. Later, Riley confronts Drew asking why he covered for them. Drew tells him that he'll continue to keep it a secret as long as Riley steps down for QB 1. Riley considers it, but decides not to and he earns the spot. Audra keeps her promise, and calls the schoolboard. They suspend the team from playing until someone is punished for hazing Drew. Riley admits to his mistake, and the team gets to play. Drew takes his position, and Riley has a five game suspension. Drew agrees to keep Riley's sexuality a secret.

In Better Off Alone (1), Alli has a crush on Drew, and when Clare forces them to talk, she invites him to a party at her house. At the party, while Drew is playing Guitar Hero, Alli schemes ideas to get Drew to like her. They play a game of "Never Have I Ever" in which Drew and Alli both admit that they want to "make out with someone else in this room." Alli ends the party, purposely stealing Drew's watch, knowing that he'll come back to get it. When he does, they make out.

In Better Off Alone (2), The next day at school, Alli invites Drew to a vintage movie night to see "Ghostbusters." She says she wants to make it official, but he tells her that he'll be too busy with football. Later, Drew approaches Alli and says he's changed his mind and wants to hang out with her that night. She suggests they go to the movie, but he asks if they can just make out instead. They head to Alli's house.

In You Don't Know My Name (1), Drew is still going strong with Alli. He goes to walk her to class, and Alli asks for a label. Drew says that they don't need a label and that it won't make their relationship any stronger and that they're different. When Alli asks Drew if he wants to go to the dance with her, Drew lies and says that his mother won't let him go because of his bad grades. Without his knowing, Alli goes and writes an essay for him and turns it in. During class, Drew, after being informed about the paper, tries to tell the teacher, but Alli confesses. Later in the hall, Drew asks if she thought he was so stupid that he needed her to write the paper for him and storms off, breaking off their relationship. He also said to her "for a genius you're not very smart."

1014 drew
In You Don't Know My Name (2), Alli is now trying to play "hard to get" with Drew, while he attempts to move on from her. KC suggests he goes out with Marisol, a cheerleader. Drew takes him up on his offer and they go on a date at the Dot. After Marisol lies and says she likes a same band that Drew has, and orders everything the same as him, he realizes she's boring and he likes Alli. After the date, he rushes to find her and tells her that he wants to be with her. She rejects him, and leaves. Later at school, he puts on an act with Owen, and KC and some other team members to ask Alli to the dance. Once again, she rejects him. At the dance, Marisol tries to make an advance on Drew, to which he tells her he likes Alli. Drew has Adam tell Alli that Jenna wanted to meet her in the photo booth. She goes there to find Drew who says he wants to be official with her. They take pictures in the photo booth, and the next day Drew gives Alli a label that says "Drew's girlfriend" and he has one that says "Alli's boyfriend." They wear them on their foreheads the rest of the day.

In My Body Is A Cage (1), Drew rushes Adam in the bathroom, and then asks if Clare told anyone that she saw him dropping tampons.

In My Body Is A Cage (2), Drew has gotten a black eye from his fight with Fitz because he tried to stand up for Adam. At the dinner with their grandma, Drew is surprised to see Gracie, and not to see Adam. In the end Drew is with Eli and Clare, and Adam and brings Gracie's clothing, Adam is ready to burn them.

In Still Fighting It (1), Wesley signs himself up for a Bachelor, in the Bachelor Auction, and Dave thinks that he'll definitely not make it, and asks why he even wants to. Wesley claims that he wants to impress Anya, because he has a crush on her. Dave tries to exclaim that Anya goes for guys more like Drew. Wesley then makes it his obligation to sort of stalk Drew, and see if he could act like him. Later, Wesley is walking by and overhears that Drew needs some chemistry help, Wesley offers to tutor him, and Drew eventually accepts his offer. While tutoring Drew, Wesley watches and tries to act like Drew, and he notices. They then make a deal that Drew will teach Wesley to be "cool," as long as Wesley tutors Drew to get at least a B+ on there next test.

Normal th degrassis10e14126

Drew's failed attempt to impress Alli.

In Still Fighting It (2), Wesley tries to become cool after Drew gets a B+ on his test thanks to Wesley. Drew tries to practice test Wesley on his coolness. Drew pretends to be Anya, and he asks Wesley a simple question, like what he had for breakfast, but Wesley gets too nervous and fails. Later, Wesley confronts Anya in a playa' attitude, but awkwardly asks her the wrong questions, and feels awkward when he learns that Anya has to help her mom with her radiation and backs down, and tells her that he is thinking of dropping out of the Bachelor Auction; he runs off, and Drew tags along. Later in the day, he gets a chance to talk to Anya in person along with Riley listening, and he tells her that he's thinking of quiting the auction, but Anya helps him boost his self-esteem, and tells him that he's sweet and kind and that girls will love to bid for him. At the auction, it's his turn to go up, but no girls bid for him, Anya helps introduce him, but no one bids for him. Anya eventually bids $2 for him, and Wesley is happy, and even Drew and Alli are happy for him.

In Purple Pills (1), Drew sticks up for Riley when the team is betting on him being gay. Drew tells them to all knock it off when they start fighting because they won the bet. Later he is also celebrating the teams victory of winning their last game of the season.

In All Falls Down (1), Alli is sitting on a bench with Drew in the hallways, and is helping him study for the upcoming exams. The begin to kiss, until someone interrupts them. It's Drew's mom, she starts to be a little rude, and makes remarks on how Alli is probably why Drew is failing his grades. Drew is embarrassed and Alli tells her that it's nice to meet her and tries to shake her hand, after she walks away, Drew tries to makeout, but Alli tells him it'd be best if they study for now. A few minutes later Drew is getting
File:555px-Degrassi all falls down 001HR.jpg
study advice from K.C., but Bianca is standing in the hallway and is staring at Drew, and making him stare and smile back. While still "studying," K.C. realizes that Drew isn't paying attention, and decides to give up. Bianca comes over and sits next to Drew, she asks if he can zipper her sweat jacket up because it stuck, when he does she puts her hands on his chest, and they both sorta like it. After, Bianca thanks him and walks away.

lunch, Alli and Drew go and sit down, and they begin talking, Drew claims he wants to study, and they talk. Drew then gets a text from Bianca, and doesn't want Alli to see it, but after a little wrestling to get the phone Alli asks Drew why Bianca is sending her sexy photos. Drew tells her he doesn't know, Alli gets up and tells him that she's going to beat her up, but Drew tells her that he can handle it, and plus he won't do anything due to their relationship. Trusting him, Alli leaves for class..

While Alli is in class,
File:Degrassi all falls down 002HR.jpg
Drew confronts Bianca in the hallway, and tells her that he likes the photos after she asks, but he tells her that his heart belongs to Alli, but she tells him that she doesn't care. Bianca tells him that she doesn't care who he's going out with, and if he wants to be with her she'll be in the Boiler Room at 4:00pm. Drew is pressured. In class he tells K.C. what is going on, he gets another sexy photo from Bianca, and shows K.C., who gasps. Before "failing" the exams Drew looks at Bianca who smiles and then looks at Alli who smiles and waves. He is pressured again.

After handing in his exam, Drew asks Alli if she wants to do something, after school, maybe go to The Dot. Alli tells him that she has to go to Clare's to prepare for the dance but she can cancel. Drew tells her she doesn't have to while looking at Bianca, then he tells Alli to go get all sexy looking. While Alli was at Clare's, Drew doesn't know what to do, and goes back in the school, he starts to go to the Boiler Room where Bianca is waiting. She is there outside the door, and is waiting for him, she grabs his hand and undoes his belt, he hesitates before going in but then does. Bianca has oral sex with Drew, in the Boiler Room and Alli doesn't know yet.

In All Falls Down (2), Drew is looking for Alli, and is pressured because he doesn't want her to know about him and Bianca in the boiler room. Adam suggests that he should, but Drew tells him he's crazy. Drew walks up and sits down next to a stunningly dressed Alli who is playing to win chips. Drew and Alli talk until Bianca walks up to him and talks a bit about the boiler room. Drew unwillingly explains how after school, Bianca persuaded him to come to the boiler room, but the only thing they did was kiss. Alli asked if that was the only thing, and Drew reluctantly said yes, lying to her. Alli becomes angry and leaves Drew, and sits in the hallway crying. They don't know that Owen noticed all of this. Drew confronts Alli in the hallway and tells her that it wont happen ever again, and that it was just a stupid kiss. Alli falls for him again, and wipes up her tears and they go back to the dance. But, she makes him promise to never talk to Bianca again, he promises. While discussing it and overhearing Alli and Drew talking while playing for chips at the da
nce, Bianca walks up to Alli and tells her that she's crazy to think that kissing was all they did. Alli is stunned, Bianca tells her that she was the only one to keep her clothes on, and that her boyfriend Drew didn't; implying that she gave him a blow job. Alli is pissed and breaks up with Drew, who tries to explain what happened. Alli goes into the hallway where Owen confronts her. Alli sort of
File:Normal th allfallsdown2 198.jpg
tells Owen what happened, and he tells her that any guy is stupid to cheat on her and that guys would pay big bucks to hookup with her. Alli asks how much, and Owen tells her millions, but he only has 50.

Meanwhile, Drew is playing for chips with Adam, and sees Bianca sit down across from him. He starts talking really loudly about her, and calls her a slut. She says she's not a slut because he's the one who came to her in the first place. Back to Alli and Owen, Owen persuades Alli into going to the boiler room with him, and she does. While, there, he tries to force her to make out with him, and she fights him, so he tells her that that's what they do in the boiler room. At the dance, Drew learns that him and Alli are crowned King and Queen, but he doesn't know where she is. He learns from someone that she is in the boiler room with Owen, and he goes there just in time to make Owen back off of Alli, and asks if she's okay. She is okay but was scared by Owen and they continue to talk. Not knowing that the lockdown is going on, Drew and Adam's mom doesn't know where Drew is and asks Adam, when Owen says he's in the boiler room trying to have "oral sex" with Alli. She goes down thinking that Alli did give him a blowjob. She makes them come upstairs and calls Alli a whore, and feels sorry for her son. The whole time, Alli and Drew try to explain to her that nothing was actually happening.

In Don't Let Me Get Me (1), Drew is trying to convince Alli that it was all Bianca's fault, but she confronts Drew about giving him a second chance. She says she's moving on. She then proceeds to wrap her arm around Clare's arm and walks with her to class. Drew is also seen intimidated by the new school rules during the morning announcement alongside Bianca. Later that day in the hallway, Drew meets Alli when Mr. Simpson announces to Alli that she needs to come down to the Principal's Office. Drew and Alli discuss the self-esteem seminar when Bianca interrupts to comment about the seminar being girls only. Drew insists that she ignore Bianca's teasing and focus on their relationship.

In Don't Let Me Get Me (2), Drew approaches Alli and Mr. Bhandari catches them. Alli covers it up and claims that Drew is just another member of the science club. Her dad leaves, so does Drew. Later the very next day when Drew approaches Alli and asks to walk her to class. Alli tells Drew that she's leaving Degrassi and that she never should've given him a second chance.

In Umbrella (1), Drew and Adam are forced by their mom to volunteer for the food drive to improve Degrassi's image. They are in desperate need of volunteers, and in walks Fiona . Drew and Adam both try and convince her to join, mentioning she needs 40 hours of community service to graduate. Fiona then agrees. While volunteering, Drew lays down the flirt on Fiona, but she doesn't give in. Drew seems confused, and Adam jokes around saying she might just not be interested, while Drew believes that is impossible.
Adam decides to be Drew's wing man, helping him out, since Drew has always been there to help Adam. Drew is seen classy, dressed in a suit, informing Adam on the research he'd done on her, saying she likes 'classy' guys. Drew tries laying down the moves again in his classy suit, while Fiona clearly states she isn't interested, and leaves.

In Umbrella (2), Drew and Adam meet up in the hallway. Adam tells Drew about what Fiona said to him and that she wants to give Drew a second chance. Drew talks to Adam for advice, but Adam seems comfortable about her brother and Fiona's status, so he tells Drew to let Fiona do what she wants. Drew leaves. At the food drive where Drew and Fiona are seen packing foods in the boxes. Adam is seen walking there and smiles at Fiona, and Fiona winks at him and walks towards Drew and is seen flirting with him. A jealousy looking Adam gets sad looking at them.

Back at the food drive, Drew asks Adam to what to do with Fiona, Adam gets angry and starts yelling at Drew. Drew figures out that Adam is jealous of him flirting with Fiona,
and is concerned that what if Fiona finds out about Adam's secret. He tells Adam's he is not a "guy." Adam confronts Drew and tells him that he should back off Fiona. Drew accuses Adam of being jealous and Adam tells Drew that since Fiona doesn’t want anything physical, it would be better for Adam to date Fiona. Drew, mad at his brother, screams that Fiona won’t be interested in Adam because physically, he’s a girl. At The Dot, Drew approaches Fiona. Fiona tells him she’s confused by the two brothers and doesn’t understand why Adam was so upset, since he’s always so sweet. Drew realizes that Fiona doesn’t know that Adam was born a girl, and rather than tell Adam’s secret in an attempt to get Fiona all to himself, Drew keeps quiet.

In The Way We Get By (1), Drew feels like the odd man out because he doesn't have a girl in his life. After numerous rejections, K.C. and Dave tell him it's because he's developed a reputation. After cheating on Alli with Bianca girls consider him gross by association and want nothing to do with him. Bianca flirts with him and tells him he's going for the wrong girls. Drews decides maybe she's right and they end up making out behind a

closed curtain. He invites her to the basketball game he's playing in, and she considers going but doesn't make a commitment. Drew tells the guys he's found a girl and they're happy for him until they find out it's Bianca. They tell him it's a bad idea and their girlfriends aren't going to want to hangout with her.

Bianca shows up during the game and mildly then distracts Drew, causing K.C. to shoot dirty looks at him since he already told him not to get distracted by her. After they win the game, Drew walks up with his arm around Bianca and she asks what they are all doing next. K.C., Dave, Sadie and Jenna look at each other awkwardly, before Jenna asks in an annoyed tone, "She's coming?". Drew looks at the group, then says, "I know when I'm not wanted," and walks off with Bianca.

In The Way We Get By (2), Drew gets K.C. and Dave get their girlfriends and meet him at The Dot so they can really get to meet Bianca. Bianca asks Jenna hows her pregnancy is going and says she looks good, barely bigger than before. Jenna snaps back at her so Drew tells Jenna to calm down and K.C. tells him not to talk to his girlfriend like that. Jenna calls Bianca a slut for taking guys to the boiler room. Bianca says she doesn't need them talking crap about her and leaves. Drew tells Dave, Sadie, K.C., and Jenna that Bianca is great and they'rethe ones with the problem. Drew and Bianca go to the revine and start making out when Bianca says Drew shouldn't go to the basketball game just to show K.C. and Dave how imporant he is to the team. Then Drew

is approached to take "magic mushrooms" by one of Bianca friends. Drew nervously declines after Bianca says he doesn't ride that train, but Drew accepts the mushrooms anyway. Later Drew decides he doesn't want to let the team down and go to the game when Bianca tells him the drugs are just starting to kick. Drew shows up right before the game starts and is clumsily and awkwadly talking to K.C. and Dave. K.C. asks 'You're high at the biggest game of the year?' and Drew giggles then agrees. When Audra (Adam and Drew's mom) comes over to wish them good luck she takes him to locker room where she discovers he is high. The next Drew apologizes to K.C. then Bianca when she asks is he done being sorry and to hangout she tells him she is not his judgy friends.

In Jesus, Etc. (1), Drew is seen auditioning to drum on Sav's live demo. After Sav originally tells him that Alli would kill them if he lets him audition, Drew tells hims that he's trying to move on and Sav seems to need him. Drew proves to be the best drummer and the next day, Sav calls him to tell him the good news. After they finish practing, Bianca comes in, saying they look cute and ask to take a picture of them showing off their rockstar pouts. She is the first to notice Alli walk up behind them. Drew awkwardly says hi to her but she just says "drumming with the enemy, Sav?" and storms off leaving Drew, Sav, and Bianca to look at each other.

File:Drew In His Degrassi Uniform On A Computer In MI Looking At Alli.jpg

In Chasing Pavements (1), Drew is seen with Bianca when Alli returns to Degrassi for the first time after she left. He has also been mentioned by Alli and Clare for taking Grade 10 math when he is in Grade 11, and the cause of Grade 10's lowest math scores.

In Chasing Pavements (2), During the announcement about Alli's study group, Drew arrives to find out that there is no prizes awarded to pupils for passing the math test. Drew refuses to go to the study help, since he doesn’t think there is anything in it for him, so Alli says that if they pass, they'll have a dance. Drew still doesn't want to, but Bianca wants a dance and forces Drew to go to the study session, where Alli helps him out. During the test, Drew is seen prepared and ready to take the math test. Later Mr. Simpson reveals that everyone including Drew have passed the test, and he gives the green signal to go ahead with the dance.

In Drop the World (2), Drew, Bianca and Dave are partying in K.C.'s apartament. Later, K.C. and his friends are able to make it to the hospital when they find out that Jenna's having the baby. Jenna is shown with Chantay and the baby.

Season 11Edit

In Spring Fever, Drew and Bianca attend a contest to win tickets for a Keke Palmer concert, which Bianca wins thanks to her dancing skills. While leaving the concert, the couple runs into Bianca's ex-boyfriend Anson, who Drew immediately doesn't like. The couple goes back to Drew's house to make out, but Drew's mother walks in on him late at night. She grounds Drew, which prevented him from going to the concert with Bianca and his friends. Drew sneaks out anyway after seeing what Bianca will be wearing to the dance, afraid that she will be attracting too much attention. He finds Bianca with Anson, and believes that she was cheating on him. Angrily, Drew leaves, not believing that Anson is dangerous and threatened to hurt him. K.C. tells him that not everyone has had a happy life and has lived in a happy neighborhood. It is then when Drew realizes that Bianca is in danger.

He leaves the concert
and finds Anson attempting to rape Bianca in an alley. He gets in a fight with Anson, but proves to be no match. Before Anson kills him, Bianca hits him over the head with a brick, and the two flee the scene, with Bianca losing her bracelet, which had her name ingraved on it. The next day, Bianca shows Drew a newspaper with the headline explaining that Anson was found dead with multiple head injuries. Bianca convinces him not to go to the police, but that they need to find the bracelet before the police do because she already has a record. They find a man named Vince who reveals to have taken Bianca's bracelet and used the name to find out everything he needs to know about she and Drew. He tells them that they will pay for Anson's death. Drew convinces Bianca to organize a meeting with Drew late at Degrassi. Vince gives him an ultimatum: shoot someone for him, and join their gang, or he and Bianca will be killed. Drew decides to take the gun. The next day, after lots of thinking, Drew reports everything to Dave's father, who is a police officer and takes the heat for Bianca, saying he was the one who killed Anson, and Vince and his gang are after the two. Drew is then taken into police custody, leaving Bianca in front of Degrassi crying.

In LoveGame, Drew isn't seen but Adam tells Dave that Drew is laying low for the first few days of the semester after the whole Spring Break incident. Dave tells Adam that Drew did the right thing.

In What's My Age Again?, Drew speaks with his lawyer about the whole Anson incident, and is cleared of all charges. He believes he and Bianca will be able to get back to the way their lives once were, but Mrs. Torres tells him that Vince will not be locked up, but they will have a restraining order placed against him. Drew asks how a piece of paper will protect him, and his mother hugs him telling him that she warned him about Bianca. He argues back saying that she's changed, but he wishes things could go back to normal.

In Idioteque, Drew is seen with Bianca in his room making out when she pulls out a condom for them to have sex. But Drew has problems "getting it up" and Bianca leaves. Drew is later seen in Mr. Armstrong's class and has a jittery leg, in which one kid asked if he had too much coffee. Drew then hears a loud noise and drops to the floor for cover. The class starts laughing at him and Mr. Armstrong tells him to get up. Drew peeks over his desk to see it was just the dumpster being emptied outside. He gets up and gets a pass from Mr. Armstrong. Mr. Armstrong tells him to splash some water on his face. The next day, Drew is "sick" and stays home from school. Later on in the day, he hears a noise outback and grabs a 9-Iron club. When the back door opens, Bianca walks in and Drew nearly hits her. She asks what is up with the 9-Iron and why he skipped school. He says because he is scared of Vince and that he wants to transfer school's. Bianca thinks that this is too
extreme and Drew says that he can't stop blaming her for being in a "tailspin." She says that she is going to fix it. Bianca then meets up with Vince and hooks up with him to get Drew in the clear. Drew then meets Bianca after school and asks if he is in the clear and she says yes. After this, Drew breaks up with Bianca so they can have a fresh start in their lives. Drew is then seen walking down a street when a bunch of Vince's thugs appear. Drew tells them that he should be in the clear because of Bianca, but one of them says that "putting out" doesn't solve problems. Drew then gets roughly thrown down to the ground, shoved, kicked, slapped, punched, as well as spit on. He is then left lying in the middle of the road with people surrounding him and calling for help.

In Should've Said No (1), Drew still isn't mentally recovered from being viciously beaten up by the gang, and decides to play volleyball. But is still stressed out, he pushes K.C. into a volleyball cart. At the game he see's Officer Turner and freaks out and screams at him to tell him what he knows

In Should've Said No (2), Drew still has post-traumatic stress disorder, and decides to got to movie night with Jess. The lights go out, and Drew gets scared mistaking Julian for Vince. He then finds a release when he sees Owen and Julian extreme fighting, and they decide to teach him.

In Mr. Brightside (1), Drew practices his fighting with Julian. Coach Armstrong walks in with the girls who would like to use the weight room. Katie comes over to where Drew is and they start flirting. Owen complains about the girls and they decide to be more careful about training. Drew tells Adam about his training and Adam is concerned though Drew brushes it off. While watching the wrestling team Drew gets into a conversation with Mo and invites him to fight. When Drew and Mo begin, Drew is distracted by Katie but ultimately beats Mo. Later, Katie catches up with Drew and asks him to explain his affection for fighting for her article and also shows some interest in Drew. He replies that he feels powerful as if he can survive. In class, Drew, Julian and Owen discuss the fact that he fought Mo and that Katie saw. When they go to train, Drew almost assaults Simpson because Simpson is putting more restrictions on the training room, landing him in detention. He confronts Katie and she tries to brush it off as if it isn't her fault, but he blows up and they get into an argument and he knocks over a chair and leaves.

In Mr.Brightside (2), Drew apologizes to Katie, by giving her an apology coffee, for blaming her for ratting on him to Principal Simpson and offers to be the sports reporter for the Degrassi newspaper. After being shunned by them, Julian and Owen tell Drew about an underground MMA fighting ring, and they all go there that night. Drew goes up against someone and almost gets knocked unconscious. Drew continues to insist on training harder. While in a newspaper club meeting Katie asks Drew to write an article for the newspaper. Drew agrees and falls asleep in the meeting and has a nightmare about getting beaten up. Later, when Drew tells Katie that he didn't write the article, he confesses that he got jumped over spring break, and kisses her. Drew then goes back to the fighting ring for a rematch. He wins, but afterward uses all the built-up rage he has to beat the guy until he’s unconscious. Katie shows up and calms down Drew and leaves with him. Katie then begins to teach Drew a more peaceful way to defend himself: Tae Kwon Do.

In Drop It Like It's Hot (1) Drew is seen playing basketball when Wesley almost runs him over. Drew angrily tells him watch where he's going, and goes back to shooting hoops.

In Don't Panic (1), Marisol is helping Katie with her campaign posters when Drew runs across them, greeting them. Marisol thinks that Drew is flirting with her and Katie asks her if she's still not over her crush on him.. In
the next scene Katie and Drew are talking to each other when Marisol comes up. As soon as she does, Drew leaves while Marisol says that she knows what they were talking about. She then asks Katie if Drew is interested in her. Katie says she thinks Drew is interested in someone else. The pair are seen again in the cafeteria where Marisol decided to run for President along with Mo and Katie because she is jealous that Drew is dating Katie. Later whild Drew is speaking with Katie, it is revealed that Marisol has stopped answering Katie's texts. Drew offers
File:D11 june10 ss 0408.jpg.jpg
Katie a burger but she declines. Meanwhile, Marisol is campaigning for people to vote for her. Katie tries to talk to her but Marisol says she must end things with Drew for them to be friends again. Afterwards, Drew and Katie talk and she tries to end things with him but Drew attempts to keep them together, successfully. Later, when the presidential candidates are delivering their speeches, Marisol has a short, confident speech as Katie struggles with her own. While Katie is speaking, Marisol interrupts, falsely stating that Katie is stepping on people to get what she wants. In response to Marisol's comment, Katie calls her a hyprocrite because she stole K.C. right under his girlfriend's nose. Mr. Simspon steps in and makes them sit down. Later, Katie confronts Marisol in the hallways trying to reconcile with her but she declines, saying that Drew doesn't know much about her and gives the impression she is going to tell Drew about her bulimia struggles. Some time afterwards, Marisol walks in on Drew and Katie kissing and asks Drew if he knew Katie's secret, to which Drew answers that he doesn't know what she's talking about. At that point that Marisol reveals that Katie is bulimic. When Drew ask Katie if it is true, Katie denies it.

In Take a Bow (1), after Katie questions Drew, she tells him that if he gets tested, then they will have sex one day.

In Take a Bow (2), Drew reports to Katie and Marisol that he has a clean bill of health. He invites her over to his house, however, Katie thinks that they were going to have sex, so she invited Marisol to come. After Marisol leaves, Drew tells Katie that he didn't want to have sex with her, instead he wanted her to meet his mother.

In Dead and Gone (1) , Drew tells Adam about Bianca signing up for orientation. They see Bianca with Vince dropping her off. Drew asks Katie to pair him with Bianca because he wants to see what Bianca is up to. Katie introduces the orientation. Drew talks to Bianca about Vince and she tells him to mind his own business. She talks to the niners and Drew searches her phone and looks at something from Vince. Drew tells Adam about the texts he found and Adam tells him to get over it. Drew decides he can fight Vince. He confronts Bianca about dating Vince and she tells him she's saving his life, because she loves him. She also shows him the bruises from Vince. Drew practices on his punching bag. Katie comes in and he tells her about Vince and Bianca. Katie tries to calm him down. Drew gives Bianca a prom ticket so she doesn't have to go to Vince that night. He then texts Vince to meet him up (on Bianca's phone). Drew confronts Vince and tells him to let Bianca go or he'll be in bigger trouble than before. He answers a call from Bianca (and talks to her about the Prom) and leaves, a mistake that makes Vince livid.

In Dead and Gone (2), Drew walks in with Katie on his arm. Bianca also comes in and Katie asks what she is
doing here.He replies that he gave Bianca a ticket to be able to get away from Vince. Katie says that he was supposed to help her with her problem and not bring her to prom. Adam asks if its a problem that Bianca and Vince wants to kill him. Drew says she doesn't want to kill anyone and Vince has been hurting her. Drew says she was doing it to protect her but that it doesn't matter anymore because he took care of it. Adam ask him how he took care of it and Drew replies that he took Katie's advice. After some awkward time eating, Drew attempts to start a conversation which doesn't go very well. Then Katie says that Bianca has a nice bracelet but ends up seeing her bruises and that she knows about Vince. So Drew asks Katie to a dance after she says that the day wasn't going as she thought it would. And then Drew and Bianca start to dance but Vince appears. Him and Drew get in a fight, in which Drew beats the snot out of him and is named the {C}victor. This angers Vince and he shoots two bullets and runs away. It is revealed that one of the bullets hit Adam, causing Drew great sadness. They call an ambulance and Drew and Adam have a brotherly moment together before he is taken to the hospital. After all this, Bianca leaves with the gun to shoot Vince. Drew tries to follow her, but Katie wont let him go unless she goes too. So they follow Bianca and find her in Vince's warehouse. Drew convinces Bianca to let go of the gun and to call the police, which she agrees to do after some convincing. Once Vince is arrested, the three of them make their way to the hospital. He tells His mom that Bianca is in desperate need of a good lawyer to fight against Vince, and She agrees to help. As Katie hugs him, Bianca whispers a thank you to him.. In Nowhere to Run, Drew is first seen with Katie and Adam in the living room at his house slicing "Welcome Back Degrassi" posters, while Katie is reminding him to cut them straight because she wants the first day of her presidency to be perfect. Not soon after, Bianca comes up from the basement and says she needs to use the table. Katie picks a bit of a fight, but Drew tells Katie to clear it up for Bianca because she has been working in
his dad's office. Adam asks Bianca if she returned the horror movie that she and Drew watched, and she replies by saying that she also picked up some more movies for them to watch, and Katie gets upset over this. Later, when Alli, Drew, Jake, Marisol, and Katie arrive at the cabin, at first Drew and Katie decide to go explore the woods, but instead stay inside because Marisol says she is scared and wants someone to keep her company, so instead they go in a room and make out. Later, while Marisol is listening to music, Katie and Drew pull off a little act to freak Marisol out, and it works. At first, Drew makes fun of Marisol, but Katie tells him to back off on the teasing. Later, when the electricity powers down and Clare goes missing, him and Jake go into the woods to find her. When he arrives back at the cabin, he and Eli look out the window and see someone in the woods, which turned out to be Helen and Glen. He is later seen walking Bianca back to her car to give it a jump.

In Underneath It All, Drew is seen with Jake and Owen while teasing Jake and Clare's homelife. Later, he attends the seniors' party at Fiona's loft.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), he is seen rooting for Katie at tryouts. At school he notices Katie's leg is messed up so he arranges a doctor's appointment. Later at night, Drew and Katie do some soccer practicing themselves.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (2), Katie tells Drew she is taking Codeine to help her knee. Twice Drew gives her piggyback rides. Later, at tryouts he rushes to Katie as her knee collapses.

In Not Ready To Make Nice (1), Drew attends football tryouts with K.C., Conner, Mo, Owen. He helps tease Owen about missing Anya.

In Smash Into You (1), Drew and Adam are first getting a ride from Dave to school. Later, Drew walks with Dave and first talk about Dave and Alli. Then they talk about Jacinta.

In Smash Into You (2), Drew and Marisol visit Katie in the hospital. He attends Model UN afterwards.

In Hollaback Girl (1), he is seen sitting in class with Katie and Bianca when Bianca starts messing with Katie quietly and Drew laughs with Bianca. Later, he comes out the locker room and he starts talking to Bianca about Katie. Afterwards, Bianca shows up at his house to, again, talk about Katie and they kiss accidentally.

In Hollaback Girl (2), he talks to Bianca and says he wants to be with her. Later, he comforts Katie from the oxy incident. At parent teacher conference, he tells Bianca he loves her.

Season 12Edit

In Come As You Are (1), Drew and Bianca agree that it is time for him to break up with Katie now that she is in a good place. He breaks up with her in a classroom, which leaves her feeling sad and angry. Drew and Bianca go on a mini-date at his house, before Mike and Adam announce that they are having a party to celebrate Mike's arrival. When Katie shows up at the party, Drew gets Mike to distract Bianca while he talks to her. He agrees to meet Katie up in his room, and says goodbye to Bianca. Before he can see Katie, the hockey team shoves a trophy full of beer into his face, and he drinks all of the beer in the case. Now drunk, he goes up to see Katie, and the two have a peaceful talk, though Katie does not know that Drew was drunk. Katie moves closer to Drew, and the two end up having sex. After he is done, Drew announces to the party that he did it, before he blacks out. Revived shortly after, he begins to party and dance around for finally losing his virginity.

File:640px-Morning After 5.jpg
In Come As You Are (2), Drew is hung over, and is yelled at by his mother when she sees that he is taking easy courses. She has him switch into Calculus, which happens to be Katie's class as well. Drew does not remember any details of his encounter with Katie the night before, and is surprised when she is acting flirty and understanding with him. He ends up throwing up into a trash can, and leaves the room. He finds Dallas, who tells Drew that he had
sex with Katie the night before, which is proven by the fact that Drew's condom is missing. When Bianca finds out that Drew is back with Katie, she is pissed and threatens to break it off with him for good if he doesn't break up with her. Drew practices breaking up with Katie with Adam and Mike, who give him pointers on how to do it. Later, at The Dot, Drew breaks up with Katie for a second time, which leaves her heart broken, and Drew assures her that she will find someone new. After breaking up with Katie, Drew and Bianca are now officially together, and go on a date to get ice cream at the mall. They run into Katie and Marisol, who insult Bianca, before Katie asks Drew if everything really is out in the open. The two girls leave, and Drew makes Bianca promise not to listen to anything they have to say, as Bianca does not know that he and Katie had sex.

In Gives You Hell (1), he is at his house with Bianca when Katie eggs her car. The next day, he watches as Katie tries to provoke Bianca and holds Bianca back from fighting her. When Bianca leaves with Adam, he approaches Katie asking her to leave Bianca out of it to where Katie says that she has a lot of ammunition when it comes to him and says that the relationship ship was pointless to where he disagrees. Later on, he is at the assembly with Bianca, cheering for the Ice Hounds when the video of revealing he had sex at the party comes up. He turns to see Bianca, upset and when it ends, tries to stop her from leaving but is smacked away.

In Gives You Hell (2), he is seen walking in the hallway when K.C. and Connor imitate him. He turns the corner
to find Bianca and tries to make up with her by handing her a new cellphone case which she refuses. She tells him that she's on the academic team and tells him to not be so dumb. He follows her into the room and tells K.C. that he wants to join. Connor tells him he needs to be smart to do so and he almost begins to argue with him when K.C. tells him to come the next day to a mock round and study the geography questions. At his home, Adam quizzes him and he begins getting answers correct from remembering movie quotes. Adam high-fives him and he cringes telling him to cut down the noise. The next day before the mock round, Bianca asks why he's doing this and he tells her he didn't want her to think he was stupid. During the mock round, he cannot remember any of the questions and begins acting strangely. He leaves to his locker to be greeted by Adam who he accidentally calls Gracie and collapses to the floor. He is later shown at the hospital with his mother and the doctor reveals that he has a serious concussion from his fall at the party. The doctor asks if he's had any other head-damage and he reveals that he was knocked out once while fighting. The doctor tells him to get rest while his mother scolds him. The next day he takes a test in one of his classes and hadn't made it past page three by the time the bell had rung. Bianca tells him that Adam told her about the concussion and asks if he wants to talk. He tells her she deserves better and says that he's going to the mall to return the gift she didn't want. At the mall, he is seen returning the case when a shoplifter runs away with a phone. Drew chases and tackles him, stopping him, then proceeds to pass out. The clerk is congratulating him when Bianca comes over asking if he's alright and says she couldn't take it if anything bad happened to him. She says she loves him and the two kiss, rekindling their relationship.

In Closer to Free (1), he is seen playing basketball in gym class when Coach Armstrong pulls him to the side telling him to stop playing due to Audra's orders. He hands him a health assignment in order to keep his grade up and Drew goes to sit on the bleachers with Fiona. She reveals that she is looking for a roommate and then they talk about the assignment, offering to split it together. At his house, he sits with Bianca, trying to do his assignment. She tells him to take a break and gets on top of him to make out when Audra walks in, causing them to stop. He tells them they both need to start preparing for college, which annoys Drew. When she leaves, Bianca tries to kiss him but he turns away and she tells him to rest and finishes his assignment for him. In class the next day, he meets Fiona and looks for his assignment. When he realizes it isn't there, he forgets that he left it at home. Fiona is irritated and tells him that someday he'll have to stop blaming his brain injury on everything, causing him to leave and ditch for the rest of the day. At the mall, he is seen talking with Max, when a customer comes up to complain. Drew helps the customer and Max offers him a job at the kiosk. At home he begins filling out the application when his mom walks downstairs telling him that a job is out of the question and his education is priority. When she leaves, he complains about her treating him like a baby and Dallas tells him to stop acting like one.

In Closer to Free (2), he is first seen walking to class with Bianca, on the phone with Max and learns that he got the job. She asks him if he should really have it when they bump into Fiona and help pick up her papers. Drew calls Fiona a witch and sits down with Bianca while their teacher starts passing out the latest test scores. He gets up and leaves while Bianca tries telling him he'll get in trouble if he ditches again. He says he's already in trouble and goes home. At home, he is putting on his uniform when Audra walks downstairs and asks why he's home. When he says that he's not sick, but just going to work, she tells him that there's no way and that he must go back to school. He says that it doesn't matter and that he's failing all of his classes anyway. Before he leaves, she pulls him away saying that as long as he lives under her roof, he goes to school. She goes upstairs and he grabs his duffel bag and packs some clothes and leaves. That night, Fiona let's him into her condo and the two seem to have made up. She says that they will split the rent 50/50 as well as a few other rules and he agrees. She tells him to make himself at home and he flops on the couch.

In Rusty Cage (1), he comes home from work early to walk in on Fiona and Imogen making out. Fiona gets annoyed saying he should have called and he claims that it's also his condo now and he shouldn't have to. She calls him messy and he retorts that it was messy before he came. He tells him that he'll be upstairs in his room for the next 8-10 hours. The next day, Fiona and Imogen walk in to find half of the place spotless. Drew says he picked up his weight and cleaned his half of the condo and the stuff of hers from his half, then heads to work.

In Rusty Cage (2), he walks into the condo to find Fiona crying by the sink. He tells her that the apartment will be cleaned eventually and not to worry and she reveals that she doesn't know how to clean and that she's always had help all her life. She tells him that the change is so overwhelming and he tells her that he's taking his time adjusting still too. He tells her he'll have her cleaning in no time and helps her get started. Later in the day, he looks to see the house very clean and watches her come out of the bathroom. He asks about the clog in the bathtub and gets her to do it telling her it's not a big deal. When the task is finished, she thanks and hugs him and puts the clog in his shirt as revenge. She takes it out after he panics and the two have made up.

In Sabotage (1) , Drew surprises Bianca in science class with tickets to a sports game and plans to spend the weekend shopping and in a hotel room, but she has abig chemistry test and needs to focus on studying. There's going to be a study group at Drew's shared loft and they agree to hang out then. Drew is beginning to realize that he's missing out on more than just homework and complains to Max , who suggest Drew impress Bianaca with his money. Fiona, Imogen, Owen and Bianca find Drew in the loft next to his new big screen TV. The group is so impressed that they spend all night watching it instead of studying much to Bianca's displeasure. Upset that she now has to cram all night. Bianca tells Drew that he needs to be more serious and go back to school. Angry and refusing to go back to Degrassi, Drew tries to prove to Bianca that his life choice is better by buying a motorcycle, but is then stopped by the police.

In Sabotage (2) , After getting a call from the police about Drew's reckless driving on his new motorcycle, Audra
breaks their silence and finds him at the loft. She's worried about him riding a bike when he has head injuries, but Drew's main focus is on being upset over his mom and girlfriend hanging out. Mrs. Torres wants Drew to move home and points out that it would also make Bianca happy which makes him think. Later Fiona vists Drew at work and offers him a kids meal in exchange for his absense in the loft during the party since Katie and Jake will be there. Drew obliges and tells Fiona that he's thinking about moving home after feeling the pressue from his mom and Bianca. Fiona urges Drew to do what he wants and prove to everyone that he's serious. Drew looks at the kids toy in his meal and finds a 'diamond' ring. Shortly ager, Dallas stops by to say hi and Drew tells him about the party for Clare at his loft.Dallas gets an idea. Drew asks Bianca to meet him at the mal land proposes...that they open a joint savings account. Drew wants to use the commission he earns to help Bianca pay for college. Drew is also trying to be responsible about his mode of transportation and decides to sell his motorcycle, but not until Bianca has some fun with it. Bianca is impressed by how responsible Drew has become and he takes this as a cue to propose to her, and she happily accepts.

In Building A Mystery (1) , he and Bianca meet with Audra at The Dot to inform her of their engagement. He states that they are planning to get married in the summer after graduation, but his mother is shocked and tries to talk them out of it. Drew gets frustrated and storms out.

In Building A Mystery (2) , he walks into the loft and overhears Bianca talking about their marriage. He tells her that he is letting Audra get to her. She tells him she wants to talk to Audra woman-to-woman which he agrees to.
Later at the auction, Fiona buys the tickets to Vegas so that Drew & Bianca can get married over spring break.

In I Want It That Way (1) , he is seen on the couch with Bianca until Fiona interrupts and asks for advice about building a relationship with Natalie.

In Tonight, Tonight, he helps Adam get ready for his date with Missy and gives Adam a pickle to put in his pants just in case she gets "grabby." Later, he is shown greeting Adam and Becky when they arrive at Fiona's condo.  He tells Adam that he and Bianca's wedding is in two days and asks him to be his best man.  Adam cries and accepts and the two hug each other.

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Drew can't wait to tie the knot with Bianca in Vegas, but as the date gets closer, he finds himself longing for a big, traditional Torres family wedding. When Drew contacts his mom, Audra travels to Las Vegas determined to put a stop to the ceremony, leaving Bianca furious that Drew is second guessing the nuptials. Drew then decides to plan a big gesture by singing to Bianca while everyone else was playing an instrument and he re-proposes to her and she says yes. In the end, they have an engagement party celebrating their engagement.

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Drew and Bianca appear to be happy together, and enter the school holding hands. Drew reveals that he is now taking a part-time schedule with English, Math, and Science classes.

In Ray of Light (2) , he is seen in the yearbook video.

In Karma Police (1), Drew goes into Fiona's kitchen and Fiona has dinner prepared for him. He then tells her that he is moving out to be with with his family, and Fiona questions him about how the bills will be paid and he tells her that he already paid the rent for this month. He informs her that he's leaving the next day and leaves to go pack, leaving Fiona very angry and dissapointed. Later, while Dallas and Vanessa argue, he walks their son, Rocky down the stairs and watches Dallas as he interacts with his son. The next day, he looks through pictures of Rocky and tells Dallas that he didn't have any idea that Dallas was a father. Then, he tells Dallas to wait to tell Alli that he has a son until they're actually dating and tells him that it's not lying it's "truth delay" and Dallas follows along.

In Karma Police (2), Drew and Bianca help Fiona learn self defense and then she tells them that she's going to take matters into her own hands. Later, he is seen in his basement playing with blocks with Dallas and Rocky. He asks Dallas if he told Alli about Rocky yet and Dallas says he hasn't. Then, Drew sees Alli out the door and takes Rocky upstairs so she doesn't see him and Rocky tells him he doesn't want to go upstairs and Drew tells him that they'll be back. Then, he brings Rocky downstairs when something seems wrong with him. Dallas asks if he had nuts and Drew tells him that there were some on the counter and then Drew watches Dallas tend to Rocky and take him to the hospital.

In Zombie (1), Drew runs into class with Bianca, but accidentally runs her into a glass door. He then announces to the class that Bianca got into university, which everyone is impressed by. Then, the announcements start, where Drew finds out that he and Clare have been nominated for student-body presidents. Drew is confused because he didn't sign up and assumes Dallas signed him up as a joke, but he denies. He then accepts and announces that he's going to run for president to the class and everyone applauds him. At lunch, he, Dallas, and Bianca discuss how he should get people to vote for him. Drew thinks it'll be difficult since Clare gets good grades, is liked by teachers, and knows how to speak. Then, he decides to throw a party for his campaign, which he assumes people will vote for him that way.

Drew is seen at his party, along with Dallas telling people why they should vote for him and puts leis on them. He also watches Maya make a scene. He then sees Clare arrive, which seems to make him mad. He approaches her and asks her why she's trying to get people to vote for her at his party. Clare responds by saying that they both can have equal access to students and that he's not smart enough. Drew makes a scene and talks back. Clare then tells him that she's not running to amuse herself and Drew responds by saying that he didn't run because he was dumped. That angers Clare and with every muscle in her body pumping with rage, she pushes him in the kiddie pool in front of everyone, embarassing Drew. After the party, he sits on the couch while Bianca cleans up and rants about Clare being there. Bianca is dissapointed in him because she thought he could take it seriously since she was the person who signed him up to run. They then agree to take it seriously.

In Zombie (2), Drew helps set up banners and cardboard cutouts of himself in the school. Clare confronts him, and Drew says that he's going to take his campaign seriously. Clare then wishes him good luck in the debate. Dallas tells Drew to not sweat it, and when Drew says he's going to give the students what they want, Dallas says that's perfect.

At the debate, the crowd claps for Clare when she shares her thoughts. Drew then says that he will listen to the students, but the crowd seems bored. Clare then debates, and makes Drew nervous when she says that you can't "please" everyone all the time.

Drew disappeared after the debate, and when Bianca gets worried when she finds him, he tells him his concussion is healed. Bianca is happy for him, but gets confused when Drew says he is dropping out of the race to focus on sports again. Bianca tells Drew to not just give up; she wants him to keep trying.

Drew talks to Clare about the election, and says she is probably going to win. Clare thinks he would win the popular vote, and Drew wants to be her vice president. Clare is unsure. Drew wins the presidential election, and talks to a crying Clare. Clare is crying not because of the election, but because everything is falling apart. Drew comforts her, and offers for her to be his vice president. Eli comes up to them, saying he got into NYU. Clare congratulates him. Eli wants Clare to be his girlfriend again. Clare says that they are not a fairy tale. Eli walks off, and Clare accepts Drew's offer. Drew and Bianca kiss when Clare leaves.

In The Time Of My Life,  Drew is seen having a good time with Bianca at prom. When Fiona announces Prom King and Queen, Drew and Bianca look disappointed to find out that Eli and Clare had won, and not themselves. He suggest Imogen just apologize to Fiona. He is then stands up for Bianca and cheers for her as she recieves her diploma during graduation.


  • Drew has appeared in 75 episodes.
  • He took grade 10 math during grade 11 first semester, took grade 11 math second semester and took grade 12 math when he was a senior.
  • He used to be on the football team.
  • Drew and his younger brother Adam have the same taste in girls, as they have both taken interest in Bianca DeSousa, Fiona Coyne, and Katie Matlin who seem to also be older than Drew and Adam.
  • He is an amateur drummer.
  • Drew is one of five athletes to get involved with drugs while on a team, the other four being Jimmy, Toby,  Riley, and Katie.
  • It was revealed in You Don't Know My Name (2) that "Drew" is actually short for Andrew.
  • He is one of four guys that cheated on their girlfriends then later dated the girls they cheated with. The other three being B.L.T., Craig and Bobby.
  • Drew was involved in Anson's death.
  • He's the second person to sing to his love their special song in order to get back with together with her.  The first being Archie Simpson.
  • Drew, like his step-brother, Adam, has the nickname 'Grasshopper.' Drew is called this by Julian, and Adam is called it by Eli.
  • Drew is the third character to be stricken with post-traumatic stress disorder. The first was Emma, and the second was Ellie's father.
  • He has a talent for MMA fighting.
  • All of Drew's girlfriends so far have been involved with dancing. Alli created a dance team, Bianca did jazz and hip-hop as a child, and Katie took ballet when she was younger.
  • Drew was originally supposed to be a bisexual character, but was later changed to straight.
  • His Twitter: [1]
  • Drew has a slight lisp.
  • Drew is the second character to blackmail Riley's sexuality while competing for a specific extra-curricular position at school: the first was Alex Nuñez to Marco Del Rossi.
  • Like Craig, Drew has cheated on all of the girls he has dated so far. He cheated on Alli with Bianca in All Falls Down (1), he cheated on Katie with Bianca in Hollaback Girl (1), and cheated on Bianca with Katie in Come As You Are (1).
  • Drew is one of six characters to end the opening credits. The other five are Clare, Sean, Marco, Jane and Alli.
  • On 2 occasions, Drew was on the ground and Adam was by his side.
  • Drew has a severe concussion from being hit on the head with a basketball, jumped by a gang, knocking out after a hit to the head during a cagefighting match, and falling down his stairs and bouncing his head off the ground while drunk. Due to this he is suffering from memory loss and headaches constantly.
  • In Drop It Like It's Hot (1), Imogen and Bianca did a health assignment to get out of doing gym. In Closer To Free (1), Drew and Fiona had to do a health assignment because of Drew's brain injury and Fiona needs to find a roommate. Ironically, Imogen and Fiona are dating while Drew and Bianca are dating as well.
  • He has had a two episode relationship with all of the girls he dated.
  • He dropped out of the 2012-2013 school year, due to his severe concussion on 2 different occasions causing memory loss and headaches constantly. He also dropped out because he felt like attending school wasn't his style and he wanted to break away from his mother.
  • He lost his virginity to Katie in Come As You Are (1).
  • Two of Drew close friends are/were teen dads.
  • Drew is one of ten characters to be held back a year. The others are Rick Munro, Joey, Sean, Rick Murray, Jimmy, Spinner, Fiona, Tori, and Imogen.
  • Bianca nominated him for Student Council President to help him gain more leadership experience. He initially stayed in the election as a joke encouraged by Dallas, which infuriated his competition, Clare Edwards. He wound up winning the election for the next school year, and chose Clare as his Vice President when he realized how much the election meant to her.
  • He could only play no contact sports while waiting for his concussion to fully heal.


  • (In What A Girl Wants (1)): "And I'll have a large double double, once you two ladies are done with your sewing circle." (Referring to Sav and Peter) (first line)
  • (To Alli): "For a genius, you're not very smart."
  • (About Cheerleaders): "Cute, peppy, and they can do no wrong in those skirts."
    Drew: "You're barking up the wrong tree, Wes."
  • (To Riley): "I know all about the two Rileys theory."
  • "Well, my only solution involves a time machine... and a big box of condoms. I'm sorry, I can't help you."
  • Jenna: "She called me fat."
    Drew: "She wasn't wrong."
    Jenna: "I'm pregnant!"
  • (To Jenna and K.C.): "You're gonna be parents at fifteen. Real winners."
  • (To Bianca): "This crazy stuff never happened to me before you came along."
  • Audra: "Drew, answer the question..."
    Drew: " W-..what question?"
    Audra: "Are you high?"
    Drew: "Yes ma'am... Very." -laughs-
  • (To Bianca about Anson): "What's he gonna do, shoot me?!"
  • "When beat someone, I know that I can survive."
  • "Katie, it's been MONTHS since Marisol bored me to death on that date."
  • (To Katie): "Most girls are way too afraid to even talk about sex!"
  • Katie: "Oh my god, I'm the biggest loser!"
    Drew: "Not the biggest, but the cutest."
  • "Adam, I am so, so, so sorry little bro! When you get home, I'm your butler! Breakfast in bed, Xbox whenever you want..... this is all my fault."
  • Marisol: "Kill me now."
    Drew: "Don't mind if I do."
  • (To Katie then Marisol): "You said you wanted to have fun. It was both our ideas."
  • (About Marisol):"Could someone please sedate her?"
  • Jake: "Everyone stay calm."
    Drew: "Calm? Then why do you have an axe man?"
  • (To Katie): "We've been watching a lot of horror movies."
    Bianca: "(Laughs): Yeah. When you're not hiding under a blanket."
    Drew: (Laughs)
  • (To Bianca): "Everything you've done for me. How hard you've worked to turn your life around. How strong you are. Bianca I wanna be with you... I love you."
  • (To Bianca): "You need to start believing that you deserve happiness, because you do. Your a good person dummy."
  • (To Adam about Katie): "I have a smart, amazing, A-list girl now."
  • Katie: "We had sex."
    Drew: "We need to break up."
  • (Drunk) "I HAD SEX!! Woo! I did it yeaaahh! I'm a man, I'm a man!"
  • "Bianca! She's like a black belt."
  • (To Katie): "It wasn't pointless...Katie. It's just over."
  • Connor: "You need to be smart."
    Drew: "Are you saying I'm not smart?"
    Connor: "Yes."
  • Adam : Which country has the longest coast line?
    Drew: Asia?
    Adam: Country.
    Drew: Lower Asia?
  • Drew: (To Adam): "Just back off Gracie!"
    Adam: "What the hell did you just call me?"
    Drew: Adam... I called you Adam... Just leave me alone 'kay? *faints*
  • (To Clare, trying to comfort her): "There, there."


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Love TrianglesEdit

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