Douchebag Jar

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The Douchebag Jar is a running gag on the tv show New Girl. The purpose of the jar is to help correct Schmidt's behavior, he is to put money in the jar for any comment/action he makes that is considered douchey.

As of the episode Bathtub the money in the jar was used to dry clean Schmidt's suits, which Jess and Winston had ruined when their secret bathtub plan backfired.

Schmidt is the only character in the series to put money in the jar.

List of OffensesEdit



Reason Requested By Dollar Amount
Pilot "This is LLS: Ladies Love Schmidt" Nick Miller $1
Pilot For calling Nick and Coach his 'bros' Nick Miller


Pilot To Jess: "No matter what, I would still totally do you" Jessica Day


The Story of the 50 "Guess whose personalized condoms just arrived!" Jessica Day Unknown
The Story of the 50 For walking into a room weating a tank top and a driving cap Nick Miller Unknown
The Story of the 50 For attempting to kiss Jess after she threw him a birthday party Nick, Winston, Jess $50
Fancyman (Part 2) In response to remembering Calvin Coolidge's Birthday: "Question, how do you forget that? Answer, you don't." Himself Unknown
Fancyman (Part 2) While putting money in the jar: "Winston, it's your public education, you'll catch up." Himself Unknown
Katie "Jess, are you cooking fritatta in a saucepan? What is this, prison?" Nick, Winston Unknown
Elaine's Big Day Nick Mentioned only, no money was put in the jar.


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