You're good, Clare. You're really good."
"You're good too Darcy. You just got turned around is all."
"It's a teensy more complicated than that.
” — Darcy and Clare during Darcy's rough years.

Darcy-Clare (Siblings)
General Information
Intimacy Level Siblings
The relationship between siblings Darcy Edwards and Clare Edwards was introduced in Season 6. The two girls were somewhat close, as they shared a room at home and had the same Christian beliefs, but the two were separated when Darcy moved to Kenya during her senior year of high school.


Season 6Edit

In Eyes Without a Face (1), Clare is frequently seen watching television in the same room with her sister, while Darcy is on the computer constantly updating her MyRoom page account. Clare always tries to see what Darcy is doing. Darcy proceeds to describe her as annoying. Clare is also seen as the "Goody Two Shoes" according to her sister.

In Eyes Without a Face (2), when Darcy invites Spinner into her room, Clare reminds her that their mother doesn't allow boys over when she is not home. However, Darcy ignores her. Later, She is seen walking home with Darcy when the two encounter Adams. Clare can tell something is not right and hurries inside to call 911 after Darcy mouths it to her. Clare is later seen comforting Darcy.

Season 7Edit

In Standing In The Dark (1), Clare is seen walking through the living room while Darcy is pretending to be sick to get out of going to the retreat.

In Standing In The Dark (2), Clare is seen in the hospital after Darcy's suicide attempt. She clearly looks distraught about what her sister has done, but doesn't make an effort to try and figure out what went wrong by asking Peter or Manny, whom she hasn't met. She merely stayed with her father, and remained quiet.

Season 8Edit

In Uptown Girl (1), Darcy's litter sister, Clare, is now attending Degrassi as a freshman, and Darcy tells her that in order to fit in, she needs to ditch her private school uniform and dress cooler.

In Uptown Girl (2), Clare explains to K.C. that her sister Darcy is the pretty and popular one, while she's just the smart one. K.C. reveals his crush on Clare by saying that she is way more than just the smart one.

In Fight the Power, Darcy leaves for Kenya to help build schools there. Clare is seen giving presents from Darcy to all of her friends. Clare gives one to Jane, and tells her she is her and Alli's hero for being the only girl on the football team.

In Man With Two Heartsafter Clare gets caught with a vibator in class, her mom scolds her and thinks that she's having sex. Later, Clare is in her room and her mother comes in and says that after what happened to Darcy, she worries about both her daughters.

In Jane Says (2), Clare finally stops wearing her Catholic school uniform, and begins wearing Darcy's old clothes, which results in getting her attention from many boys.


Darcy and Clare's mom, Helen, holding a picture of them from when they were younger.

Season 9Edit

In Just Can't Get Enough, at Clare's house, while Clare is doing Jenna's nails, she tells Jenna that Darcy taught her how to do proper manicures and Jenna says to Clare that she's jealous of her since Clare has a sister while she has three half brothers.

Season 10Edit

In Umbrella (1), Darcy's departure to Africa is mentioned in a discussion with Clare and their parents. Later, she is mentioned again by both Clare and her father. Darcy's photo is also seen when Clare and their mother go through boxes while they pack to move. The picture is of Darcy, Clare, and their father when they went skiing in Maine a while ago.

Season 11Edit

On October 2, 2011, Darcy is metioned by Clare in her tweet, that she is doing well (via Skype). Source It is unknown if Darcy has returned from Kenya but it is assumed based on Clare saying that she is happy to hear from her, that Darcy doesn't talk to Clare very often.


A picture of Darcy that's sitting on Clare's desk while she's working on her article.

Season 12Edit

In Waterfalls (1), a photo of Darcy is seen on Clare's desk while Clare was finalizing her article.

Degrassi MiniEdit

In "Unstoppable", Darcy is mentioned when Chantay tells Clare that her sister, Darcy, was one of the Power Squad legends.


  • Darcy: (about her posting racy photos online and Adams finding her): "Just promise me you wont ever do anything like that."
    Clare: "What do you think I am, five?" (in Eyes Without a Face (2))
  • Darcy: "Degrassi boys are trouble, stay away!"
    Clare: "Then it's a good thing that I'm here for school and not for boys."
  • Clare (revealing she feels insecure compared to her sister: "My sister, Darcy, has always been the pretty and popular one. I'm good at being the smart one."
  • Darcy: (walking past Clare at school) "Hi, Clare. Bye, Clare."
  • Darcy: "You're good, Clare. You're really good."
    Clare: "You're good too Darcy. You got turned around is all."
    Darcy: "It's a teensy more complicated than that." (implying her rape)
  • Clare: (posted on Twitter) "Had a great talk with Darcy on skype. She is doing really well. I'm so happy to hear from her."


  • They're both Christians.
  • They both lost their viginities in their junior year- Darcy lost her virginity to Peter Stone in Bust a Move (1) and Clare lost her virginity to Eli Goldsworthy in The Time of My Life.
  • They're both shown wearing cross necklaces.
  • They both attended the Friendship/Jesus Club.
  • They were both sexually assaulted in their junior year. Darcy was drugged and raped by an unknown rapist in Standing In The Dark (1) and Clare was sexually harassed by her old boss, Asher in Waterfalls (1) and (2).
  • They both have revealed theirselves on camera, Darcy posted racy photos of herself online to Adams in Eyes Without a Face (1) and (2) and Clare took pictures of her breasts to put them on Asher's computer in Scream (2).
    • Darcy warned Clare not to reveal herself online in Season 6, though Clare ended up revealing herself in Season 12.
  • Both first told a close friend of their sexual assult- Darcy first told Manny about her rape and Clare first told Alli about her sexual harrassment. They also didn't want to tell their sexual assults to anybody else.
  • Both girls thought of having sex with their boyfriends though they both wear abstinence rings. Darcy thought of having sex with Spinner in Redemption Song and with Peter in Live to Tell and Bust a Move (1) and Clare thought of having sex with Eli in Umbrella (1), Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), and The Time of My Life and with Jake in Underneath It All.
  • Both were drinking out of frustration during their junior years. Darcy in Standing In The Dark (1) and Clare in Sabotage (1).
  • It was because of Darcy and Sav that Clare met her best friend Alli.
  • Clare and Darcy shared a room when Darcy was living with her family. However, in Underneath It All, Jake moves into "Darcy's old room".
  • It is mentioned by Clare that she and Darcy still talk to each other on Skype.
  • They were both first shown to be very strong about their beliefs though later started having some doubts while dealing with their life problems- Darcy while coping with her rape and Clare while coping with her parents' divorce.
  • Their portrayers in real life are not Christians- Shenae Grimes who plays Darcy is an Atheist and Aislinn Paul who plays Clare is an Agnostic.
  • Darcy told Clare about her rape off-screen, as Helen mentioned it while talking to Clare in season 9 after the older sibling was off the show.
  • Clare said her first line to Darcy. ("Why are you so addicted to writing a dumb blog no reads?")
  • Both girls were supporting characters before being promoted to the main focus.
  • Both sisters have been on the Power Squad. However, Clare was only in it for on competition in a Degrassi Mini.
  • Both had two different "bad boys" crush on them, but only returned the feelings for one.
  • Both have kissed a guy they had a conflict with after they've been sexually assulted: Darcy with Johnny in Live to Tell and Clare with Dallas in Sabotage (1).
  • Both have broke down and yelled at their mother, Helen Martin, but didn't express their anger toward Randall Edwards.
  • Both had a dislike/conflict with Holly J. Sinclair and Johnny DiMarco.
  • Both are friends/on good terms with Sav Bhandari, Alli Bhandari, Emma Nelson, Chantay Black, Peter Stone, Spinner Mason, and Jane Vaughn.
  • In their sophomore/junior years, Clare and Darcy both dated two boys.
  • Clare didn't know why Darcy attempted suicide until a year after the fact.
  • They have both taken a vow of abstinence, but have broken it.
    • They both lost their virginities when they were in Grade 11.
  • Both girls were first seen as good girls and strict chistians though both started becoming rebellious and questioning their faiths.
  • Both girls broke their friendships up with their best friends because of a boy and later reconcile with them: Darcy broke up her friendship with Manny after finding out that she and her then boyfriend Spinner had sex in High Fidelity (1) and then reconcile with her in Can't Hardly Wait and Clare broke up her friendship with Alli after catching her and her ex boyfriend and step brother Jake kissing in Nowhere to Run and reconcile with her In The Cold, Cold Night (1).
  • They both have criticize their friends before.
  • They both have dealt with health problems - Darcy with chlamydia and Clare with cancer.
  • They were the third set of siblings to have the oldest leave Degrassi before graduation and the youngest stay and graduate. The others were Stephanie & Arthur and Ashley & Toby.
  • They have a lot in common with the Matlin sisters.
  • They had an on and off relationships with their boyfriends.
    • Darcy with Spinner and Clare with Eli.
  • Both had been cheated on.
    • Darcy was cheated on by Spinner with Paige and Clare was cheated on by Eli with Lenore.
  • Both kissed a boy that was held back.
  • Clare shares similarities with Darcy's friend, Emma Nelson.
  • They both first appeared in the fifth episode of their first season.


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