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Season 1
Episode 17
Air Date April 7, 2011
Directed By Eagle Egilsson
Written By Jim Barnes
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"Into the Dark"

Covenant is the seventeenth episode of Nikita's first season. It picks up from the cliffhanger of the previous episode Echoes and its cliffhanger, of Michael being Nikita's apartment after tracking her using the audio from one of Alex's recorded phone calls. Michael confronts Nikita in her lair and reveals that he knows Alex is the mole. He tells Nikita that she has 24 hours to find Kasim, the man who killed Michael's family, or he will tell Percy about Alex.


Some years ago, Nikita and Michael are preparing for a mission.

In the present, Michael has tracked down Nikita's safehouse and holds her at gunpoint, having her disarm. He reveals that he knows that Alex is her mole. He accuses her of allegiance with Gogol, because of their partnership with Al-Qaeda. Nikita denies it, for Gogol hates her for the two times she stopped their plans. He demands that she agree to work with Ari Tasarov in order to track down Kasim Tariq, the man who killed his family. He gives her 24 hours, or he'll expose Alex and feed her to Amanda..

With little choice, Nikita contacts Gogol and meets with Ari. He agrees to give her a job, but warns her not to get a third strike with him, otherwise Gogol will not be so forgiving.

At Division, Percy shows Michael of his black boxes , which he intends to use to bring about "big changes" to the US.

Nikita intercepts an Al-Qaeda heroin transport convoy, blocking their path with a truck. With a synthesized voice through a cellphone, Nikita claims to be part of the Knights of Shi'ra, before blowing up all the heroin. Al-Qaeda calls Kasim in Paris, France, to inform him of this development. Before Nikita could get a trace on his location, she fails, but not before hearing that Kasim will be coming to St. Petersburg to meet with Ari to learn about his new foes. She captures Kasim and betrays Gogol.

Getting Kasim to the house that Michael intended his family to live in, Nikita calls Michael, making a counterdemand; the locations of the remaining Black Boxes and their Guardians or she'll drop Kasim off with the proper authorities in China, the last place Division can negotiate him out of. Michael reluctantly agrees.

While setting up surveillance around the house, Nikita catches Kasim attempting to get out of his bonds and unlocking her locked phone but she stops him. Then suddenly, Al-Qaeda has somehow tracked her down. Just then, Michael arrives and guns down all the guerillas. When he has Kasim in his sights and at his mercy, Nikita realizes that Kasim is Division, from how he unlocked the phone to call for backup. Kasim admits that when he was with Division, Percy assigned him to assassinate Michael to insinuate himself into Al-Qaeda as a double agent. The attempt still worked when Kasim killed Michael's family. But eventually, Kasim realized that Percy was not a man of honor and thus defected. Shocked, Michael leaves the room. Niktia then kills Kasim.

Outside, Michael comments on what he promised his family when he was going into the domestic life. Aghast that Percy took it all away from him, Michael thinks to return to Division and kills Percy. Nikita reminds him that if Percy dies before the black boxes are destroyed, then the USA will fall apart. She promises him that once they find the black boxes, they can finally put an end to Percy. Michael admits that he does not know their location, having intended to doublecross Nikita.

Michael returns to Division, pretending to go along with Percy's plan, before meeting with Nikita, and kissing her passionately.

File:"There is no us. There never was." - 1x17

Featured MusicEdit

  • Cosmic Love - Florence + the machine


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