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Continuum is a Canadian science fiction series produced by Reunion Pictures Inc., Boy Meets Girl Film Company, and GK-TV. The series centres on the conflict between a group of rebels from the year 2077 who time-travel to Vancouver, BC, in 2012, and a police officer who accidentally accompanies them.



Season 1: 2012Edit

# Image Title Airdate
01 1x01 A Stitch in Time May 27, 2012
A police officer from the future is sent back to our time after a group of rebels convicted as terrorists decide to stop that future from happening by changing the past.
02 120px Fast Times June 3, 2012
Kiera, with Alec's help, continues to hunt down Liber8 and soon realizes that they are trying to time travel again. Meanwhile, Kiera's Portland police cover is blown, and she soon finds herself under arrest by her partner, Carlos.
03 120px Wasting Time June 10, 2012
Kiera and Carlos investigate a series of mysterious murders that may be connected to Liber8. Meanwhile, Travis is fatally ill and some in the group start jockeying for position in the hopes of replacing him, while one particular member starts to go rogue and arranges to meet with Kiera.
04 120px Matter of Time June 17, 2012
Kiera and Carlos investigate the murder of a Professor Martin Ames and hit a brick wall when the military takes over their case on national security grounds. Kiera's moral beliefs are tested. Meanwhile, Kagame finally appears, and Kellog is settling well into 2012, even extending a helping hand to his ancestors.
05 120px A Test of Time June 24, 2012
Kagame's return begins with a reset of Liber8's agenda, away from violence and towards blending into the community and fostering their revolution through co-opting existing structures. Due to Kiera's interference, Liber8 decides to go after her grandmother in hopes ceasing Kiera's existence.
06 120px Time's Up July 8, 2012
Kagame pursues step one of his new agenda - win the intellectuals and the grass roots dissenters, hoping to earn the attention of the public when they kidnap the CEO of a corrupt corporate, Exotrol, Henrietta Sherman. Alec faces his own dilemma when he realizes that his step-brother Julian is one of the violent protesters.
07 120px The Politics of Time July 15, 2012
Trust between partners Carlos and Kiera come into question when evidence points to Carlos in an investigation of the murder of his friend.
08 120px Playtime July 22, 2012
Kiera and Carlos investigate suicidal murders of two software beta testers. When a game developer has Kiera try an immersive simulation, she finds herself losing control of her CMR.
09 120px Family Time July 29, 2012
Alerted to a bulk purchase of a fertilizer that could be used for explosives, Kiera and Carlos end up at Roland Randol's farm, with Kiera and Alec both surprised to see each other. The situation makes a turn for the worse when the real makers of the bomb, one of them Julian, hold them hostage.
10 120px Endtimes August 5, 2012
Kiera realizes that in her timeline, today is the day that terrorists bomb a building, killing hundreds of people. As she tries to get help to stop the imminent bombing, Alec is kidnapped by Liber8 when he realizes his step brother, Julian, is under their sway.

Season 2: 2013Edit

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