The Central City Police Department (CCPD) is the police department of Central City.


The Central City Police Department is designed in the Art Deco. The police department is a symmetrical building, divided into five major sections and a lobby overlooking the front street. The outside walls of the building are cream, while the walls inside are white.

Greco-Roman relief / Justice League reliefEdit

Central City Police Department main hall

Central City Police Department‎ main hall.

The most notable example of the Art Deco aesthetic can be noticed on the large gilded relief located in the main hall, overlooking the staircase. The relief is a four meter tall, gilded slab representing seven classical Greco-Roman deities who are posing beneath an American condor. Behind the condor's head lies the sun, and a variant Star-Spangled Banner covers the falcon's chest, flanked by lightning bolts on each side. Atop the slab is a panel which reads "Central City Police". Bellow the seven gods is a panel which reads "Truth - Liberty - Justice".

The seven Greco-Roman deities are, from a clockwise perspective:

  • Hephaestu- Cyborg, holding a club hammer in his right hand and having a lit fire to his right.
  • Hermes -Flash, represented by his winged helmet.
  • Hera -Wonder Woman, with a bird on her right shoulder and holding a bowl in her left hand.
  • Zeus -Superman in the center, lifting a lightning scepter in his right arm.
  • Hades - Batman, holding a forked scepter in his right arm.
  • Apollo - Green Arrow with an arrow quiver on his back and a bow in his right arm.
  • Poseidon - Aquaman, holding a trident in his left arm.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Greco-Roman reliefEdit

  • The relief has been confirmed by Tyler Harron, head production designer of The Flash, as being an allusion to the Justice League. The seven deities denote one of the seven members of the Justice League. Hermes is synonymous with The Flash, while Poseidon represents Aquaman. Zeus represents Superman, while Hera and Hades are Wonder Woman and Batman, respectively. Hephaestus can be either Cyborg or Green Lantern. Typically, Apollo is a representation of Green Arrow. Meanwhile, the words; Truth, Liberty and Justice reference the heroes Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, in that order.[1]


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