Cassie infobox
Cassie Blake
Biographical informations
Born March 28, 1995
Home Chance Harbor, Washington
Relatives Amelia Blake (mother) †
John Blackwell (father) †
Diana Meade (paternal half-sister)
Four unknown half-siblings
Jane Blake (grandmother) †
Samuel Blackwell (grandfather) †
James Blackwell (great-grandfather)†
Emma Watkins (great grandmother) †
Joseph Blackwell (ancestor) †
E. Blackwell (ancestor) †
Jane Thomas (ancestor) †
Francis Balcoin (ancestor) †
Species Witch
Abilities White Magic
Dark Magic
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Cause of Death N/A
Died N/A
Killed By N/A
Portrayed by Britt Robertson
Seasons 1
First Appearance Pilot
Last appearance Family

"She is the one we have been waiting for. The one that can tip the balance between Good and Evil."” — Kate Meade to her son, Charles, about Cassie's powers.Cassie Blake, born March 28, 1995, is the main female character and protagonist of The Secret Circle. She is the daughter of Amelia Blake and John Blackwell, best friend and older paternal half-sister of Diana Meade, ex-girlfriend and best friend of Adam Conant and also a member of the Chance Harbor Circle.

Cassie was a happy, normal teenage girl until her mother Amelia died in what appeared to be a tragic accidental fire but not such as an accident. Orphaned and deeply saddened, Cassie moved in with her warm and loving grandmother Jane in the beautiful small town of Chance Harbor, Washington - the town her mother left so many years before - where the residents seems to know more about Cassie than she does about herself. As Cassie gets to know her high school classmates, including sweet-natured Diana, her handsome boyfriend Adam, brooding loner Nick, mean-girl Faye and her sidekick Melissa, strange and frightening things begin to happen. When her new friends explain that they are all descended from powerful witches, and they've been waiting for Cassie to join them and complete a new generation of the Secret Circle, Cassie refuses to believe them - until Adam shows her how to unlock her incredible magical powers. But it's not until Cassie discovers a message from her mother in an old leather-bound book of spells hidden in her mother's childhood bedroom, that she understands her true and dangerous destiny. What Cassie and the others don't yet know is that darker powers are at play, powers that might be linked to the adults in the town, including Diana's father and Faye's mother - and that Cassie's mother's death might not have been an accident. But the more time passes by, the more Cassie gets confident of herself and develops her incredible potential.

Cassie is a member of the Blake family and the Blackwell family.


Early lifeEdit

Cassie Blake was born on March 28, 1995 to Amelia Blake and John Blackwell. Shortly before Cassie's birth John betrayed Amelia by having an affair with Elizabeth Meade which resulted in Diana Meade being born less than a month later. John also summoned demons which resulted in Amelia leaving him prior to the Boatyard Fire. Sara Armstrong stated in the Witness flashback that Amelia would never forgive John for what he did to her and she said that Amelia helped Ethan in his plot to killed John which backfired. Later consumed by guilt and stripped of her magic, she later abandoned what was left her coven by moving to Los Angeles with Cassie. Amelia had to keep witchcraft and Cassie's magic legacy along with the truth about her father a secret from her daughter prior to her death in Pilot.

Season OneEdit

After the horrific death of her mother, Cassie travels to the picturesque town of Chance Harbor to live with her warm and loving grandmother Jane Blake. As Cassie begins her first day at her new high school, she comes to know the gentle and kind Diana Meade who invites Cassie to join her and her friends at the Boathouse Bar and Grill. Later, while awaiting for Diana at the Boathouse, Cassie is introduced to Faye Chamberlain and her best friend Melissa Glaser Becoming annoyed by Faye, and impatient with Diana, Cassie decides to leave until her car inexplicably catches fire. After being rescued by the good-looking Adam Conant, Cassie instantly becomes attracted to the young-man. However after the discovery of Adam's relationship with Diana, Cassie backs off.
The following day, Cassie runs into Diana, who tries to apologize for the other day. However, as Cassie struggles to adjust in her new hometown, Diana persuades Cassie to accompanying her to an old abandoned house. Once there, Adam, Diana, Faye, Melissa, and Nick all convince Cassie that they are descended from a long and powerful line of witches, and they've been waiting for her to join them and complete a new generation of the Secret Circle. Refusing to believe them, Cassie runs away, until later when Adam shows her how to harness her magical powers.After witnessing the efficiency of their power, Adam and Cassie fall into a trance where they nearly kiss. Once Cassie realizes what was happening, she pulls away from Adam and runs off again. Later that night, Cassie pays a visit to Adam's father, Ethan Conant, who explains that she and Adam are destined to be together After leaving the Boathouse, Cassie meets up with Diana who tries to explain the history of their magic, and the importance of staying together. Meanwhile, down by the pier, Faye conjures a storm that nearly destroys the entire town. Despite her effort to counteract the spell, Cassie is the only witch strong enough to reverse the damage and to stop the storm.

Later that night, after Cassie returns home she discovers a hidden passage in the wall of Amelia's childhood bedroom. There she discovers an old leather-bound book of spells with message from her mother that explains Cassie's dangerous destiny and the darkness of her past.

The following morning, in an effort to distance herself from the Circle and establish a normal teenage life in Chance Harbor, Cassie befriends Sally Matthews, a non-witch Concerned their powers are getting out of control, Diana pushes everyone to bind the Circle, but Faye is thrilled with the increase in her powers and refuses to participate, while Melissa flirts with Nick despite Faye's warnings. Meanwhile, Adam fights his growing feelings for Cassie, but circumstances continue to throw them together, forcing Cassie to make a decision. {C}
Later, the annual Chance Harbor Celebration Festival, Sally is fatally harmed when Faye Chamberlain accidentally pushed her over a balcony. However after Dawn Chamberlain uses a crystal to magically heal Sally, who had little to no memory of what happened After realizing the dangers of their magic, the Circle finally comes to terms with binding their powers. The next day, a cute jock named Luke asks Cassie to the school dance, and after watching Adam spend time with Diana at the Boathouse, she accepts his offer. Meanwhile, Melissa sees the dance as an opportunity to get closer to Nick Faye, on the other hand, has no plans to go and remains focused on finding a way to control her powers. After Dawn discovers an intense man named Zachary Larson, had recently returned to Chance Harbor, she asks Charles to keep an eye on him after he begins asking questions about Cassie and the Circle.
File:Cassie Captured.jpg
However, after Charles confronts Zach about his intentions, Zachary attacks Charles and later sets off to kill Cassie and her friends.

After the "disappearance" of Zachary Larson, Cassie looks up an old friend of her mother's named Heather Barnes and discovers she has been in a catatonic state since the night of the fire sixteen years ago. Feeling guilty that her mother and her Circle may have had something to do with Heather's current state, Cassie tells Diana that she wants to use magic to help Heather. However, after Diana refuses to help, Cassie reluctantly turns to Faye, who is more than happy to conjure up a spell – for a price After Cassie and Faye unknowingly release a demon from its prison, as Faye skims through Cassie's Book of Shadows, the girls are later attacked by Abaddon, who wishes to kill the Circle and steal their powers. However, after the untimely death of Heather Barnes, the demon exits her body and later enters within Melissa.

The following day, torn between her loyalties to the Circle and her family, Cassie wrestles with the secrets she must keep from her grandmother. Nick is thrown for a loop when Melissa adopts a new attitude and enlists his help to track down her family's Book of Shadows Faye is also recruited but isn't happy about being the third wheel. Meanwhile, Diana is craving some alone time with Adam and arranges a date night so they can rekindle the spark in their relationship, but all six of them are brought together to fight off a dark force that threatens to destroy the Circle from within. Completely unaware of the new danger encroaching on their children, Dawn joins Charles aboard his boat to further their plans for the Circle, but is surprised to find that Charles may have more than business on his mind. After countless battles between the Circle and "Melissa", Cassie finally turns to her grandmother for help However after the demon takes Nick to be his next host, the demon is later killed by Charles Meade.

Following the death of Nick, when his older brother Jake returns to Chance Harbor, he learns a lot has changed since his last visit. For one, the girl he left behind, Faye has discovered she's a witch and has plans to get even with the handsome guy who broke her heart. To complicate things further, he sets his sights on the alluring Cassie, much to Adam and Faye's dismay. However Cassie is attacked by a witch hunter named Simone, the Circle must come together to fight off yet another enemy who threatens the coven.

Deciding the Circle needs to have a little fun, Faye convinces Cassie to throw a Halloween party. Intent on wooing Jake back, Faye goes all out on her Halloween costume. After a fight with Diana, Adam turns to Cassie for advice. Meanwhile, some dangerous, uninvited guests set their sights on the Circle. With the help of Jake, a group of witch hunters are successfully able to kidnap Cassie an her friends. However the hunters find killing the witches easier said than done, especially with Cassie’s powers growing stronger by the day.

One week has pasted since the Circle's encounter with the witch hunters, and with Melissa away visiting relatives the Circle isn't as strong. Meanwhile, after not hearing from her grandmother for a couple of days, Cassie becomes concerned and wants to go look for her. Diana decides the entire Circle should go in case Jane is in trouble. She also invites Jake along, much to Adam's dismay. A storm turns the day trip into an overnight excursion, so Faye suggests a little game of Truth or Dare to liven up the evening. However, things take a horrible turn when Faye is forced to reckon with someone from her past.
As Cassie helps Faye deal with demons of her past, she makes a horrifying discovery when she magically unearths the murdered body of Henry Chamberlain, Faye’s beloved grandfather. As Cassie becomes more and more curious of ancestry, she and Jake begin to look into her father's side of the family, hoping to discover more about her lineage and why she has powers separate from the Circle. Meanwhile, Adam becomes protective of Cassie when Faye reveals that Jake might be hiding something dangerous from them. At the same time, Adam's equally concerned when Melissa's cousin Holden comes to town and catches Diana's eye. A power shift forms between Charles and Dawn that threatens to destroy their plan. Later, the Circle is attacked by yet another attempt from the witch hunters to kill the Circle. However, after the discovery of Jake's affiliation with the hunters, the Circle begins to doubt the trust of their friendship.

Cassie turns to Adam when she uncovers a secret about herself that she needs kept from the rest of the Circle, including Diana. Meanwhile, Diana is thrilled when her grandmother Kate drops in for a visit, but Charles is suspicious of his mother's motives after Kate takes an unusual interest in Cassie. Meanwhile, Faye recruits a mysterious stranger named Lee to help her with a spell that could change the balance of the Circle forever.

After Cassie asks Adam for help when she wants to look into her father's past, and their search leads them to an eerily familiar place. It also rekindles an old flame when Adam, thrilled to be spending time with Cassie again, asks her to the Fire and Ice dance. But because of her friendship with Diana, Cassie is forced to give a surprising response. In an effort to be a better father, Ethan offers to chaperone the dance, much to Adam's dismay. Faye asks Lee to help her with a spell that would grant her individual magic. Unfortunately, the spell has some terrifying side effects that nearly destroy the Circle.

File:Cassie jake.jpg
After Jake returns to Chance Harbor to warn Cassie that unless they find out how her father was killed in the boat fire sixteen years ago, she'll meet with the same tragic death. However, after Jake suggests an extremely dangerous method to finally uncover what happened on that fateful day, Adam and Diana suspect he may have an ulterior motive. In an effort to usurp the other, both Charles and Dawn try to get Ethan on board as an ally. Faye gets trapped in a dangerous situation when one of Lee's friends, Callum stops by the shop.

After receiving a frightening warning about the witch hunters' return, Cassie enlists the Circle's help. At the same time, her true feelings for Adam and Jake surface during a birthday party that Ethan decides to throw with the help of Diana. Meanwhile, Faye and Melissa take their inner power to a chilling new level when they try a little of Lee's "Devil's Spirit."

In honor of the holiday, Faye and Melissa throw a girls only anti-Valentine's Day slumber party for themselves and
fellow witches Diana and Cassie. But the night gets wilder than expected when Melissa offers Diana some mood altering "Devil's Spirit" and the first person Diana loosens up around is Lee, who crashes the party to help Faye achieve her own power. Meanwhile, Cassie is forced to turn to Adam and Jake after she becomes haunted by the spirits of some vengeful witches.
File:John blackwell promo3.jpg
Cassie is stunned when a notoriously evil figure from her past shows up on her doorstep. However, her surprise quickly turns to suspicion when he asks her to return the medallion she found in the wreckage of the fire that killed their parents. Cassie storms off but is captured by Eben and his band of witch hunters. Jake offers to trade himself for Cassie's freedom and when Adam realizes they're in trouble he calls the Circle. Meanwhile, Faye and Diana are concerned when Melissa starts spending more time with Callum.

Cassie catches Blackwell sneaking around the abandoned house. After confiding in Adam, he tells her he knows Blackwell was looking for a device to drain witches' powers and clearly back to his old ways. Faye shows up at Lee's house to invite him to the school fundraiser, but is taken aback when Eva greets her at the door claiming to be Lee's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Melissa encourages Diana to date a normal guy and points her in the direction of a new, handsome guy in town. Dawn runs into Blackwell at the school but the reunion isn't quite what she expected.

Blackwell warns Cassie and Adam that their love may be destiny, but it's also a curse. He suggests they go visit her grandmother, Jane to find out if there is a spell to reverse it. Jane warns Cassie that someone in the Circle will die if the curse is awakened. Meanwhile, Eva starts stalking Faye and Charles makes his next move against Blackwell.

Jake gets a surprise visit from an old acquaintance named Samuel, a witch hunter, who has a message for Blackwell about Eben's surprising next move. Cassie intervenes, forces Samuel to reveal his news and is stunned to find out what Eben is trying to resurrect. Meanwhile, Diana is frustrated that keeping the secrets of who they are is building a barrier between her and Grant. Faye and Melissa agree to help out Adam at the Boathouse and in return get him to help them use their magic to enhance their love life.


In Crystal, Cassie finds out that Diana was her half sister because Royce, Jake's grandfather, said that his Crystal was hidden in a mine and he spelled it so that no Witch with Dark Magic can acess it. When Cassie and Jake got to the mine to rescue Adam and Melissa, Cassie started choking and couldn't go in, since she had Dark Magic. Later, Diana said that she couldn't help Melissa and Adam out of the mine either because she was choking as well, meaning that she has dark magic and is the other child of Blackwell in the Circle.

In Traitor , Cassie realized that her grandmother (Jane Blake) is dead, so she falls into sadness and anger believing the witch hunters had killed her grandmother. Adam tried to comfort her and she accidently kissed him, resulting her to be very sorry.While Cassie confronted John that she wants to kill the witch hunters now more than ever. At the Abandoned House, Faye and Jake brought some good news that they found a crystal, but its energy was drained out, but was stolen by the traitor later in the episode. This resulted Cassie, Diana,Jake and Faye into going the most creepiest place on earth-as Faye mentioned, but before that Jake wanted to asked about the witch who was working for Eben so he arranged a meeting with Issac so they came there first. Instead of Issac there, it was Ian who told Jake that Eben had killed Isaac because he had let the traitor escaped and informed him that he never met the traitor. Cassie then attacked Ian by sufficating him causing Diana and Jake to try and stop her, after that Ian critisized Jake and went away.When half the circle and Cassie arrived there, the creepiest place on Earth actually was an The Abandoned Carnival.
As the circle went in they were seperated into two groups; Faye with Jake and Cassie with Diana even though Diana wanted to go with Faye instead because she doesn't want to talk with Cassie about her being half-sister of Cassie, but Faye said she doesn't want to go with any of the dark magic super twins with her which changed Diana's mind of going with Faye. Cassie tried to talk with Diana that dark magic isn't that bad, but it can save people like she saved Diana during the time Luke almost killed Diana (Masked). When both Diana and Cassie heard a noise they ran there and saw the traitor.Cassie decided to kill the traitor, but Diana insisted not to so she just knock him down. They discovered the traitor was Nick who they believed to be dead. They then chased him saying they don't want to harm him, but just wanted the crystal which he dropped and ran away.


"I talked to Nick once before... he told me this blond girl moved next door into the Blake House; short, sad, but strong, a survivor. He admired her. I guess he was talking about you."
— Jake to Cassie about Nick's opinion on her.

Despite Cassie's independent and strong-willed persona, she is a very kind and loving young woman who cares deeply about her family and friends. When she uses dark magic she is seen with an evil look in her eyes.

At any rate, it seems grief mold her personality in more ways than one. First her mother died and the loss, along with the realization she will have to start doing things on her own, mae her tougher. Then her grandmother died and she channeled all the anger she felt against the witch hunters.

Physical AppearanceEdit

"You are very pretty."” — Faye to Cassie on her first day of school. Cassie Blake is well-known for her beautifully long blonde hair, heart-shaped face, full lips and ocean-blue eyes. She's petite and not very tall, standing at 5' 2½

File:Cassie Goes Bananas.JPG

Powers and abilitiesEdit

"Just how powerful are you?"” — Diana Meade, after Cassie's Dark Magic was fully activated.

Cassie is one of the most powerful witches we have seen to date. What she doesn't have in formal training on witchcraft she makes up for it with raw power.

Her great potential was shown early in the series when she managed to subdue a storm neither Faye or Diana could stop, showing an affinity for Atmokinesis. When the entire Circle was once kidnapped and was about to be killed by Luke she was able to blow up one of Luke's Witch Cruids with a solid shout. Seconds after this, she set flame to Luke killing him, proving just how powerful her dark magic truly is as she activated its power through instinct alone and it was enough to overpower a barrier of ashwood, a special type of wood which renders most use of magic useless.

When Faye was being contacted directly by the residual energy of her dead grandfather, Cassie was the only one who could see the ilusions as well, indicating she has stronger magical senses than Jake, Adam, Diana. When Isaac tried to kidnap Cassie and deliver her to the council of Witch Hunters, he recognized the danger she poses on them shall her dark magic been unleashed on the boat and so he didn't pursue her when she escaped.

When Kate Meade buried her alive to test the limits of her powers by bringing her to the brink of death, Cassie's dark magic proved to be too powerful for the ritual to hold her and such it was proven that she is more powerful than an experienced Elder.

At the Fire and Ice Dance, Cassie proved to be highly resistant to external influences that seek to take away her powers, as shown when the Voodoo ritual Faye and Lee made failed to overpower her natural defenses. This ability was shown again when a potion with Lethe root designed to take away her feelings for Adam didn't work on her.

During Sacrifice, she fought against a demon and although she failed to defeat it she succeded in employing the use of Pyrokinesis. Cassie also repeatedly shows outstanding use of Telekinesis ranging from lifting heavy things and throw them to light weighted spears with greater precision. She also has considerable constrictive powers, as shown constantly when she have choke someone with dark magic. During Family, she succeded in overriding the command John Blackwell put on the Crystal Skull and used it to kill her father, albeit with the help of her sister Diana.

Cassie have also used Circle magic to great effect like when they toss around Zachary Larson with Aerokinesis and when she combined her powers with Jake to fend off witch hunter Simone. Aparently, she also has great potential to use Photokinesis, as displayed in Bound.

While her half-sister Diana also has Dark magic, Cassie has a stronger magical potential because she is also a Blake. In fact, if she would have the same amount of magical training as that of John Blackwell, it would be fairly possible that Cassie would be more powerful than Blackwell, but as she lacks years of training her father is still more powerful than her through experience. That was proven when Cassie couldn't kill the demon possessing Samuel despite exploiting a demon's weakness while Blackwell completely destroyed it

It is possible that she is the most powerful witch in her circle due to both her Blake and Blackwell bloodlines.


Main article: Cassie Blake/Relationships


"I don't know you. I don't wanna know you and I don't want any part of this so you have to leave me alone understand?" (to Faye)
-- Bound

"Sometimes when we're together, street lights explode. And that may be weird for Diana." (to Adam)
-- Loner

"I didn't have a huge social life at my old school. Or a small one. Or any one at all." (to Luke)
-- Loner

"We bound that circle with no clue what we were doing." (to Jane)
-- Wake

"And you are a bitchy, spoiled little girl who wants to blame me for all of your problems instead of just looking in the mirror." (to Faye)
-- Beneath

"I know it's not right but it felt really good." (to Diana)
-- Darkness

"You just can't stop being a bitch, can you?" (to Faye)
-- Fire/Ice

"Whatever you did is not affecting me it's hurting the rest of the circle." (to Faye)
-- Fire/Ice

Diana, you've always treated me like family and I know things are really confusing right now, but if it turns out that you are my sister, I'd be really happy about that. (to Diana)


  • Britt Robertson was casted as Cassie Blake because Kevin Williamson was impressed by her performance in Scream 4.
  • Coincidentally, Britt Robertson stared in a movie which had the word "Circle" in the title, The Tenth Circle, before starring in The Secret Circle.
  • She's the last witch to complete the coven of the third generation. Ironically, if Cassie would have lived in Chance Harbor since her birth, she would have surely been the female leader of the Circle, instead of Diana Meade, as her grandmother said the Blakes were always born leaders.
  • She is a descendant from two very powerful families. The Balcoin family, from which comes her inner Dark Magic, and the Blake family, which makes her part of the Circle.
    • Cassandra is a Greek name meaning "daughter of prophecies". Although Cassie from the series does not possess the power to foresee the future, Cassie from the novels does.
  • In the first season of The Secret Circle, Cassie has been involved in three car accidents. In Pilot, she had two car accidents, first being when Charles used magic to make one of her car tires run out of air. The second time was when Faye used her magic to set Cassie's car on fire while she was still inside of it. And in Valentine, when Cassie was on her way over to Adam's, one of the Ghosts attracted the Blackwell Medallion toward him and made Cassie lose control of her car trying to free herself from the Medallion.
  • In Crystal, Royce Armstrong has Cassie's birthdate listed as March 28, 1995. This makes her less than a month older than Diana.
    • Both Cassie and Adam were born on the day 28th making Cassie is two months younger than him. Also in the books they were almost a year apart since Cassie's birthday fell on July 28 while Adam was born in November the year before.
  • Diana is Cassie's half-sister which is reveal in Crystal. They both lost their virginity to former ex-boyfriend, Adam Conant.
  • Cassie is one of six children in a powerful Balcoin Circle.


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