CC Jitters
CC Jitters
Location Central City
Use(s) Coffee shop

CC Jitters, simply known as Jitters, is a coffee shop in Central City. Iris West notably has worked there.


CC Jitters Trivia Night pamphlet

Iris showing CC Jitters' Trivia Night pamphlet

After his recovery from a coma, Barry Allen went to visit Iris West at work. He also later visited her at work, whereupon he learnt that she was secretly dating Eddie Thawne.[1]

The coffee shop occasionally held "Trivia Night", where the winning team were rewarded a $75 CC Jitters Coffee Card. After being introduced to Felicity Smoak, Iris invited Barry and Felicity to team up with Eddie and her and the four of them debuted as team E=MC HAMMER.[2]

As he was about to leave, Oliver Queen met a former lover and, unbeknownst to him, the mother of his child, where they exchanged pleasantries and parted ways.[3]

Caitlin Snow met Jason Rusch at Jitters to talk about the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project that he had worked on.[4]

The cafe was eventually attacked by General Wade Eiling to kidnap Ronnie Raymond to gain access to Firestorm.

Known employeesEdit

Former EmployeesEdit


The FlashEdit

Season 1Edit


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