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Season 1:Edit

Season 2:Edit

Season 3 2012-2013Edit

Title Director Writer(s) U.S. viewers (millions) Premiere date
"How to Rock an Election" Adam Weissman Bill Martin & Mike Schiff 3.7[citation needed]

March 3, 2012

After the Perfs win the Class President elections for years in a row, Kacey and Kevin both decide to run, but in seperate campaigns. To lure in the votes, Kacey tells the whole student body that she can can get Big Time Rush to perform at their school. However nobody believes her. Now she must get them to win the election.

This is a How to Rock episode and Big Time Rush only guest stars.

Big Time Movie Savage Steve Holland Scott Fellows 4.1[citation needed] March 10, 2012

After getting their bags mixed up with bags containing a super weapon on their way to their first big world tour concert in London, the boys find themselves entangled in a plot for world domination.

Title Director Writer(s) U.S. viewers (millions) Premiere date
"Backstage Rush"[1] Unknown Unknown
2.285[citation needed]

May 12th, 2012

The guys are on their last day of "All Over the World Tour" and they want to learn how to change costume faster so they can break a changing record. Meanwhile, Carlos is accused of smuggling for bringing a cricket from France, Logan tries to finish a book by the end of the day and Kelly tries to inform everyone that the trampoline used in the show is faulty.

"Big Time Returns"[2] Unknown Unknown Unknown June 25th, 2012

The guys return home from their tour as celebrities, but their priorities remain the same: relaxing and meeting girls. Meanwhile, Griffin pressures Carlos to pick his top song prior to a radio interview.

"Bel Air Rush"[3] Unknown Unknown Unknown July 2nd, 2012[4]

Because of the insane fame rise of Big Time Rush poperazzi starts driving Big Time Rush insane so Gustavo is forced to move the boys to a mansion in Bel Air only to find out that they can never move out. This episode is a crossover episode with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

"Big Time Double Date"[5] Unknown Unknown Unknown July 9, 2012

Carlos and Jennifer (3) are on a date. Katie and James team up and attack a waiter to try to help Carlos so he doesn't ruin his date with Jennifer by James becoming their waiter. Carlos discover him and makes him leave by throwing him on a table and pushing him away.

"Big Time Merchandise"[6] Unknown Unknown Unknown July 16, 2012
Big Time Rush gets their own action figures, but they soon find out that those action figures can embarrass them like no one has ever done before.
"Big Time Rush Concert Special" Unknown Unknown Unknown July 23, 2012

Is a Nickelodeon's special. It will show some fans meeting BTR and there experience with the guys.

"Big Time Surprise[7] Unknown Unknown Unknown September 22, 2012[8]

Kendall has to deal with Lucy's ex-boyfriend Beau .[9]

"Big Time Decision[10] Unknown Unknown Not Aired September 29, 2012

Kendall must choose between Jo and Lucy; Carlos and James' friendship is tested.

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