"Basket Case"
Normal 1BC001
Season 13
Episode 22
Air Date March 4, 2014
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"No Surprises"



Basket Case is the twenty-second episode of Season 13.

Main PlotEdit

Miles' parents go out of town, so he decides to throw a party, where he makes a big mistake.

Sub PlotEdit

Clare is starting to have feelings for Drew after they kissed. Alli tells her to keep her distance from Drew. Later Alli and Clare are making movie plan when the bump into Drew. Drew asks Clare to help him with his job. Alli says she can't but Clare nods and walks away with Drew. Later they pull up at Clare's house just to find one  "Eli Goldsworthy"

Third PlotEdit

Alli and Dallas plan on getting revenge on Leo.

  • This episode is named after the song Basket Case by Green Day.
  • Alli and Clare make a reference to the song Innocent When You Dream. This could be a reference to the episode Innocent When You Dream where Clare has fantasies about Declan Coyne.
  • Although he made an appearance, Ricardo Hoyos wasn't credited in this episode.
  • Drew calls Clare "Edwards" which is also what Eli calls her.
  • Miles told his dad that he knew about him cheating.

  • Zoë: "Where's your little applecheek girlfriend?"
  • Alli: "You beat me, but you didn't break me."

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