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Amelia Richardson
Season(s) 8
Species Human
Status Alive
Occupation Veterinarian
Affiliation: Sam Winchester
Family Stan Thompson (father)

Don Richardson (husband)

Portrayed by: Liane Balaban

Amelia Richardson is a veterinarian currently living in Kermit, Texas. Amelia's Texas driver's license shows her date of birth as April 20, 1980, her height 5'7" and her eye color brown. Her father is Stan Thompson.

Amelia was married to a man name Don Richardson, who was thought to have been killed while in service in Afghanistan. She and Sam Winchester meet when he hits a dog and brings it into her place of work. They share a house for some months at 430 Heather Crescent, Kermit, TX 79745, before she discovers that Don is still alive. Sam leaves to allow her to reconnect with her husband.

Season 8Edit

We Need To Talk About KevinEdit

Sam is in a house in Kermit, Texas. As Sam leaves he pats Riot, who is on the bed where Amelia lies, pretending to be asleep. Outside a mysterious figure watches the house.

Later Sam remembers when he hit Riot with the Impala. He rushed him to a veterinary hospital, where Amelia is the vet who tends him. Riot sustains some serious internal bleeding and at least two leg fractures. Amelia tells Sam the dog has no owners, and points out his responsibility for the dog, and so (after she convinces him with guilt and sarcasm) Sam agrees to take care of him.


Flashbacks: Sam remembers being in a park with Riot, looking for Amelia. Riot runs off, and when he follows him, Sam finds Amelia waiting with a birthday picnic. He looks surprised, and she asks whether he's never had a birthday cake before.

Blood BrotherEdit

Flashbacks: Amelia returns to the motel room where she is living to find Sam there. She calls him creepy and accuses him of stalking her, and he explains he is working doing repairs for the motel. He was unblocking her garbage disposal, which was full of lime rinds. He asks her why she's living in a motel room, and she gets defensive and asks him to leave.

Later Riot, at this point referred to by Sam simply as "Dog," runs into Amelia's room and jumps onto the sofa next to her. When Sam comes to find him, he compliments her on the stitches she gave the dog, and then asks Amelia if she really thinks he is creepy. She points out that he dresses like either a "white supremacist" or a "drifting serial killer" and that it's creepy that he says he's "seen a lot of stitches" in his time.

Sam guesses that she too is a drifter with no one in her life, and Amelia vaguely confirms that she has recently lost someone, and guesses that Sam has too.

Southern ComfortEdit

Flashbacks: Sam remembers a moment with Amelia. They'd just had sex for the first time, and she told him about her husband, Don Richardson. Don died in Afghanistan, and afterwards she hadn't been able to endure everyone's pity, so she'd left her life and run. The next morning when he woke up, she'd been leaving for work and had asked him to forget what she'd said about her husband because she didn't want him to look at her with pity.

Later Sam tells her that he didn't pity her and said that when his brother died he ran too. She'd let him into her motel room and poured him whiskey, then asked if he wanted to talk about it. He'd said yes and told her that she could talk to him about Don if she wanted.

Hunteri HeroiciEdit

Flashbacks: Sam remembers the day he met Amelia's father, Stan Thompson. He and Amelia had just moved into a house together, and Stan obviously hadn't approved of him. When he'd learned that Sam was working a maintenance job at a local motel despite going to Stanford, he'd remarked that Sam seemed like a "real fixer-upper." Over dinner, the tension had continued, but later Amelia pleaded with her father, telling him that she and Sam might both be a bit of a mess but they are happy. Stan told her that she was living in a dreamworld, but his attitude to towards Sam noticeably softened. However, later that night Amelia gets a phone call: Don is alive.

Citizen FangEdit

Flashbacks: After news that Don is alive, Sam struggles with what to do. He tells Amelia he thinks the right thing to do is step aside for Don to return, but that what he really wants to do is stay with her.

Don turns up at a bar where Sam is having a drink. He tells Sam that he understands that part of Amelia still loves him, but that she also loves Sam, and that ultimately the decision is hers and he will respect that. Sam returns home to tell Amelia he thinks he should leave.

Current time: Sometime since he got back, Dean has changed Amelia's contact information in Sam's phone so that it corresponds with a burner phone Dean has. Dean uses the burner phone to send a distressed text message ostensibly from Amelia to Sam, so that Sam will drop the hunt for Benny. The trick works, and Sam drives to Kermit, Texas, only to find Amelia safe and sound at home with Don. Sam goes to a local bar and calls the phone number he has for Amelia in his phone. Dean answers and Sam lets him know he figured out what Dean did before hanging up angrily. Sam then turns around to see Amelia standing there. "I knew it was you," she says.

Torn and FrayedEdit

Amelia visits Sam at his motel. She discusses with Sam how, he, reappearing again has brought back old feelings which leads to Sam and her sharing a kiss and making love. Later on, she asks Sam how he felt to which he replies 'that it was great but at the same time a mistake'. Amelia, tired of Sam coming and going in her life, proposes an ultimatum to Sam. She says in two days’ time, herself and Sam must both decide if they want to spend their lives together or leave and never come back. If one did they would come to the motel, if one didn't, then they won't come at all. She exclaims at that moment 'they will know'. Two days later, Amelia turns up at the hotel again, only to realize that Sam isn't there.


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